My weekly dose of biriyani, at ‘Shimla Biriyani’

I can travel miles to get my favorite food and biriyani surely tops that list! I am a proud Kolkata style biriyani fanatic and every week (preferably on Fridays!) I have to get my dose of Kolkata style biriyani to satiate my eternal appetite for biriyanis! Lately, I realized that if I don’t get my weekly dose of biriyani, I kinda freak out, guess I’m addicted and yes, I’m in love with this addiction 🙂


To me, biriyani is more than a food item; it’s an emotion which is hard to explain! As a matter of fact (my close friends and family members already know about this), 7-8 years back I used to finish two plates of biriyani for one meal, but now I’m an old hag and appetite has slowly mellowed down a bit, making me more civilized than I used to be 🙂


Lately, I discovered another joint in my city where I can devour plates of biriyani. Flavor and aroma is pretty well balanced here and it really serves amazing Kolkata style biriyani, though it’s called Shimla Biriyani, but folks, it has got nothing to do with Simla! 🙂 The place was always there right before my eyes for the past few years, every time I passed through the EM Buypass I found loads of cars parked in front of this restaurant. But frankly speaking, the exterior looks never really appealed enough and I never went inside to check the fare. I thought it to be a sleazy joint and purposefully avoided visiting it, but oh boy! I was so wrong! In fact, I’m happy in this case that I have been proven wrong.


A few days back when I finally visited this place with a couple of my friends I realized what I have been missing all this while. This place truly made me feel ‘never judge a book by its cover’! The interiors (1st floor) are truly classy and grandiose. The all-white regal furnishing left me amazed!


I only hope that they maintain these amazing interiors well. The white leathered comfy couches look pretty classy and that one ornate white-colored glass-top wooden table accentuates the look and feel of the place to the next level.



Now, let’s run through the food and beverages which I tried at this place. The beverages came in and straightaway impressed me with their presentation and looks, which in itself was thirst quenching and appealing! I absolutely loved the Vestal Mandarin Mojito, which was basically an orange mojito served in a tall glass.


It had the perfect tang, sweetness, touch of the mint and fizz to freshen you up. The Vestal Kiwi Mojito was a green colored fizzy, minty beverage that was also pretty good. Now, if you are not a minty/fizzy drink person you can go for the Chocolate Shake, with some extra dose of chocolate syrup on top!


Coming to the food, I quite liked the Prawn Tandoori, which had jumbo prawns well spiced up and tandoor-ed; mere looks of this dish can make you go weak at the knees! The Mutton Galouti Kebabs were nice and went well with the bits of parantha served with it.



Also in the mains, there was Butter Naan, Cheesy Naan which went well with the Handi Wala Methi Murg which was really tasty! The Rajasthani Laal Maas was a surprise package at this place and I frankly didn’t expect it to be here in this menu, it was nice and rich though I felt it was tad oily.


But I was not very content with the presentation of most of these dishes. There was an overdose of decoration with freshly cut veggies which marred the classy look of the dishes.


But again, as you would expect the star attractions were the Biriyanis – the Chicken and Mutton Kolkata style biriyani. The biriyanis had egg, a piece of the protein and a whole sweet potato in it. It was aromatic, extremely flavorful with the perfect balance of all the spices. And yes, most importantly it was not at all soggy, which is an extremely important factor to judge a plate of biriyani these days! Just one suggestion, the mutton or chicken piece could have been tad tender, otherwise overall the dish was really good! And yes, I will be again going back to this place for their biriyani!

I really loved the warm and prompt service at this place. Maybe that will get even better with time. I have heard they serve some oriental dishes as well, but anyway, I preferred sticking to their Indian fare which would be somewhat more authentic.


So definitely, this place is worth a visit. Make sure you get seated on the first floor with that all-white classy interior. The place is very spacious and has enough seating arrangements so you can come down here with a huge gang, space shouldn’t be an issue. Overall, I quite liked this place and yes, it is not at all like I had thought of previously, before visiting. I’ll rate this place 7.5 out of 10. Do give this place a visit and let me know in the comment section below how you liked it.




P.S. Foodiedada was at this place on management invitation for review purpose. Special thanks to Jude Martin.

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2 thoughts on “My weekly dose of biriyani, at ‘Shimla Biriyani’

    1. Actually this is the first time I tried their fare, as mentioned in the review. I don’t really think they have revamped the interiors very recently. This is the one near Ruby only, on EM Buypass.


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