‘Yauatcha’ launches the much-awaited Yum Cha lunch menu!

Lately, Kolkata got several oriental giants coming in but the shine to Kolkata’s culinary scenario came back a few years ago when a Michelin Star restaurant decided to set up their outlet in the city. It was Yauatcha, a Michelin star restaurant, the only one of its kind in Kolkata. It is considered as one of the Top 50 best restaurants across the globe. Yauatcha which was created by London-based restaurateur Alan Yau in 2004 entered India with its branch in Mumbai a few years back, this branch at Kolkata became operational by end of 2014 and made Kolkatans experience the epitome of culinary excellence sitting right here in their city of joy.

Originally Yauatcha started operations in 2004 at Soho, London and it specialized in Dim sums. Even today when you are at this place, your dedicated waiter will take a minute to explain the concept behind Yauatcha where he will speak about this specialization in dim sums. The overall experience at Yauatcha (Kolkata) is always awesome and highly pleasing, surely a place you can come back with your family or group of highly esteemed guests or clients.

Chicken and coriander dumpling_3Q3A8047 (1)

Recently they launched their much-awaited ‘Yum Cha’ lunch menu and it is extremely reasonably priced! With most of its ingredients being imported this place truly tries to maintain its international standards, high ratings, and the Michelin star badge! The ‘Yum Cha’ menu is also filled with some of their delicacies and has got a comforting touch to it at a very reasonable price.

So, let’s check out what this is all about:

  • What: Yum Cha Lunch Experience!
  • Where: Yauatcha, 5th Floor, Quest Mall
  • When: Monday to Thursday – 12 noon to 7 pm
  • Price: INR 588/- (plus taxes for veg) |  INR 688/- (plus taxes for non-veg)

‘Yum Cha’ is a Cantonese tradition of brunch involving Chinese tea and dim sum. Yauatcha, the dim sum tea-house from London, has meticulously curated a ‘Yum Cha Lunch’ menu that features a pot of tea, three baskets of dim sum and a signature dessert per person!

04_Yam cha Easel_CTC-2

You can choose from piping all-time favorite hot teas like Assam, Darjeeling First Flush or Jasmine along with three baskets of dim sum like Shiitake Mushroom Dumpling, Vegetable Chive Dumpling, and Vegetable Crystal Dumpling for the vegetarians. Well, I absolutely love the Jasmine tea at this place, so I went for that!

Yum Cha 1
Yum Cha menu (for vegetarians)

The meat eaters will get Har gau, Chicken and Prawn Shui Mai and the Chicken Char Sui Bun. I absolutely loved the Chicken and Prawn Shui Mai and the soft and juicy Har gau. The Chicken Char Sui bun was fluffy and soft, melting in the mouth.

Yum Cha 2
Yum Cha Menu (for non-vegetarians)

And then, you wrap-up your Yum Cha experience on a sweet note with Yauatcha’s signature delectable desserts like Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse, Chocolate Pebble, Red Fruit Fromage or the Tropical Dome.


So, ‘Yum Cha’ menu is good enough a reason to come to Yauatcha! Especially, if you are in a group of a couple of friends or with your family. But I would say, come to this amazing place for reasons more than one. The plush interiors redefine class and the overall ambiance exudes warmth and happiness. The suave seating arrangements, lights, flooring, wine cellars, bar counter, everything looks so classy! Also, the place has got the arrangement of high chair for your little ones 🙂


Yauatcha is also probably the only place in the city which will get full marks for service. They are super courteous, well-dressed, extremely well trained and very well informed. I was super impressed by all their moves. They kept a close eye on our table and came to us for every little need. The oomph of this Michelin star restaurant is sure to amaze and impress you, so do make some plans to visit this special place with your loved ones or family for that ultimate fine dining experience in your very own City of Joy. And yes, don’t miss this much awaited ‘Yum Cha’ lunch menu! Highly Recommended!


P.S. Foodiedada was at Yauatcha (Kolkata) on management invitation for review purpose. Most of the pictures have been shared by them to be used in this article.

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