In love with dim sums – Yauatcha, Kolkata

Surely Kolkata got the X-factor in the culinary scenario when lately few biggies decided to setup their outlets in the city. And one of them is definitely Yauatcha (which is a Michelin star restaurant). It is considered as one of the Top 50 best restaurants across the globe. 
Yauatcha which was created by London-based restaurateur Alan Yau in 2004 entered India with its branch in Mumbai couple of years back, this branch at Kolkata became operational by end of 2014, so it is still pretty new to the Kolkatans. Originally it was created in 2004 at Soho, London and it specializes in Dim sums. Here our dedicated waiter took out a minute and explained us the concept behind Yauatcha where he spoke about this specialization in dimsums. 
As I have heard from many, to Kolkatans it seems Yauatcha is just one of those highly expensive restaurants in the city, but few highlights the positives you get from it; to me the overall experience was awesome and highly pleasing, surely a place you can come back with your family or group of highly esteemed guests or clients.  
LOCATION – – – – – You will get mesmerized at this place which is located at the 5th floor of Quest Mall near Park Circus. The area which it covers in this floor is huge and has got both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements.
AMBIANCE – – – – – Well I might fall short of words in explaining the ambiance to you! So I apologize in the very beginning, the place is much bigger than my ability to express myself in this review. I am rarely awestruck or mesmerized by interiors or ambiance of an eatery and surely here I was more than spellbound to say the least. The plush interiors redefine class and the overall ambiance exudes warmth and happiness. The suave seating arrangements, lights, flooring, wine cellars, bar counter, everything looks so classy! Also the place has got arrangement of high chair for your little one 🙂
FOOD – – – – – With most of its ingredients being imported this place truly tries to maintain its international standards, high ratings and the Michelin star badge! So we stayed glued to some of their delicacies in their special lunch menu along with couple of mocktails. Here are the items we ordered for:
a) Asian Green with Tofu – – – – – The soup was served in a nice custom made bowl with loads of vertically cut pieces of Tofu, shredded carrot, noodles and other bits of veggies. The broth or rather the soup was soothing and perfect to start off with the meal. 
b) Shredded Lamb Soup with celery & mushroom – – – – – This was again having loads of veggies, mushroom, lamb chunks and topped with cilantro. Tasted awesome and gives the push to start off with your meal without further delays!
a) Virgin Mojito – – – – – Now they do not have Virgin Mojito in their menu but when they found we were craving for some they readily decided to prepare the drinks for us. And oh man! It was probably the best Virgin Mojito which I had! It had the perfect kick of mint leaves and served in huge volume with crushed ice, lovely thirst quencher!
a) Chicken Wrapped in pak choi with Szechuan sauce – – – – – It was surely a visual treat. The presentation was awesome. The three dimsums were served in a pool of super tasty and garlicky Szechuan sauce. The dimsums were actually a filling of chicken and veggies wrapped in Pak Choi leaves. It was heavenly! Must Try!
b) Pan fried charcoal lamb bun – – – – – Again the dish had awesome presentation, but the core attraction was surely the dimsums. The dimsums were indeed very honest to say the least; they were filled to brim with well prepared chopped flavorful pieces of lamb, and nothing else. The skin had a unique firm yet tender texture which was one of a kind. The dish was an awesome try and it did thoroughly please me with all its rich contents, surely do try this.
a) Stir fry beans with Shitake mushrooms – – – – – I didn’t expect much from this vegetarian dish but then I was truly amazed by its intense flavors! The beans were cut into comparatively bigger pieces drenched in a dense paste of Shitake mushroom! It was so unique yet again. Must try!
b) Braised Chicken with Mushroom claypot – – – – – This is a pretty introvert kinda dish with quiet flavors. The overall dish I would say is very comfortable and soothing, but what attracted me most was the texture of the braised chicken pieces, they were so soft and bouncy. It amazed me with each bite! The veggies in it were all very well prepared with some good amount of gravy in there making it a perfect side for dry rice or noodles to go with.
a) Ho Fan Noodles – – – – – The presentation again caught my eye hands down; it had an array of colors spread over it making it more appetizing and inviting. It was stir fried with exotic vegetables and had a lovely enticing aroma to it. These typical noodles also called the Shahe Fen noodles are broad, bit chewy and slippery; they are somewhat hand cut so in general they are not of equal length or width. But overall with the veggies and sauces they taste remarkable. Must try!
b) Egg Fried Rice with long bean – – – – – It tasted simply out of the world, yes I was blown away. The preparation is so simple yet so flavorful. The aroma of the rice was driving me crazy and I was craving for more when it finished, felt the quantity served was somewhat less! Will surely order this when I’m here again. Must Try!
a) Chocolate Hazelnut icecream – – – – – Again a lovely yet simple presentation. They have a special dessert section here and the ice creams are all kinda home-made i.e. made at Yauatcha only. The two scoops of chocolate hazelnut icecream was finished in a couple of mintes time, they were so good, rich, tasty and dense.
b) Macaroons – – – – – Oh I loved every bit of these macaroons. I had already heard loads about these macaroons at Yauatcha. It is hard to imagine how a Chinese joint prepares such out of the world macaroons. They are well shaped, mildly moist and were just melting in the mouth. Must try!
SERVICE – – – – – Probably the only place in the city which will get full marks for service. They were super courteous, well-dressed, extremely well trained and very well informed. I was super impressed by all their moves. They kept a close eye on our table and came to us for every little need. They kept on asking me if the dish was good every now and then and as said earlier they took out the time to brief about the place and the food in the beginning (which is ofcourse a regular routine for them).
SUMMARY – – – – – Here are my granular ratings:
Food quantity: 3.7/5
Food quality: 4.8/5
Food presentation: 4.7/5
Value for money: 3.7/5
Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 5/5
My overall rating comes close to 4.5 out of 5.
Coming to the pocket pinch, this place charges extra VAT, Service Tax and Service Charge so your final bill will be on the higher side but their Set meals are surely quite reasonable to try out. The oomph of this Michelin star restaurant is sure to amaze and impress you, so do make some plans to visit this special place with your loved ones or family for that ultimate fine dining experience in your very own City of Joy.
Highly Recommended!

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