Baccara Club Lounge is all about cabanas, lounges, artsy nooks and exotic hukkas!

I am sure you had been to Hukka parlours in the city. Kolkata boasts of some amazing hukka parlours for sure and this trend has seen the sunlight since last few years. Personally, I am not a big fan of Hukka but that doesn’t stop me from reviewing a Hukka parlour or taking a puff or two just to assess it! Recently I had been to a place which is more than an orthodox Hukka Parlor and it pretty much impressed me, mainly with its amazing interiors and ambiance. The place is called Baccara Club Lounge and it’s the newest chill zone in the city that you need to check out if you are in the Bhawanipore area. This is spread across four floors but the rooftop was not fully prepared when I was there. But that didn’t hold me back, the three remaining floors were amazing and in the end, I was spoilt for choices, thinking where to ultimately settle down!


So, let me quickly brief you about these three floors and the overall ambiance before moving on to food and beverages. All the three floors have three distinct themes with suitable décor. But the menu is basically common for all the floors that include Middle Eastern, Continental, Indian, Chinese, etc. The basic idea is to give a spectrum of ambiance that suits various moods, age groups, types of guests, occasions, etc. The ground floor is very close to my heart for the lovely artwork on the wall. I myself being a passionate fine artist was able to appreciate the wall arts which were mostly fantastic. This artsy ground floor is called Picasso and is a café cum family dining zone where you can’t smoke or have the hukkas.

Ground floor family dining area

But if you are at Baccara you need to check out their first-floor area called Marrakesh, which is their USP. The place has got cabanas all around paired with perfect soft lighting, red velvet curtains, wooden filigree work and perfect Arabic music playing in the background. This place serves you exotic hukkas which have been imported from Dubai, they are actually huge to be very true.

Exotic Hukkas from Dubai

Overall the place has got an unmatched royal touch to it which you won’t get at any other place in the city. There are total seven back to back cabanas which make the floor look fantastic and strikingly beautiful! The second floor is an urbane lounge area with a long bar counter, if you are in a mood to enjoy some modern chic music and unwind then you can settle down on this floor.

First floor area – filled with cabanas

Now coming to the food and beverages that I had tried at this place. Let us cover the beverages first. Basically, these were all mocktails which were pretty heavy nicely presented. They were – Kit Kat Shake, Watermelon Mojito and Po River Blue.

Kit Kat Shake

All the three drinks were pretty good and I absolutely loved the Kit Kat shake. It was topped with Kit Kat with a rich, milky and thick chocolate shake inside which I absolutely loved. The Watermelon mojito was a tad on the sweeter side with a dash of mint and watermelon pulps taking a cozy corner at the base. It was nice and refreshing, surely worth a try. Maybe the sweetness quotient can be brought down a bit. The Po River Blue was again nice but it was too chilled for my poor aged soul! It was basically filled with crushed ice with a sweet tangy aftertaste; it was topped with a cherry to give that perfect presentation.

Watermelon Mojito

Coming to the food items, I absolutely loved the Philadelphia Stuffed Mushroom. This was my star, for sure. It has a mildly spicy yet flavorful masala coating and the mushrooms were damn soft, juicy and fresh, loved devouring them! The Peri Peri Chicken was on the other hand very well marinated; the peri peri mix went into the folds of the meat making it more flavorful and juicy. The wings could have been a bit meatier but then it was quite good as a finger food.

Philadelphia Stuffed Mushrooms

Jujhe Kebab was nice melt-in-the-mouth textured chicken kabab which went well with the pudina chutney that came along with it, it was marinated and tandoor-ed well. But you should not let it sit for too long, because then it starts tasting too salty which you won’t appreciate, so have it while it’s still hot.

Jujhe Kebab

The Cheesy Veg Rangoons where like crispy fried wantons. The fried texture of the outer skin was no different from those of the fried wantons. The filling inside was a joy to savour. It was extremely cheesy and went very well with the red sweet chilli dip. Last but not the least, came the main course called Chicken Malaiwala with Nun. The buttery nuns had the perfect thickness and went well with the creamy, smooth-textured thick gravy of the Chicken Malaiwala. The boneless chicken pieces were very tender and perfect to savour with those nuns.

Nun with Chicken Malaiwala

The service was nice and prompt, but can be tad warmer. You should definitely come back to this place if you are a Hookah fanatic; this is your piece of heaven in that case.

Inside a cabana with the exotic Hukka!

Also definitely the place serves good food and drinks besides those exotic hukkas, which is a big positive. So, gather your pals and book a cabana to experience this amazing newest chill zone in the city of joy.



P.S. Foodiedada was at this place on PR invitation for tasting and review purpose.

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