Level Seven – Get hooked to the newest rooftop lounge in the city of joy!!

The best thing that the last month of 2017 left for the dwellers of Topsia (in Kolkata) has to be a new rooftop hangout zone that is uber cool and gives you every reason to bring in your gang almost every weekend! The place is housed in the top floor of Wizard House and is called ‘Level Seven’. Wizard House is in the Topsia area diagonally opposite to the Porsche Kolkata showroom. Level Seven is, in fact, the first double deck rooftop lounge in the city of joy and that is the biggest USP of this new chill zone! I will come back to the levels and about the ambience in a while which happens to be the biggest positive of this place.


This place is surely a blend of a wild party zone and the coolest laid-back chill zone!! There are people falling into both these categories and in fact, people decide to chill out or party hard based on the company, mood and life events. Hence a single place with both these options has to be extremely special.


So, if you are in a mood to party, settle down in the pub section where you will get the DJ churning out some amazing numbers. But if you are not in a mood to party, you have to check out the rooftop open-air area and maybe because I also love chilling out, I found this rooftop area absolutely stunning!

Roof-top area

Now, this rooftop area actually has got two levels! There are few steps in this chill-out area which takes you to another smaller rooftop level that you can book for a private gathering, maybe! The place is extremely romantic and picturesque! The entire rooftop space overlooks the busy Kolkata skyline that has the Paroma Flyover as the silver lining with cars constantly moving across it!

View of Paroma Flyover from my table, at Level Seven

The seating arrangement is spacious and perfect for an evening with your best buddy to discuss everything secretive under the sun!! Here you can also try out some shisha besides some lovely concoctions from that centrally located open bar counter. And yes, not to forget that mist-control facility you get in this area that’s perfect for summers. This area can easily accommodate 20 people but I felt, the place can be a bit more strategically lit up after the sunset, apart from that I just loved this place.


The lounge area on the 7th floor is most suitable for a cozy evening during these winter months when it’s kinda freezing cold after the sunset in the rooftop area. The lounge area has wooden interiors and exudes warmth, some of the chairs you will find here are inspired by Game of Thrones which are pretty cool as well. This area can accommodate nearly 80 people.

The lounge area

Coming to the food and beverages, I tried nearly four cocktails and they were nice, but I basically got hooked on one of them! I tired Cosmopolitan, Orange Martini, Pisco Sour and Sex on the Beach. Out of these, I loved the Pisco Sour which is basically a lemon flavoured whiskey-based cocktail.

Cosmopolitan and Orange Martini

But for the food items, I actually liked most of them and few were just amazing! The Tuscana Pizza was pretty good, it was a thin crust pizza with an optimum dose of chicken on it. Tandoori Tikka Trilogy had an awesome presentation and was loaded with succulent pieces of chicken tikka kebabs which went well with the Pisco Sour.

Tuscana Pizza

Another must-try item is the Chicken Shiracha, it was garlicky with the right dose of tanginess infused in those juicy chicken pieces. If you are tad hungry, order for the Cheesy Mushroom Kulchas. These stuffed kulchas are just brilliant with a generous stuffing of minced mushroom and that’s sure to impress your taste buds.

Tandoori Tikka Trilogy

The next dish which I absolutely loved was Seasonal Sea Bass. It’s again something which you can consider for your lunch or dinner. It’s basically grilled fish with a dash of lemon along with amazingly fragrant herbed rice. It’s a classic which tasted really awesome.

Seasonal Sea Bass

The other two pub grubs that went well with the drinks were – Goat cheese walnut tikki and Khichri Aranchini. Well, don’t mistake this khichri for a plateful of rice; these are the bite-sized snacks items topped with rolled papads having an amazing presentation on a spade!

Khichri Aranchini

The overall experience at Level Seven was pretty awesome, which got accentuated by that amazing rooftop ambience! The service was also nice, warm and pretty prompt. And by the way, this rooftop zone is also a venue for acoustic nights. I am already so excited to go back there again during one of these acoustic nights! So, what are you waiting for? Get your pals and check out this amazing place this coming weekend.



P.S. Foodiedada was here at this place on PR invitation for review purpose.

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