‘Cafeccino’ – The perfect place in Quest Mall for some coffee and adda!

Sometimes, it’s a good book and a cup of coffee that can help you get back again to your daily rat race. Of course these pieces of isolation and solace are very rare to acquire these days from any living object roaming around unless it an infant or your pet dog! So, I would like to share my favorite nook which I have discovered few days ago in a bustling mall. Confused? Don’t be, there is this place called Cafeccino which is a cozy little coffee shop located at the basement of Quest Mall (Kolkata) absolutely isolated from the glitz and flutter of the busy Quest Mall. And if you are lucky enough and have some of your best buddies or close family members along with you then you are sure to love this place for its cold coffee, iced teas, sandwiches & delectable pastries. You really can’t miss this place if you are a coffee lover, that’s for sure. Also it might give you a bit of respite in between those hectic shopping sessions! It’s somewhat the perfect spot to sit with your favorite book or with your best buds while sipping the cuppa.


This place is just opposite the Quest Mall Spencer’s and close to Starmark. You get enough seating arrangements and it’s an open air kinda cafe like Q33. The seating arrangement is neat and classy but still I would call it a no-frill setting which prefers to focus more on the coffee rather than the cushion in your chair. They have a huge range of coffees and savories which you really can’t miss.

Moccachino – Beverage of the month!

Every month they feature a beverage and that is marked as their ‘Beverage of the month’. This month Moccachino is their featured beverage! It is pretty soothing chocolate drink that contains espresso and is topped with some frothed milk. I just loved this drink and would definitely recommend this to others.

Roasted Chicken Sandwich

Pair it with some Roasted Chicken Sandwich and you are all set for a lovely time ahead. By the way, this sandwich is a must-try! It had a generous amount of cheese, mayonnaise, lettuce, mustard sauce and fresh chicken chunks in it; really can’t miss.


And if you need some good kick then do try out their Americano. And I must say, they serve a generous quantity of the drink which can be more than enough for you, that’s why I call this place a must-visit spot for the coffee lovers. Americano is prepared by brewing the espresso and some hot water is added later to it. It was perfect and pretty strong, I must say.

Cafeccino Frappe

Also if you love cold coffee, then just don’t miss the Cafeccino Frappe. It’ll be a crime if you miss this 🙂 I simply loved it till the last drop, literally! It had the perfect blend of chocolate syrup, milk, some strong coffee, bit of vanilla ice cream and crushed ice. It was really chilled when served and I loved having it.


The service was also pretty prompt and the servers were warm and friendly. Overall I loved this place and would definitely recommend their Moccachino and Cafecchino Frappe to everyone. Go there with your best buddies just for a clam relaxed adda session or for some ‘me-time’ with your favorite book, you will feel so relaxed and rejuvenated in the end.


P.S. The writer was at this Cafeccino outlet on PR invitation for tasting and review purpose.

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