Recipe of Posto Chicken, in association with ‘Hamilton Beach’ Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder

People often ask me when did I start cooking! The answer is pretty simple – I never wanted to, but nature conspired and situations became such, I had to cook myself a meal so that I don’t die starving! You know, necessity is the mother of all inventions; it’s nothing different here in my case as well. So as time progressed I tried to make my kitchen tidier and well equipped, so that cooking becomes more fun!

Let’s cook!

Recently my humble kitchen was blessed with an amazing product and I am still in a state of awe! Hamilton Beach, the US-based kitchen product manufacturer has just launched in India (on 1st July 2019)! And I have just received their premium quality Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder for preview purpose and let me tell you I was simply floored! This uber smart looking and super efficient appliance have been the best addition to my kitchen in recent times!


Why Hamilton Beach products?

Hamilton Beach is an US-based electric appliances manufacturer and they are very popular in North America. They have got a huge range of products like Blenders, Coffee Makers, Deep Fryers, Roaster Ovens, Pizza Makers, Pasta Makers, Food Processors, Mixer Grinders, Rice cookers, Irons, Juicers, Toasters, Air Fryers, Indoor Grills and many more. They also cater to bars, restaurants, and hotels with a commercial lineup of products.

That’s my Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder!

The seed of this brand was sown back in 1904 when Chester Beach (along with L.H. Hamilton) developed an innovative lightweight universal motor used for appliances in the home. Hamilton Beach Manufacturing Company was founded in 1910 and they used to produce universal motor-driven appliances like juice extractors, fans, floor polishers, food mixers, meat grinders, etc. Recently in July 2019, Hamilton Beach products have decided to bring their products in the Indian market and so I got this opportunity to use their world-class kitchen appliances sitting right here at my home.


Please find below the amazing features which I found in my ‘Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder’ which you surely would love:

  1. Strong Built and premium quality robust metal body
  2. Powerful 1400W 2.2 HP commercial-grade motor
  3. Stainless Steel Jars
  4. Double Lock System
  5. Heavy base with a control panel having infinite intelligent speed control, 13 Program Settings
  6. Hands-free operation and has a maintenance icon as well
  7. Universal blades
  8. Motor Temperature status indicator
  9. There is Safety interlock which stops blades in case lid is removed
  10. It has got 10 speeds with a Speed selection dial
  11. 3 Jars to suited for all kind of grinding needs
  12. Perfect for mass blending or grinding
  13. Leak-proof & shatterproof
  14. 5-years product warranty
  15. Perfect for Indian kitchen

What did I prepare with this product?

Needless to say, as soon as I received the products, I unboxed them and used it right away to prepare some mango smoothie. I also used the grinder to prepare some delicious Chicken curry with poppy seeds, curd and cashew paste, I call this Posto Chicken. It’s a recipe I got from my in-laws, they have been having this curry for ages now.


This is a perfect soothing yet lip-smacking chicken recipe for the summers when you don’t feel like having the spiced up chicken dishes! And after I finished a plate of steamed rice with this delectable chicken curry, I thought I should be sharing this recipe with my audience as well so that everyone enjoys the goodness of this simple recipe! So here I am jumping straight to the recipe of ‘Posto Chicken’ prepared using my new ‘Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder’ –

The ingredients!


  • Chicken (curry cut) – 1 kg
  • Curd – 200gm
  • Poppy seeds (posto) – 5 tbsp
  • Capsicum – 2 medium sized, cut into thin slices
  • Green chili – 5-8
  • Garlic – 15 cloves, grated
  • Cashew paste (optional) – 50 gm
  • Vegetable oil – 1/4 cup
  • Salt – to taste
  • Sugar/sweetener – 2 tsp

Cooking Procedure

  • Soak the poppy seeds in water for 30 mins and make a paste along with 2 whole green chilies in your food processor.


  • While the poppy seeds are being soaked take around 15 large cloves of garlic and grate them
  • Take 50 gm of cashew and make a paste in your food processor adding some water. You can skip this step if you want, the cashew paste just makes the gravy a little richer and thicker


  • Marinate the chicken in curd, poppy seed paste, garlic, cashew paste and a little but of salt for at least 1 hour. I recommend marinating for 3-4 hours, makes the chicken perfectly juicy and tender. Try it, it’s worth the wait!


  • After the chicken is marinated, take vegetable oil in a wok or deep pan and heat the oil
  • Lightly sauté the sliced capsicum for 1 minute in the oil in low flame


  • Add the marinated chicken in the wok/pan and mix well for 3-4 mins on low flame
  • Add 1/2 a cup of water ( i prefer to wash the marinate bowl in a little water and add it, don’t want to waste any bit of the awesome ingredients)
  • If you like it spicy, slice a few green chillies till midway and add, else you can skip the chillies
  • Cover and cook for 15 minutes in low flame, mixing from time to time. If you have marinated 3-4 hours, your chicken would be ready by now. Else it might take a few more minutes.
  • Once the chicken is well cooked, add little sugar/sweetener
  • If you don’t like much spice, add some whole green chillies now and cook for another 2 minutes


  • Your chicken is ready, serve hot with steamed rice


Disclaimer: This article has been written in association with Hamilton Beach products  

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