Don’t miss the Healthy Puja menu at ‘Cafe Pranah’

‘Eating healthy food’ not always indicates going on a diet and to cut down all the stuffs which can be termed as flavorful. For me, eating healthy primarily means eating that food item which suits my body and which is prepared in a hygienic environment with proper care, with the best possible ingredients that are not adulterated. If I feel my body needs a bit of fat or carb, then I should of course have it, every individual has different food requirements which is very important to understand. Saying so, the cooking method, hygiene and ingredients should also be kept in mind as well. Having loads of boiled vegetables which have been boiled in contaminated water doesn’t make much sense.


I really liked the thing which Rahul Arora said about his café – Café Pranah doesn’t serve any diet food, the food you’ll get here is like something your grandma will be serving you when you are back home. And this one line explained the entire concept behind the food available at Café Pranah. It is real good food, served with utmost care and prepared with best of the ingredients. So to me, it’s a place where I can have anything without worrying about my health, because I already know my body will love the basic ingredients that constitute these dishes.


Apart from this, the ambiance of Café Pranah takes you to a zen mode in no time. This quaint little café can proudly boast of its peaceful ambiance which you’ll simply love! I really like the rustic wooden furniture, simple wooden finished walls which are adorned with neatly framed photographs clicked by Rahul himself. It’s the perfect setting to enjoy your ‘soul cuisine’! It is pretty easy to locate this cafe, as it is located right on the Hazra Road beside Karma Fitness Studio. Car parking might get tricky at times, though the café has its dedicated car parking spots on the road.

Few days back I was here for trying out their Healthy Pujo Menu and to attend a ‘Yoghurt shake making workshop’. The Pujo menu definitely includes these awesome yogurt based smoothies and the healthy burgers which impressed me a lot! So, let’s quickly check out the smoothies first that were prepared in the workshop. All these varieties of smoothies will be available during the Durga puja as well, so there is an option now to eat healthy during the Pujas, to skip the junk and taste some awesome healthy yet tasty burgers, here at Café Pranah. Coming back to the yogurt shakes, let us check out the varieties available:

a) Banana Museli Chiya Seeds – This smoothie was blended with the goodness of Banana, Museli, Chiya seeds, Yoghurt, Honey and Mint leaves. It was nice to taste, pretty soothing and pretty heavy, if you have one glass of this, you will surely remain full for a good amount of time.

All the four yogurt shakes!

b) Date Fig Cinnamon – This was really amazing to taste, mainly for the bits of date chunks in there which I absolutely loved! The thick smoothie consisted of Dates, Figs, Yoghurt, Honey, Melon seeds, Flax seeds, Nutmeg powder and Cinnamon powder. Surely do try this out.

c) Nutty Papaya Goodness – Though I am not a big fan of ripe papayas, but this one ultimately gave a flavor which I was good with. It contained Papaya, Honey, Almonds, a Seed mix, Oat biscuits, and Yogurt.

Nutty Papaya Goodness

d) Alphonso Mango Fresh Basil – This one was the best smoothie that I tasted here, or it’s better to say that its overall taste went really well with my palate. It was not that dense either and had Mango Puree, Fresh basil leaves, Yoghurt, Green pepper and Honey as a sweetener. Surely do try this one out.

Alphonso Mango Fresh Basil Shake

Benefits of the Yogurt Shakes: These Yogurt shakes are so right for you for more than one reason, no cream (or ice cream) or anything is used here as the base. They are prepared with fresh yogurt which is so good for your body. No artificial sweetener is used here to prepare these smoothies. Honey is used as a sweetener instead. And last but not the least, here in these smoothies you won’t get any added preservatives.

By the way, the welcome drink which was served was also equally amazing and was called Iced Quawah, it was a lovely aromatic iced tea with cinnamon.

After all these smoothies, I tried their Healthy Burgers. There were two types of burgers which truly proved burgers can be awesome to taste and extremely healthy, all at the same time. I tried:

a) Minced Chicken Sloppy Joe Burger – Well, this one looked simply outstanding and very appetizing. It had loads of flavored minced chicken in it which was extremely juicy and also had plenty of onion rings, tomato slices and fresh lettuce leaves in there. Definitely a ‘must try’ item at Café Pranah this pujo!

Minced Chicken Sloppy Joe Burger

b) Schezwan Paneer Burger – After that awesome minced chicken burger, I thought the paneer one really stands no chance to impress me! But I am happy, that I was proven wrong. The Schezwan Paneer Burger is equally awesome and is packed with flavors and goodness of fresh paneer, onion rings, tomato slices and fresh lettuce leaves. A must try if you wanna try a veg burger here.

Schezwan Paneer Burger

These burgers are a part of the Healthy burger festival and below are the relevant details for your easy reference:

Where: Café Pranah | Restaurant address: 71A, Hazra Road. Kolkata -700029 | Festival dates: 19th September- 19th October | Timings: 11 am- 9 pm | Cost for two: 600 INR.

To wrap things up, I would urge you to please enjoy some slice of calmness and amazing healthy food at this quaint café. And if you really like all these above items at this place, then please do let me know in the comments section below.



P.S. I would love to thank Rahul (Arora) for being such a warm and amazing host and for that goodie bag which had several things including the Carrot & oat muffin and Dark chocolate Museli rock which I absolutely loved!! A big thank you to First Idea PR for the invitation to this wonderful event!

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