Appetiso – the appetizing affair of London street food in Kolkata!

Taking away fish from the Bengalis is scarier than taking away the igloos from Eskimos! 🙂 It’s really hard to survive for the parties if you take away these basic elements from their lives. We Bengalis are choosy and picky when it comes to our fish. Our deepest sorrows can easily be wiped out by a serving of some delicious fish preparation. We savor fish both during our hours of happiness and sorrow. In fact, during our lifetime we eat millions of fishes who sacrifice their lives to keep us well fed, content with life and happy! 🙂


And when it comes to cooked fish items, we keep on exploring new places as well as sticking to the tried and tested joints which have somewhat attained a state of enlightenment by now! So let’s not talk about the fish items from iconic food joints in Kolkata now like Apanjan, Bijoligrill or Mitra Café, you will get my separate blog posts on these. Today I will share with you my recent experience at a place which has very recently opened up in the city of joy that serves some delish fried fish, chicken and even veg items. I am talking about Appetiso, which has opened up two outlets in Kolkata as of now in Golpark and Kasba.

That fresh, flaky fish in there!!

Both these joints are basically QSRs and rely on take-away or home delivery orders. You can anyway munch your snacks there and you may get a stool or two to sit if there is a little less rush. Appetiso is a brand owned by Food Xpress – Calcutta who expertise in importing finest quality Vietnamese Basa Fish into the city of joy, in fact they are the only Indian importer of Basa who have got their setup in Vietnam for inspection and quality checks. This background was very necessary for me again for my love of fish, to know what exactly I am consuming.

Good Ole’ Fish n Chips!

Appetiso promises to bring in the taste of London to Kolkata by bringing in their Fish n Chips to the city, so now you get the street food of London on the streets of Kolkata. And that too is hygienic, with amazing quality, flavorful and rightly priced. The one-page menu here is pretty simple and doesn’t confuse you much. And let me tell you, starting from their iconic Good Ole’ Fish N Chips to the Mushroom Bombs each bite of these amazing offerings will somewhat transport you straight to London! I learnt that Appetiso’s each serving gives you actual portion of 170-180 gms of real meat which you won’t find commonly at any road-side QSRs.

I had been to their Kasba branch which is conveniently located close to the popular 6 BP Thali outlet near the Tribarnya Bus stop. I tried their four snacks items of course including their iconic Good Ole’ Fish N Chips. This particular item has been somewhat molded as per the taste buds of Kolkatans where you won’t find the beer batter coating. It is accompanied by tasty French fries and of course the super fresh, flaky, pristine white Basa fish in there was the best quality Basa Fish I have tried in Kolkata till date, and yes I do vouch on that.

Fried Fish with Mustard

I also tried their Fried Fish with Mustard Sauce which was also simply fabulous and again a must-have item. The fish was marinated well and extremely juicy which amazed me. That Bengali style mustard sauce or Kasundi was the best of its kind that I had tasted in a long time.

Mushroom Bombs

If you love to try some of their Veg items then definitely try their Mushroom Bombs, in fact I would suggest this item even to the core non-vegetarians. This is enough flavorful to please your taste buds. The stuff had loads of minced mushroom with lots of flavors in store. It is served with ketchup and super tasty potato wedges.

Potato wedges

Apart from these, I tried the Chicken Fingers which comes along with French fries. One portion has ten chicken fingers and they are pretty tasty, addictive but would have been better if they were tad juicier maybe.

Chicken Fingers

Overall I just loved these evening snacks of mine and would love to repeat it more often. I would especially come back for the amazing Fish n Chips, Fried Fish or even the Mushroom bombs. The food is served in convenient take-away boxes with separate compartments for the fried fish / chicken, etc and separate space for the French fries or the potato wedges. A big thumbs up from my side for Appetiso and I really hope they open up an outlet soon in my neighborhood as well! 🙂



P.S. The writer visited the Appetiso outlet on PR invitation for tasting and review purpose.

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