The newest pub with a grandiose ambiance – Rikki’s Bar & Kitchen!

City nightlife scenes are ever changing and evolving in Kolkata and truly speaking, the city embraces almost all the options that come up unless they pose any security issue or something extremely unacceptable or bothering. Still, it is said, Kolkata nightlife is not that great when compared to few other cities in the country. But believe me, a few days ago I had been to a place which made me feel I am somehow not in my city, for some reason. In fact, my friend, who was also there with me, also said the same thing and it felt as if he could read my mind! We were at Rikki’s Bar & Kitchen housed in the Ideal Plaza near Minto Park, Kolkata! The place has got an inimitable charisma which you can’t compare with any other place in the city.


The place is absolutely huge spread across an area of 7,000 sq feet! It is divided into two sections or floors with some amazing grandiose interiors. The sprawling U-shaped island bar counter in the ground floor looks absolutely brilliant with the grand chandeliers atop. The lights play a vital role in the overall ambience and creating an unmatched jazzy mysticism! The ground floor has cosy comfortable sofa sets with table tops.

Ground Floor of Rikki’s Bar & Kitchen

DJ is housed in the upper level which is manned by DJ Hussain and DJ Supriyo, best known for their commercial music. The mezzanine floor has a long row dedicated to a special hookah section, with a seating capacity of 50-60 people with a private party zone! This level also has a huge space having another long personal bar counter and several seating arrangements all around. The place is too spacious and perfect for people who want to spend some alone-time with their friends or loved ones.

Mezzanine floor

The unique décor and perfect selection of music add a spark to the place which, truly speaking, I haven’t seen in city pubs in a long time. This lounge cum restaurant is dotted with several comfy revolving stools around the Island bar that’s loaded with all the premium brands. The place is covered with quirky wallpapers, fresh bright colors, gun-shaped filament lights, high- raised stools and regal chandeliers that truly leave you awestruck.



Rikki’s Bar and Kitchen is a unit of A.P Fine Dining and is co-owned by Rikki Dewan, who also owns Pepperchino by Don Giovanni’s. “The restaurant/ lounge holds a very special place in my heart and for many people who are attached to food at Don’s Pepper Chino. The focus is to give Calcutta a well-connected, party cum spacious fine-dining ambience”, said owner Rikki Dewan.

You can come back to this place just for their food and beverages!

Now coming to the food and beverages – the menu here at Rikki’s has dishes flaunting the regional desi and modern flavors. You get an authentic Bengali touch and also you get Chinese, Burmese, and Malaysian to choose from. The menu consists of famous comfort picks like Chicken Dynamite, Supremo Pizza, Khow Suey, Bang Bang Chicken with Chilli Garlic Noodles and many more. The menu has got more than 100 options to look up to! So you will never get bored of their variety, unique flavors and various cuisines. Now let us check out the items which I had tried and my top favorites out of those.

Virgin Mojito

Starting with the beverages, we tried some Sula white wine to start with and moved on to Rose Daiquiri and Lemon basil martini. There was cocktail called Above & Beyond with a unique concoction of whiskey, peach, egg white and cranberry, you can surely try this one. Angel Kiss was another lovely cocktail having a mix of Bailey’s Irish cream, vodka, hazelnut and vanilla ice cream. A perfect combination that needs to further explanation! We also tried Strawberry and Lemon Fizz having white rum strawberry crush, fresh lime juice and mint in it. In the mocktails, we tried Happy Time having a mix of apple juice and coriander leaves. But it was eclipsed by the Cucumber Spitzer having cucumber slices, mint, lime juice, sugar and lemonade in it. Also, we tried the Virgin Mojito which tasted absolutely perfect with the light dose of lime, mint and sweetness to it.


Chicken Supremo Pizza – a must-try item!!

Coming to the food, we tried numerous items but my picks were – Lemon Grass Fish, Chicken Supremo Pizza, Bhuna Mutton, Panko Prawn, Chicken Lollypop, Dynamite Chicken, Kung Pao Broccoli, and Shepherd’s Pie Lamb with some Garlic bread.

Chicken Lollypop

The pizza had generous chicken toppings and sliced eggs all over with an amazing flavor, it was really out of the world; it kinda took me by surprise and changed the perception of this place. This place is not only about its grandiose ambiance, you can come back here just for the food! Chicken Supremo Pizza is a must-try item at Rikki’s.

Shepherd’s Pie Lamb

I also loved the Shepherd’s Pie Lamb; it had the perfect texture and flavor. The Panko Prawns went well with the sauce that came along with it and also the chicken lollypops were nice and meaty! Dynamite chicken would be the perfect dish for anyone getting bored of bland food; it is damn spicy yet extremely flavorful. Good thing is, all the spicy kick comes from freshly chopped green chillies that adds to the aroma of the dish.

Panko Prawns

Also, I came to know that they have a 24 hours home delivery service that’s perfect to keep them ahead in the culinary industry. This place is indeed a great addition to the Kolkata nightlife scenes and a perfect amalgamation of fun-loving and contemporary interiors with an atmosphere selectively crafted, in sync with the various moods of this place.


The endless menu at the restaurant that this amazing pub brings in, it is indeed a place for one and all to revel in. Hope to see you soon at this hottest spot in the city of joy! Big thumbs up from my side!


P.S. Foodiedada was invited to Rikki’s Bar & Kitchen by the PR for review purpose.

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