‘Pa Pa Ya’ – Kolkatans are blessed to have this Modern Asian Bistro here!

Kolkata culinary scene is recently buzzing with the big daddies of the business! And Park Street area is again becoming the hot spot for foodies in a new, much more exciting and revamped way! The latest addition to this city food map is Pa Pa Ya. I was there at this place for a tasting session the day before it opened to the public. I was basically treated to their amazing Sunday Brunch Menu which is definitely worth a try! In fact, I was super satisfied after having the insanely good food! Actually, it was more than the food; it was an experience in itself! Kolkata has definitely not tasted these marvelous flavors available at this of modern Asian bistro ever before! The city dwellers are in for a treat, for sure.


For the ones who are not sure what Pa Pa Ya is, let me brief you a bit. It is part of the Massive Restaurants helmed by Zorawar Kalra who has definitely revolutionized the face of modern Indian cuisine with his Farzi Café which has now become a brand name! At Pa Pa Ya, the sushi lovers and fans of tapas style dining will simply rejoice! This place somewhat reinvents the Asian Cuisine on a global scale with a touch of molecular gastronomy. It surprises you pleasantly with its twists and unconventional culinary touches every now and then! Here the focus is definitely on Omakase food, assimilation of various cooking methods found in Asia and the exclusive spirits, finest whiskey and Asian centric wines.

Here comes the mojito, in fact, I loved all the drinks! 🙂

The menu in itself is the result of painstaking attention to every detail, creating unique flavour profiles for each dish that is being served. Coming to the property, the place looks absolutely stunning and it’s actually huge, spread over an area of 14,000 square feet with an amazing 360 degree bird’s eye view of the Kolkata skyline, it’s simply breathtaking! And yes, this view is the USP of Pa Pa Ya, Park Street outlet.


It is located on the 11th floor of Magma House near the Park Street-Camac Street crossing. The décor is urbane, chic, modern, classy and smart with stunning lampshades, modern seating arrangements, long bar counter, sushi counter, expansive open kitchens and what not! We settled down quite close to a huge glass window (rather wall) in the cozy dining area and relished the lazy Sunday brunch.

Come to this place for their Sushis!!

When you recover yourself from the jaw-dropping view of the city skyline and the chic interiors, you get a chance to concentrate on the amazing food and those breathtaking beverages! The appetizers which I loved from their Sunday brunch menu are Spicy Tuna sushi, California Roll, Chicken Gyoza. The sushis are pure love at this place, believe me, I haven’t tasted better sushis in Kolkata and I really mean it!!

Dimsums are class apart!

I have even tried their Veg Sushis like the Asparagus and Cream Cheese Sushi and Spicy Shitake sushi, even these were culinary marvels! I really enjoyed savoring these amazing sushis, followed by the soft and juicy gyozas! Also, I tried the pretty looking Sauteed leeks and Water Chestnut dimsums, they were just fantastic to taste, even though they were completely vegetarian. Actually here, you will fall in love with their veg dishes as well, they are so good!

Chicken Laksa

Next I went on to the Chicken Laksa where I savored the Singaporean curry flavored Coconut broth with a squeeze of fresh lemon and mint! The chicken pieces in there were tender and super juicy! Then I tried the Grilled Chicken and Avocado Taco which had gyoza sheet shells, Ching Mai relish grated mozzarella cheese, and shredded chicken in there!

Grilled Chicken and Avocado Taco

Also, I loved the Pla Samrot Gung which was basically prawn tossed with mouth-watering three flavored sauce with a touch of citrus cream! The presentation was simply fantastic which made it even more appetizing. One of my favorites was the Chilli Hoisin Duck Dog, which was duck hot dogs filled with barbequed duck and stunning fish flakes!

Pla Samrot Gung

After this, I savored the Yaki Udon Noodles and Corn and Spinach Fried rice with some Gong Bao Prawns! I absolutely loved this fried rice, it was so aromatic and honest in its flavors, absolute a must try item! I finished off the meal with their signature dessert – Chocolate Ball on Fire! The chocolaty ball opens up when the molten chocolate and Cointreau are poured on it, and then you can indulge yourself in that nutty chocolaty ice cream scoops residing inside!

Corn and Spinach Fried rice

I even loved the cool coasters and every small little thing all around! All the cocktails were absolutely brilliant! It’s surely a gem of a dining destination and you surely can’t miss it. Pa Pa Ya offers a perfect balance of culinary art along with an exceptional gastronomic experience!



Using all the latest innovations in molecular gastronomy along with cutting edge and contemporary cooking methods, Pa Pa Ya aims at offering a one-of-a-kind dining experience! This is the best Asian fine dining restaurant that I have tried in last few years, for sure. It’ll be a crime if you miss this place.



P.S. Foodiedada was invited to Pa Pa Ya, Kolkata for tasting and review purpose by the management and PR.

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