Time for a special meal – at Smoke House Deli, Kolkata

With sophistication and innovation written all over this place, you are sure to make some finest gastronomical memories at this place. This was my second visit to SHD, the first being bit more than a year ago. There has been no dip in service or quality and this place simply blew me away in both these visits. This time we were a large group of foodies and we went in for some of their finest dishes. So let’s start off which the food that we had ordered for –
a) Egg Benedict with ham – I was longing to taste egg benedict at SHD, I was pleased but frankly speaking I have tasted better ones. The hollandaise sauce over the water-poached egg could have been better. But still it was an overall lovely dish. Worth a try.
b) Chermoula marinated grilled bekti – This was one amazing starter. Highly marinated super-soft bekti, intense flavours and fresh aroma just left us dumbfounded. Must try.
c) Resham Patti spiced chicken skewers – Another amazing appetizer with superb presentation. Spicy vibrant juicy chicken skewers will set you right for your meal. Do try them out.
d) Chilli crusted bekti – This dish was a culinary bliss for sure. The bekti was super soft with lemon, thyme and kaffir lime and had some complex crust to it which was so innovative and felt somewhat blessed to taste it! It was a risotto kind of a dish with rice cooked to a lovely creamy consistency. Must try!
e) Peri Peri rubbed grilled chicken – The dish was served with citrus pimento/saffron potatoes/side salad. The saffron potatoes were a bit bland as usual, but otherwise the peri peri chicken was very well marinated and was softer than my expectations. It tasted well and goes well with the side salad. Though I feel the quantity can be tad increased for this dish. Worth a try.
f) Lightly smoked lamb shanks with tamarind hash/roast garlic mash – This was surely the star dish in the mains. The roasted lamb shanks were incredibly juicy and soft, they were kinda falling off the bones. I have never tasted a better lamb main-course dish before which is so well cooked, so tasty and so soft. Goes very well with the garlic mashed potatoes and I will surely have this dish everytime I am here. It will be a crime if you don’t try this out!
g) Kiwi Melon & Fresh lime soda – Kiwi Melon is one of their finest drinks, really refreshing and rejuvenates you with every sip.
h) Tiramisu – Maybe I just tasted the best Tiramisu available in Kolkata with top-notch presentation. The lovely Italian dessert with ladyfingers left us all satisfied and craving for more.
i) Bitter chocolate & Orange ganache torte with icecream – I guess this this the most recommended dessert here, at least in the reviews which I’ve read. Again it has got a lovely presentation that prompts you to go right ahead with the dish. This rich bitter chocolate dessert was extremely impressive and the orange torte had amazing flavours and goes very well with the vanilla icecream. Worth a try.
j) Philly cheesecake – Surely the best cheesecake available here at Kolkata. This is also probably the best dessert available at SHD. I am really lost for words here, it looked absolutely stunning, had the perfect texture and was shockingly delicious! It will be a crime if you don’t try this out!
k) Flourless chocolate fudge with icecream – Another lovely dessert, intense flavorful chocolate fudge that goes very well with the scoop of vanilla icecream, worth a try.
The restaurant is housed in the vibrant Quest Mall near Park Circus. Apart from the class-apart food, the place has got superb service and lovely white and pristine interiors, the staffs are very polite, helpful and courteous.
Only two cons have been identified for this place, which might be justified but they still do exist and should be put forward. Prices are surely on the higher side with that Service charge on top of Service tax + VAT, etc. Also quantities are on the lower side for almost all the dishes, that will leave you craving for more.
Apart from these above two points, I really did not find anything against this place. This place is not just another place to eat, this is an experience. It explains why food exploration is an art and will only leave you feeling blessed! You are sure to fall into a state of euphoric everlasting joy which can hardly be explained in words, so go try it out! 
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