Art of blending Session — at Mirage, The Stadel

I had been to club Stadel quite a number of times for several get-togethers and parties, but this time I was invited for tasting at their premises at the Mirage, and to have some lovely poolside dining experience. Also this invitation included one Art of blending session which was extremely rich in knowledge as well as very interactive and enjoyable. It was on a weekday evening and I was only there to accompany my beloved foodie brother Rajdeep Bhattacharya and I thank him for urging me to come here since it was such a lovely event.
To reach Mirage you need to get into Stadel (Saltlake Sector-3) and come to Club Stadel. You can of course park your car inside Satdel, no issues with that. Food and drinks at Mirage is always amazing. We were greeted and presented the welcome drinks along with some lovely chicken kebabs and paneer shashlik. The chicken in there was extremely juicy and tender but could have been bit more flavorful. Also there was live barbeque in the open lawn beside the pool which was an added advantage for food lovers like us.
We often enjoy the company of some vintage scotch but rarely do we think about the art and skill involved in making such a rich golden liquor. The skill of that master blender is beyond our comprehension, and years of practice only help him master that skill set. United Spirits in association with Stadel presented this very unique Scotch tasting event. But this was not only a scotch tasting event but also a session where we were taught the theories behind blending and of course tasting. The session was presented by Brand Ambassador of the United Spirits, Mr. Shantanu Sengupta, he is one very amiable and friendly person with some really amazing knowledge about his subject. He had a lovely chat with each one of us before starting the session. Below is a picture where Rajdeep Bhattacharya caught me posing with Shantanu, thanks for clicking this pic, it’s lovely!
In the tasting event there were several brands like Vat69, Black Dog (Triple Gold Reserve), Black & White, Johnnie Walker Red Label and Black Label. Now handful of people only has idea about scotch tasting, it is an art very hard to master. It is nothing related to getting drunk, infact you have to be very alert to make out the difference. It involves – (a) deep smelling the spirit three times along with (b) taking a sip of it and then ‘chewing’ it so that it gets spread all over your tongue, and then (c) finally you gulp it. 
A master blender does all the tasting following this method which we tried to follow this at the event.
It was one very enjoyable and interactive evening at Mirage, with top class service, food and drinks. 
Kudos to the entire team. Hope to be back soon to live the ambiance, with my friends and family.


Mirage-The Poolside Restro Bar - The Stadel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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