Poila Baisakh at Blu, Aauris – Bengali New Year lunch and dinner Buffet tasting!

It is time of the year when every Bengali gets a reason to rejoice and celebrate! To a Bengali this has got more importance maybe more than the English New Year which is celebrated worldwide; yes it’s time to celebrate the Bengali New Year! Poila Baishakh is one such day when you get all decked up and look out for some awesome place to savor some amazing Bengali cuisine! But look no further since here is one great destination for you to settle down and enjoy your Poila Baishakh meal – it is at Blu at Hotel Aauris.
The place in itself is spectacular; Hotel Aauris which houses this restaurant called Blu is a luxurious hospitality destination located at 4 Robinson Street (Theatre Road) having some lovely urbane and classy design, lavishing ambiance and serene comfort. The peaceful ambiance of Blu is sure to keep you glued to this place till your last nibble. 
Now coming to the Poila Baishak food tasting for which I was invited, let us discuss about the menu. The place has got to offer you both lunch and dinner buffet. In the soup, you will get Murgh Yakhni Shorba and Tomato Dhania Shorba to start with. The salads consist of Chola Shidho, Boil Potato Chaat, Garden Green Salad and Live Puchka Counter to make you go weak at the knees. In the starters you get Narkeler Chop, Dimer Devil, Maccher Chop, Dhoney Patar Bora and Sim Charchari. Along with these you get the fried items like Begun Bhaaja, Jhuri Aloo Bhaaja, Kumro Bhaaja, Pepyey Bhaaja, Bari Bhaaja, and Laal Saag Bori Deeye. To go with your meal there are several aachars or pickles like Dhaney Patar Chutney, Mishti Tamator Chutney, Anaras Chutney, Aamer Achar, Lebur Achar and Mixed Achar. Among Non-Veg Main course you will be treated to Lau Chingri, Mangsher Jhol, Dhoneypata Bata Murgi and Rui Maachher Kalia. For vegetarians, you get Cholaar Daal Narkel Diye, Banda Kopir Ghonto, Palang Begun Bori and Karai Sutir Dhokar Dalna in the main course. Along with these sides you will have Luchi, Assorted Indian Breads, Ghee Bhaat, Veg Pulao and Fried Papad. Isn’t that appetizing!  There is still more left to it, you will end your meal with Channar Payesh, Jafrani Ladoo, Lady Keny, Malpua, Misti Doi and Rosogolla. That’s some sort of a royal treat for sure!
To wrap things up, I must say this awesome menu deserves one round of tasting. This menu that they are serving is to die for.  So if you want to try them out you need to be there at 24*7 multi-cuisine restaurant called BLU at Hotel Aauris on 14th April. The Lunch time is: 12.30 to 3.30 pm and Dinner time is: 7.30 to 11.30pm. I guess after collecting all these mouth watering information you can only end up at this place on 14th April for some delectable Bengali cuisine at reasonable prices 🙂



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