Bloggers Meet over ‘Healthy Food Menu’ launch at Q33, Quest Mall!

I genuinely love where Q33 is placed on the ground floor of Quest Mall, it stands tall with the big brands like Canali, Michael Kors, Gucci, etc and as you go up the levels and look down below you see the typical circular structure of this open café around the escalator. The café looks beautiful with laid-back and classy outdoor seating as one of its USPs. It has looks of a French café with book shelves and home décor elements you would adore. The 40+ seater café exudes warmth for this open structure that somewhat welcomes you as you pass by, there are no doors which you need to open to walk into this classy café. The typical circular structure surely allows maximum people to sit and enjoy a good conversation over some great food. It’s always nice to sip your coffee while lazily gazing at the busy shopaholics all around.


And yes, food is definitely a plus point here. Though this place serves global cuisine, but recently I found there are more reasons to come back to this place and the primary reason is their new “Healthy Food Menu”. Recently I was invited by First Idea PR for a tasting session of their Healthy Food Menu that includes several flavorful yet healthy eating options. ‘Eating out’ and ‘Eating junk’ is pretty synonymous these days. And ailments are somewhat free gifts that come along with these habits. But every time these statements need not be true. There are restaurants in the city now serving this Healthy food to attract more health-conscious crowd. And as I said, Q33 is surely one of them. Their ‘Healthy Food Menu’ is a pure bliss and boon for someone craving to eat out but is very particular about his/her health!

Now let’s check out the items which you will find here in this Healthy Food Menu –

Tropical Fruit Salad – We started off with the fruit salad, which is definitely the healthiest dish one can have. This salad had generous portions of extremely fresh fruits like apple, banana, papaya, watermelon and there were no dressing, etc used. So it’s a plate of fresh fruits full of nutrition and zero fat.


Citrus and Mixed Lettuce Salad – This salad was extremely flavorful for that unique combination of lettuce and orange. It looked appetizing and had a mix of greens and orange segments with a light lemon honey dressing. This tastes wonderful but is very low in calories.


Chicken and Asparagus Broth – The broth was served in a pristine white cup with a bread stick. It had generous amount of boiled chicken bits in it and had a slight aroma of cumin which felt lovely. This is overall a low calorie soup with veggies infused in it and some necessary protein coming in from those chicken pieces. We loved this one so much that we had to order for a second helping!


Oats and Fresh Veggie Soup – That’s some healthy soup to start things with if you wanna opt for the vegetarian option. It is rich in fiber oats infused into a soup with fresh root high nutritional veggies and herbs.


Poached Fish with Mango Veloute – This was the best dish in this healthy food menu without any iota of doubt. You can have it as your main course dish. The poached fish looked great and the freshness in there was unparallel. The dish looks very colorful for that heavy drizzle of mango veloute on top. The fish is poached with root vegetables which makes it mildly flavored and served with fresh greens on the side. Surely a ‘must try’ item.


Olive Oil Drizzled Steamed Vegetables – This dish had a perfect mix of exotic steamed veggies like zucchini, broccoli, babycorn, carrots, beans, etc. There was a light drizzle of olive oil on the top and some aromatic seasoning that made the dish flavorful. Wholesome and healthy – that’s how I can describe it.


Overall, the ‘healthy food menu at Q33’ is a hit according to me and very much essential to be included there in their food menu. Though I didn’t find any healthy drinks in this menu, but I would say some fresh fruit juice can somewhat work wonders here along with these amazing guilt-free dishes. I would definitely recommend the Poached fish, the steamed veggies, chicken broth and mixed lettuce salad. Do not miss them while you are here at Q33 next time. Hopefully you guys would love having these and next time spend wisely on some healthy food items that your body and soul would love and thank you for!


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