Story of a Waffle Wallah!

Often we try to strike a balance in life which most of the times leads to nowhere, but when it comes to food I have noticed mostly this striking balance thing has paid off pretty well. It is rather a part of the constant innovation and experimentation which is a vital part of this industry. One such latest innovation across which I came recently was the savory waffles at Waffle Wallah (Quest Mall, Kolkata)! It has got outlets in Delhi and Gurgaon as well and has very recently opened up two new outlets in the city of joy! Waffle Wallah has turned the Belgian waffles into some irresistible, distinctive delectable treat! Here you get waffles with endless options for toppings that are sure to amaze you and your taste buds! So, now waffles are no more part of only desserts, you get divine toppings of mushrooms, chicken, tomatoes, cheese, paneer, sausages and much more. This place serves so many options of these savory waffles that it may leave you confused while you are ordering, I must say these are some good confusions to have! 🙂


At Quest Mall, you will find Waffle Wallah in a yellow colored kiosk shaped like a cart, in the food court. It has the quirky touch of a desi street food seller in his cart that you will find in the malls and shopping complexes selling his classy waffles with those endless sinful toppings! So the ethos is always Indian and the toppings of many waffles are also very Indian like Chicken Keema, Chatpata Paneer, etc. A cycle rickshaw horn is there attached to the cart that adds more to this Indian element, it is basically a hooter to express your happiness on your way out.


This place serves amazing flavors which are not alien to Indian palate, but then in the end no one has thought of putting these on a waffle base (which are all eggless), and by doing that these waffles serve the purpose of a perfect dessert, a snack and even a meal. In fact some of the toppings are so heavy that one big waffle can actually be more than enough for you. Apart from the sweet and savory waffles, this place serves truly amazing fries / wedges and some basic soft drinks to wash things down. All these waffles are prepared in front of you and put into the oven; you can let them know about your preferences and what not to put in your waffle. Also they have a lovely packaging system, so you can really pick them up and have them on the go.

Peri Peri Mushroom Spinach with Chicken waffle

Now let us quickly run through all the items I have tasted here at this outlet. We started off with the Waffle Wallah specialty i.e. savory (salty wala) waffles and then moved on to the Fries and wedges and finished things off with the sweet wala waffles and yes, there was some Coke always to add the fizz in this tasting session.

Smoky Sausage wala waffle

Salty Wala Waffles – I started off with the Smoky Sausage wala waffle that had loads of chopped chicken sausages, onions, bell peppers layered with cheesy sauce and sprinkle of red chili flakes on top. I really loved it! The Chicken Keema wala was nice as well, it had the spicy topping of chicken keema along with mozzarella cheese. The Pizza Topping wala waffle came in next which was brilliant, it had loads of toppings of onion, bell pepper, tomato with cheese sauce and loads of mozzarella, you get the veg and non-veg options in this as well. The last one was an absolute gem, it was Peri Peri Mushroom spinach with chicken waffle and had generous quantity of chicken, mushroom and spinach with the impeccable peri peri sauce.

Pizza topping wala waffle

Fries and Wedges Next came the French fries and potato wedges and frankly speaking I had very little expectations from them. But trust me. I was blown away after tasting the Cheesy Fries. They were pretty simple but had loads of flavor in them that came from that cheesy sauce and red chili flakes on top. The Peri Peri Wedges were drenched in signature peri-peri sauce and tasted yummy.

Loved these cheesy fries

Sweet Wala Waffles – And we came to these typical waffles in the end which are perfect for our sweet tooth. I tried the Death By chocolate waffle which is a gooey brownie filled waffle layered with chocolate fudge and choco chips. This is too much chocolaty and as expected, extremely sweet. Nutella and Nuts wala waffle was nice and I loved the nutella base on the waffle which kept me glued.

Death by Chocolate waffle

The best sweet waffle was the Ice cream and choco fudge wala waffle. The dollop of ice cream on top and the drizzle of chocolate sauce are still making me go weak at my knees as I am writing this! The Fruity Bliss waffle had loads of fresh seasonal fruit toppings with a drizzle of honey and whipped cream.

Ice cream and Choco fudge wala waffle

Overall, I just loved my experience at Waffle Wallah, it has surely revolutionized the way people used to think about waffle and how it can be consumed. The other outlet of Waffle Wallah has just opened in the city at Park Street and I am sure they will open up more outlets. But this visit of mine to the first ever outlet of Waffle Wallah in Kolkata will always remain special. I wish the team all the best and I am sure the Kolkatans will love these savory waffles as well as the sweet ones. So, definitely drop in and try them out.


P.S. The writer visited this Waffle Wallah outlet on PR/management invitation for tasting and review purpose.

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