Serafina – The best fine-dine Italian restaurant is back in the city of joy!

Though I review hundreds of restaurants, but the fact is, there are only a few places I myself love to go back and eat again, maybe with my family or friends. That’s the neat piece of truth, served cold! Serafina is surely one of my favorite fine-dine restaurants in the city. It is that ‘one place’ I can rely upon on any given day; it’s a place where I would love to celebrate my special occasions. Serafina to me is an epitome of culinary perfection, the paradise of Italian food lovers in the city of joy and an amazing meeting point for friends and family.


Serafina surely needs no introduction! With headquarter in New York it has a worldwide presence and Kolkata is surely privileged to have it at the Quest Mall. It churns out some of the best pizzas and pastas on this planet, which you can probably dream of having in your lifetime! Serafina guarantees fabulous food, premium service, supreme comfort and an overall exciting experience every single time you visit. And now there are more reasons to rejoice – this favorite place of mine has got a complete makeover which has made it look classier, cosier and even better!

Revamped look of Serafina, Kolkata!

Serafina has re-opened its door (at Quest Mall, where it used to be) to the public after several months of renovation and revamp of interior décor. They have also got a revamped Chef’s Special Menu, so basically you will get all the amazing and popular dishes what you used to get and several other new items which have been added to the menu.


The interiors are tasteful, warmer, brighter and classier now with an unmatched open feel to it that you will definitely love. You get earthy tones paired with wooden structures, textures and brick wall finished partitions all around that are mainly responsible for exuding the warmth. The solid wooden furniture and the Roman arches (well, almost) adds to the classy touch of this place.


It’s a lovely play of brown beige colors that’s actually sweeping this grandiose structure after this makeover. The refurbished bar counter will attract your attention; it’s all decked up with your favorite brands of wine that will tickle your happy hormones for sure. Also now you have a slice of semi-open kitchen at the farthest corner of the restaurant where you can see your pizzas getting ready. Devour those authentic thin-crust heavens of joy while sitting beneath the typical giant urbane chandelier that’s brightening up the place. It’s the best fine-dine Italian den in the city for sure, perfect for your date night!

Orange Twisted Mojito

Now coming to the crux of the matter – food and beverages. As I have already mentioned, there are several new items on the menu. The new Chef’s menu covers dishes found all across Italy, not particularly focusing on any particular region. These authentic Italian flavors and dishes can’t be found in any other Italian eateries spread across the city of joy. Also, I found there are loads of vegetarian options in this new menu which is actually a good thing.


Insalata Pollo Grosso

So, now let me quickly run through the items which I have tasted from this New Chef’s Menu which you must also try out. Though it was not in this new menu, we started off with the refreshing Orange Twisted Mojito which was served in a tall glass with the right dose of mint, sweetness and orangey tang. The chicken salad got served in the beginning, called Insalata Pollo Grosso, and it consisted of loads of grilled chicken breast pieces, kidney beans, roasted corn, crunchy iceberg lettuce teamed up with mustard dressing.

Crostini Di Chorizo

After this couple of appetizers followed: out of which, I loved the Crostini Di Chorizo which looked so simple yet extremely appetizing. It was basically consisting of slices of French baguette, gratinated with mozzarella & topped with slices of chorizo! It was soothing, subtle and comforting for the taste buds. The next appetizer was a contrast with pretty loud flavors. It’s called Polpette Di Manzo Piccanti and it was soft and bouncy finely minced beef fillet mignon dumplings teamed up with bell peppers and a tangy sauce, bit spicy but pretty flavorful and satisfying.


The pizzas at Serafina have always fascinated me; they look pretty simple but taste heavenly. So, this time also I tried out one pizza from their new menu. It’s called Paradiso, which was basically a thin crust pizza loaded with chicken, olives, onions, mozzarella cheese topped with basil pesto and tomato sauce. The spaghetti followed up next. It’s called Cremoso Spaghetti Calabrese. It was creamy and flavorful having a tangy homemade pink sauce with seasonal greens, olives and aged parmesan.

Cremoso Spaghetti Calabrese

The main course dish followed up closely and it clearly seemed to be the winner for me. It’s called Pisces e Mostarda Salsa. From the name itself, it is evident that it’s a fish based dish and yes, it consisted of pan-fried Bhetki fish teamed up with parsley mashed potato, sautéed veggies and creamy mustard sauce. It’s the perfect candidate for a filling meal.

Pisces E Mostarda Salsa

The desserts followed up next and they provided the sweetest end to the meal. There were three desserts and they were almost equally good – Choco Hazelnut Crème Brûlée, Rich Chocolate Temptation and the iconic Tiramisu! The Tiramisu is, as usual, amazingly light and fluffy with the perfect dose of crème and a touch of coffee. When you take a bite, it simply melts in your mouth and you get that heavenly feel which is simply priceless.


Coming to the next dessert, the crème brûlée was surprisingly good this time. I mean, I love crème brûlée at Serafina, but somehow the Tiramisu eclipses it every time. But this time it was going hand in hand with the Tiramisu. It’s a smooth creamy Chocolate and Hazelnut pudding that will truly amaze you. The thin layer of Crystallized sugar coating on the top adds the perfect contrast to the gooey pudding underneath! The Rich Chocolate Temptation was basically chocolate truffle fudge topped with chocolate ganache served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream scoop! These three desserts gave us the perfect ending to the meal that we were looking for.

Choco Hazelnut Creme Brulee

Final Verdict: I will just give this place 10 out of 10. I shouldn’t even deduct 0.01 points after this heavenly experience! The upgraded version of Serafina looks stunning and everything was much above my expectations and I will surely come back and urge others to come and try out this blissful piece of culinary heaven!


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