Coming Back to Life – In search of solace at this spiritual cafe!

There are so many things around us which truly fascinate us but we are mostly unaware of the actual cause that’s making it so fascinating! There are so many things which are not explainable yet so astounding and gripping! Now, you must be wondering why am I  telling you all these things in a run of the mill food blog post. Well, it has got some relevance. Recently I had been to a café that was truly fascinating. It has been newly opened and is called ‘Coming Back to Life’. I know most people won’t take my words, but I really felt some positive energy in there, there was some magic in that air which got me into some trance! Actually I went there with some of my friends and everyone felt that touch of trance I am talking about, so that convinced me that I was not totally mistaken.


The lifestyle café is located at Lake Avenue (Kolkata) near Menoka Cinema.  The place is divided into two floors – the ground floor and the basement. Ground floor has few seating arrangements, the furniture and décor goes somewhat in sync with other cafes in town, you won’t find any startling difference there, in fact it’s very bright, vibrant, urbane and colorful.

Ground Floor of the Cafe!

The story changes when you take the stairs and reach the basement, this place is so different and it resembles no other café in town. As you step into this basement area you will find a hand painted star on your left depicting the five elements constituting the cosmos – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and the Spirit. There are so many dream catchers all around!


You need to open your shoes there and step into the basement section of the café barefooted – well, there is a reason for that as well. The 90-seater café (basement area) is fully covered with faux grass! It is a huge place with this artificial turf underneath your feet that looks absolutely like natural grass and instantly gives you a sense of happiness and a relaxed soul.

Basement area of the Cafe!

The basement area is more unique because the place has no typical furniture. You basically have to sit on the floor with natural jute fiber cushions. There are chairs with back rest but those chairs have lost their legs!! It is fun and relaxing for most of us, but if someone has backache or arthritis maybe, then this seating arrangement is not suitable, the person has to be seated at the ground floor only, in that case.  But the place is lot more than that. This basement area is truly the heart of the café; it has loads of positive energy somehow trapped in there. The five elements (discussed above) help us to get in sync with our inner peace and happiness and the place gives us that consecrated environment which helps us in that inner journey. The music played is also mostly classical, spiritual or soulful which soothes our senses.

That cozy nook!

The place has a dedicated a Kids Area which is nice but if you are there to read a book at the Spiritual corner (with all those spiritual books) then you can find it tad difficult to concentrate. By the way, I just loved that cozy nook perfect for one to sit with a book and a cuppa. The place also organizes Spiritual workshops which can interest many and it has a beauty zone as well. And I think apart from these, the food prepared in the consecrated area is definitely a USP of this café.


Now coming to the food, energized and detoxifying food and drink items mostly feature on the menu and some key items that you will get here are: Grilled salads, pasta, burritos, risotto, shakes, smoothies, etc. Let me quickly tell you what I had at this place. I tried three mocktails – Watermelon Mojito, Green Apple Mojito and Lemon Iced tea. The mocktails were served in skull-shaped glass jar out of which I loved the Green Apple Mojito; it had the perfect balance and flavors and was not overtly sweet. You can surely give it a try.

That roast lemon chicken salad!

Coming to the food – I tried Roast Lemon Chicken salad, Pesto Chicken Bruschetta, Smoked Chili Chicken Sandwich and Harissa Chicken Skewers. I really loved the salad and would definitely order that every time I am here, it had the freshness, the perfect crunch and an excellent balance of flavors. Coming to the skewers, I guess the seasoning and the dressing of the harissa paste can be cut down a bit, but otherwise the chicken was tender and it was overall flavorful.

Pesto Chicken Bruschetta

The bruschetta was really appetizing with that pesto baked chicken and cheese toppings. We also tried couple of dishes from the Chinese fare like Schezwan fried rice, Chili Garlic Noodles and Pepper Chicken. I liked the noodles with the chicken side dish which was nicely tossed with generous amount of veggies and had the perfect aroma and taste. But anyway, if you are here you can try from their continental menu only.

Schezwan fried rice

I have already discussed about the ambiance which happens to be the strongest point of this place apart from the continental fare. Service can be expedited a bit; otherwise the servers were very warm, friendly and courteous.

So, this weekend try out this new place if you are somewhere near Southern Avenue and definitely try to get settled at their basement area, am sure you will have a lovely unique experience!



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P.S.  Foodiedada was invited to this cafe by First Idea PR for tasting and review purpose. All the amazing pics without foodiedada watermark have been clicked and shared by Somenath Ghosh.

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