‘Special Menu’ launched at Santa’s Fantasea (Saltlake Sec-V)

I have been an ardent meat lover since I was a teenager. I love exploring the flavors, aroma and spices trapped in the folds of a well-marinated juicy piece of protein. I had been hospitalized as well in the quest of trying out various varieties of meat, there was a severe allergy attack and I was pretty critical. But anyway, this whole episode has never been documented and I would like it to remain like that! All my dear friends and family members asked me to stop doing so much experimentation with food but well, that’s something I like doing, there is no point to live if I am not doing something that I love to do. So, I kept on exploring more food and more new places to eat and yes, kept on sharing them with my readers as well. Recently, I have explored some amazing food items at a place in my city which never fails to amaze me. It shot to fame a few years back with their remarkable Tribal and Coastal cuisines. Maybe you have guessed the place by now; yes it is Santa’s Fantasea!


They have made Kolkatans familiar with the unique Coastal cuisine (that includes octopus, squid, fish, etc) few years back along with some lip smacking Tribal cuisine. And yes, till today this place remains the only destination for a foodie if he/she is longing to taste some great Tribal cuisine sitting here in Kolkata. They have urged the city dwellers and foodies to break the stereotype and to try out various food options which no one ever dreamt of being served in a city restaurant. I am sure many Kolkatans have tasted octopus or squid for the first time in their life at Santa’s Fantasea. And it’s amazing to see this change in the culinary scenario that this place has brought single-handedly and kudos to the Kolkatans for accepting this wonderful gastronomical change.


I like Santa’s Fantasea because they always try to innovate. Innovation has always been an integral part of their journey and they always try to experiment with flavors and proteins. Recently, at their Saltlake Sector-5 outlet (located at Globsyn Building) they have launched a ‘Special Menu’. This special new menu is pretty precise yet delectable and packs a punch! I have already reviewed this outlet, you can check out that review as well if you want to know more about the outlet or its ambiance, food items available, etc. In this exclusive blog post, I will only be covering their newly launched menu that is packed with innovation!

This Special Menu is available only at their Sector-5 outlet and includes four new items. The items are – Bamboo Roasted Rabbit, Chicken Bamboo Pulao, Banshpora Maachhi and Chak Ho Chicken. As you can see, most of these items are Banshpora or Bamboo Roasted items. It’s a typical way of cooking in tribal regions of the country and Santa’s Fantasea only introduced this cooking technique in the urban gastronomical scenes of the city. Their Banshpora Mutton has been an all-time popular item and to take that legacy even further they decided to sprinkle some touch of innovation in there. The result is this new Special Menu. I tasted three items out of these four new special items and I absolutely loved all these three items.


Banshpora Maachhi or Bamboo Roasted Fish was served in the beginning. It is basically a small whole Bhetki fish which is marinated with all the spices and placed inside the bamboo for slow cooking in the Tandoor. The fish is smeared with tangy and tad spicy finely chopped onion paste and the overall aroma is pretty unique. You won’t be getting any fishy smell, in case you can’t stand that! The rich spices and thorough marination make this dish an amazing feast for all. It goes very well with the newly launched Chicken Bamboo Pulao.


Chicken Bamboo Pulao is something which you can’t really miss. It is served on to your plate straight from the bamboo where it is cooked. The pulao is tad dry but very aromatic and filled generously with pieces of chicken which are unbelievably tender and juicy. Frankly speaking, I was having such succulent pieces of chicken after a long time that too in a rice dish, where generally people use bits of tough chicken breast pieces. Maybe the method of cooking makes all the difference, do try this out!


Bamboo Roasted Rabbit came in end like a show-stopper! It was hands down the best dish and maybe something incredibly awesome that I had in past few months! I never knew that this variety of meat was so soft and tender. As I was narrating in the introduction of this article, am nowadays bit sceptical while trying some new variant of meat and hence was bit sceptical while trying this meat variant. But somehow I forgot all that after having it. I finished my portion in almost no time. It was well marinated and the stuff was very nicely roasted in the Tandoor. You can try this with the chicken bamboo pulao like I did!


I washed everything down with their signature refreshing drink called Kokum Sea Beach. This fizzy masala based red colored drink is prepared with kokum. It is a fruit that really helps improving digestion and has other health benefits as well.

So if you want to try out this unique course of coastal and tribal cuisine right here sitting in the Saltlake Sector-5 area then this is the place to be. This new menu is super amazing and a big thumbs up from my side. Their uniform standards of quality and culinary innovations are sure to amaze you and bring you back for more! Surely try out the dishes from the new Special Menu, and let me know in the comments section below how you liked them!


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