Vedic Therapy – a weekend staycation at Vedic Village!

I have always loved traveling, spending quality time with my family and exploring new places, and I know most people share this feeling! However in our busy lives, even planning meticulously for a trip requires so much time and energy, we have stayed back home on so many long weekends. And then there’s traveling with a child. I can sense all the parents amongst my readers vehemently nodding their heads in approval! The stress of packing a million items and still the child throwing a tantrum for you forgot their favorite pair of sunglasses (this time in our defense we had packed 3 pairs for him because he keeps changing his mind on which is his favorite every week!), sends down a chill through my spine!

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So when I got invited for a staycation with my family in Vedic Village Spa Resort, we really got thrilled at the idea of a stress-free weekend vacation. Without the need to pack almost our entire home into overstuffed suitcases, we almost couldn’t believe we could just put a few set of clothes in a backpack, and we are done! I really feel these small breaks are occasionally required on weekends to rejuvenate our body and mind, and believe me, Vedic Village is one such property which is best suitable for this purpose. More because they offer you acres of greenery, water bodies, organic farming and more such elements which help you get closer to Mother Nature. And then there is ayurvedic therapy and spa which heals your body and soul, restores your lost zeal and gives you an overall unforgettable experience.

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Anyway, so coming back to our story, the drive to Vedic Village from my home is around 40 minutes and we started after lunch on a fine winter Saturday. Though I have seen lots of pictures before, but not having stayed there before, the first view of the Villas with its all-around greenery and vastness really left us awestruck! As we all know, Vedic Village is truly a hidden gem nestled in the lap of nature built in the authentic architecture of Bengal villages. It’s a world-class luxury resort that connects so well with nature, migratory birds, butterflies, squirrels, sparkling lakes, outdoor fun, amazing food and loads of indoor luxury.

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So immediately after reaching there and handing over my car to the valet and our luggage to the waiters, we moved into the reception area and were warmly greeted with marigold garlands! We seated ourselves in the cozy coffee shop called ‘Chai’ just beside the reception lobby and were treated with a very refreshing mint infused coconut water.



After we started interacting a bit with the host and my son getting more comfortable, the tea, cupcakes and cookies were served! The nip in the air was perfect for those steaming cups of tea and those special cookies prepared in-house.



The main focus of the tea session somehow concentrated on my kiddo who was getting into his true self by now and playing (yes he eats less and plays more) with that yummy looking cupcake! 🙂


After our tea-time we were handed over the room keys and we checked into our rooms. We checked in to the Deluxe Villa category of rooms (our room number was 109) and all I can say is that these rooms were huge and extremely cozy and comfortable.

image_6483441 (4)


There’s a small veranda with neat seating arrangements along the entrance to each of these villas. The main door opens into a living and dining area equipped with everything you might need from an electric kettle, mini fridge, and television. The dining table is adjacent to the kitchen counter and the other end of the living area has a comfortable sofa for you to relax, have a chat with friends and family or maybe watch a bit of TV.


The living area opens into a spacious bedroom with a king size super comfy bed. The bedroom is fitted with wardrobe and table tops to put your luggage. It also has another TV for you to enjoy some movie time from the comfort of your bed.

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Both the living room and the bedroom has access to the H-U-G-E washroom which comes with a shower area, bathtub, huge mirror and dressing area, a wardrobe and the general toiletries, hairdryer and many other kinds of stuff. It had every single thing one can probably dream of in a washroom. As I was going around this huge bathroom, I spotted a curtain and lifting it I discovered a Private Open-Shower area where you can maybe shower in the rain without sacrificing your privacy!! It looked really enticing but since we visited in the winter, I couldn’t experience this wonderful open-shower! This is something which is perfect for a honeymoon couple, for sure!

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After relaxing a bit at our villa and surfing through a few TV channels, we decided we hit the Ayurvedic Spa for an even more enriching and relaxing experience. This is surely the signature part of the stay at Vedic Village, something that you won’t be getting everywhere, so you surely shouldn’t miss this part. The medical Spa therapy has always been an integral part of this property! I took a body massage which mainly aimed at reducing tension caused by stress, injuries or poor postures. Along with stimulating blood circulation and restoring flexibility it produces and overall sensation of blissful relaxation! I couldn’t click any picture over there since photography is prohibited inside therapy rooms, so here is the Sanjeeva Spa chart with all the categories of Medical spa therapy, hopefully, that’ll be helpful.


And yes, you can also take facials here including head and foot massage! My massage was done by a trained professional from Kerala and no doubt it was the best relaxing experience of this staycation! After the body massage, as recommended, I just came back to my room and took a hot water bath, that was so damn relaxing and I was all ready to go for some indoor games and pool activities with my friends and family.


Refreshed after the spa, we went for a game of fusball and bowling in the game area while a few of my friends braved the cold water and took a dip in the pool. By the way, you need a car to reach the game area from the Villas, since it’s quite far away. And we thought walking all the way in the cold wintry night was not the best idea!


The game area is lovely, with nice lights and lots of fusball tables so you don’t need to wait for other guests to finish their game. There’s also a full fledged huge four-lane Bowling Alley where we enjoyed a good game between ourselves. What I liked is the game area is not only designed well, it is well maintained as well with optimum lighting.


We also peeped into the bar which had a DJ playing peppy numbers. I saw quite a big family who must have come for a short vacation, dancing away and having a real good time. By this time we got a little hungry and got to know the barbecue by the pool has also been spread out so we headed there.


Winter nights are somewhat synonymous to chilling by the fire paired with barbecue and some good company and conversations! ‘Grill by the pool’ at Vedic Village Spa Resort does something like this which is so perfect for a cold winter night! I absolutely loved the buffet spread where you get a plethora of live barbecue counters.


At all these counters, various food items are grilled and tossed for you with your favorite condiments and spices! Freshwater fishes are kept in front of you where you can choose your fish and ask them to grill it for you! Apart from the fishes and prawns, I loved the roasted pork slices in bbq sauce, pork sausages, and the Moroccan spiced chicken legs!


Also the lamb, chicken and vegetable skewers were perfect for the winter night! And not to forget that awesome sarson da saag with makki ki roti, and that aromatic Mutton Biriyani to finish things off! Btw the desserts were also fantastic since they were having my favourite Gur-er Rosogolla, chocolate mud pie and baked Misti Doi, that’s pure gastronomical bliss! You can enjoy this and much more at the ‘Grill by the Pool’ at Vedic Village every Saturday from 7pm-10:30pm at INR 1199 all inclusive for one person during the winter months.


After dinner and loads of conversation over food, we headed back to our rooms and I must say I slept really well in the super comfy bed. Waking up next morning left us amazed again. Since we had checked-in after it had got dark outside, we were not able to get a view outside.

These deluxe villas oversee a lake with a fountain in the middle and it really is such an eye soothing view! Having my morning cuppa tea in the balcony ledged out over the pond and listening to the chirpings of birds felt like pure bliss. In fact you will see of a large number of birds of many varieties in the morning here.


That all around greenery and unpolluted nature added freshness to my mind and I decided to take a stroll at around 7 AM through this vast property. An early morning stroll can be magical for your body and mind, and that can be accentuated when you are out for a morning walk at Vedic Village Spa Resort! While taking the lazy morning stroll I discovered a beautiful Hindu temple inside the property!

morning walk

The view was so pleasant and it was so peaceful and quiet over there! And of course, I went inside the temple (but photography with DSLR is not allowed at the temple premises), definitely don’t miss this spot when you are at Vedic Village! Of course, I clicked loads of pictures of the property during this leisurely morning walk, probably this was the best way to explore this place.



Hungry after my morning walk, I ordered for a plate of grilled chicken sandwiches, boiled eggs and some coffee in my room itself. And yes, again the food was absolutely perfect. The sandwiches had nice crunch with a generous filling of shredded chicken, veggies and a bit of mayo.


After having the breakfast I went ahead to take a bath in that super magnificent huge tub! Let me not furnish you with more details of my bath, but all I can say is I enjoyed it thoroughly and it was so damn relaxing 🙂 I am seriously running out of adjectives now!!


After the bath, we then went for the Organic Walk. This walk is essentially going around the Vedic Village property where throughout you will find organic vegetables being grown. Vedic Village uses this produce in their kitchen and also you can buy these from the small shop they run inside the premises.


We saw the large area of cabbage, cauliflower, radish and other winter vegetables being grown. They don’t use pesticides or any chemicals whatsoever in growing these vegetables and fruits, they have devised natural alternatives to everything artificial here, that’s surely the best part! In the end, I was so impressed and couldn’t resist myself from buying some fresh vegetables from their farm.



After this organic walk, we went ahead for the Sunday Brunch. Sunday brunches are somewhat synonymous to warmth, joy, abundance and loads of laid-back adda! The abundance mainly comes from the spread of food and beverages that get served!


And if you want to add beautiful open-air ambiance and gallons of pollution-free air to this list, then brunching at Vedic Village Spa Resort is probably the best option! This entire staycation of mine was super amazing, but the Sunday brunch felt like cherry on the cake! It was arranged by the pool, the weather was pleasant and there were Baul songs being performed live! I really couldn’t have asked for more.


There were loads of live counters which were surely the highlight. There were loads of breads, fresh juices, soups, chaat and pav bhaaji counters, waffle and Egg counters, phuchka counter, pasta counter, oriental cuisine counter where you can make your own Thai or Chinese stir-fried dishes.





I liked most the local grilled fish counter, the counter also had chicken, mutton and assorted veggies including the seasonal baby potatoes. Then there were South Indian counters making Dosas and some lovely appams which I loved savoring with the veg stew.



Moving on, there were options like Dal makhani, rice, Murg Hyderabadi, rara gosht, and a unique Dakshini fish item which gets cooked in clay handi, it’s pretty spicy, flavorful and basically a South Indian rural preparation.



This Winter Brunch is arranged every Sunday at Yagna and by the Poolside from 12 noon to 4 pm, and it’s priced INR 1499 all inclusive, and believe me, it’s absolutely worth the money! A special thanks to Vedic Village management for arranging a yummy birthday cake to celebrate my kiddo’s 6th birthday!! Absolutely loved the gesture!


The brunch ended with a touch of ‘mon kharap laga’, that fuzzy gloomy feeling that’s hard to explain, our staycation had come to an end! We headed for our rooms, packed our bags and called for room service to check the rooms and take our luggage. Before leaving we were given a token of love from the management, a freshly baked plum cake! A staycation that created heaps of memories, memories to be cherished for a lifetime! I’ll be back very soon, no goodbyes!


Disclaimer: Our staycation was on invitation from Vedic Village Spa Resort management.


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