Feed The Hungry Project and story of a Kolkata girl!

With time every human being realizes the value of small little things in life and probably how lucky they are to have those elements in their lives. When we food bloggers go and cover restaurants or even humble eateries, we are somewhat unaware of or tend to overlook the flip side of the coin at that very moment which is covered in darkness and despair. And that flip side is the harsh reality of our society and surely one of the devils which we are still fighting.


Our country is the second most populated country in the world and has high levels of poverty and food insecurity. Around 21.25 percent of the population lives on less than USD 1.90 a day, this tells the entire story! So, India’s key focus is still to tackle hunger which is really pretty sad. If we go by statistics, 10 million people in India die every year of chronic hunger and hunger-related diseases and India is the home of highest number of hungry people in the world according to UN annual hunger reports.


In this scenario, loads and loads of awareness is required and we need more and more people to come forward who are privileged enough to feed these people, these hungry kids who haven’t eaten for days! I know it’s easy to say but extremely difficult to execute since most of the times we don’t know from where to start. It’s not that people aren’t willing to help the nation in fighting hunger but not always every plan is getting the success it deserves. So when we come across any such program that fights basic devils like hunger and poverty, let’s get together and support those.

Recently I came across some news which gave some glimmer of hope in this otherwise dispiriting environment. There is one Delhi philanthropist who wants to take things in her own hand and make some significant change in this field, to fight hunger. Her name is Mukulika Sinha. She is a result oriented professional with close to 9 years of experience in Communications and Marketing with luxury brands like Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, etc.


She has got a significant exposure to all aspects of Marketing and Communications including managing budget, media buying, media relations, celebrity dressing, events and support retail led initiatives for brand development. She is an effective communicator and a team member with strong analytical, problem solving and organizational abilities with a result oriented attitude. She also handled Bollywood associations and targeted the key celebrities to be associated with the brand through fashion show attendance, red carpet dressing, event attendance, cover shoots, in-film placements, etc. And with this amazing profile if Mukulika can come forward today to fight Nation’s hunger, then probably everyone can.


Delhi based Mukulika has rolled out plans to feed 300,000 hungry Indians a day which is an awesome project and everyone should support this in every possible way. It really can’t get any better! Let us all support this Feed the Hungry project and hope for its success.


I must say she has been inspired by Mother Teresa and hopefully she can also selflessly work towards her goal and fight against poverty and hunger in this country. Hope she brings back some smile on the faces of millions!

Let’s fight hunger together!

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