Invitation from ‘Satish Chandra Das & Sons’ at Nolen Gur Festival 2017

Every year when the chill is in the air, we get to experience this awesome ‘Nolen gur’ festival in the twin City Centre Malls (Saltlake and Newtown) in Kolkata. At this festival several renowned sweet makers from Kolkata and suburbs participate and set up temporary food stalls in the open Kund area where people can come, see, taste and buy the delicacies which can only be termed as ‘heavenly’. These delectable sweets are very close to every Bengali’s heart, and things get even more special when these sweets are prepared with fresh seasonal magical jaggery, or rather the ‘gur’. I simply can’t resist the sight of khejur gur, patali gur or joynagar er moya! Every year I visit this Nolen gur festival, and try out some sweets from almost every stall at the venue. But this year it was even more special since I was invited to be a part of this festival by Mr. Arup Kr. Das, the owner of legendary sweet shop Satish Chandra Das & Sons, also locally known as Satish Moira.


In fact winter in Bengal is incomplete without feasting on some nolen gur er mishti! Some of my friends wait for these sweet dishes prepared out of fresh jaggery when the winter arrives, even I’m also not an exception. It’s true that I don’t like an overdose of sweet dishes, but the magic in Bengal’s nolen gur is simply impeccable. And so this festival is close to a piece of heaven for us. Several renowned sweet shops were present this time in the festival including Nalin Chandra Das & Sons, Ganguram Sweets, K.C. Das, Hindusthan Sweets, Felu Modak, Satish Moira, etc with their special dishes prepared out of ‘gur’.


Since the invitation was from Satish Moira, so I would love to discuss a bit about their sweets which were displayed and were being sold. As we know, Satish Moira is a legendary name in this business operating since 1920, and their famous sweet dishes include khirpuli, sandesh and rasagolla. Here in this festival, they had two stalls. In the stall with name board ‘Satish Chandra Das & Sons’ there were sweet dishes prepared out of jaggery like Nolen gur-er Khirpuli, Ice candy, Khirpuli, Nalini Chamcham, chocolate sandesh, Malai Rasagolla, Rasomalai, Chhanar Payes, Nolen gur er Rosogolla, Nolen gur er kacha pak er sondesh, kanarchur Moya, Dahi pitha, Patishapta, etc. The other stall had a name board of ‘Satish Moira’ and it offered items which were basically raw jaggery like – Nolen gur, Jhimdana Khejur Gur, Jalangi Patali, Muchi Patali, Nolen Gur er Patali and Jaynagar er moya.

I tasted some of these sweet dishes which I couldn’t resist, like the Nolen gur er Rosogolla, Nolen gur-er Khirpuli, Dahi pitha, chocolate sandesh, Nolen gur er kacha pak er sondesh, and Chhanar Payes. All these items were simply divine. And I can happily say my nolen gur craving was satiated in a matter of 10 minutes after having all these sweet dishes one after another. It was in fact too much sugar rush to handle for me! Also every year I buy joynagar er moya and patali gur from their stall which are somewhat ‘must haves’ in my home during this winter season. With this I would like to conclude this coverage and I hope every winter can be converted into a ‘Nolen gur winter’ with amazing festivals like these. It was truly blissful for foodies and Bengali sweet lovers!


Satish Chandra Das & Sons - Satish Moira Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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