Häagen-Dazs – I lay my love on you!

Frozen scoops of joy can make an old tainted depressed hag (like me) to cheer up and step into that perfect dreamy world of sweet unadulterated nirvana. It really takes a little to move away from all this dirt lying around us and within us! The best way to probably rejuvenating yourself is to surrender to those little joys that made up your childhood. For me, (and for many) having an ice cream with parents or school friends was one such moment that defined a state of pure joy back then! And even today, I realize a dollop of ice cream can make me calm down deep within like nothing else. And when I talk about ice creams, I should say recently I found my heavenly abode in a city mall, since the ‘1961 born big daddy of ice creams – Häagen-Dazs’ has decided to set up his café out there, to cater to poor souls like me.  They have been making ice creams like no one else, with premium quality and super amazing fresh ingredients.


Häagen-Dazs in itself is like a love song to me!! It is one of my favorites and definitely one of the very few super-premium brands of international ice creams that has started operating in the city of joy. Last time I had the heavenly touch of Häagen-Dazs in Singapore and since then I was almost starving for this magical dollop of joy, until the time when its Quest Mall outlet opened up in Kolkata. This outlet is their second outlet in the city but definitely this one is far more convenient for the city dwellers since it is housed in a proper mall with all the amenities and comfort.


This place is a 40-seater cafe done up in Häagen-Dazs’ signature colors of red and black flanked by a narrow boundary of greenery coming from some artificial plantations. The entire combination looks fabulous, classy and just perfect for an ice-cream date in this swanky mall. In Kolkata, I haven’t seen an open ice cream parlor in a mall which is this warm and cozy. This is the perfect place where you can sit and devour your ice cream or simply pick it up on the go.


You can simply try out a dollop of ice cream from their many flavors like Tiramisu, Blueberries & Cream, Vanilla Caramel Brownie, etc or you can opt for their unique creations or ice cream platters which are surely amazing to taste for all those correct fusions coming in together. Also these platters look fantastic, super appetizing and are extremely Instagram-friendly!! Their Sundae collections are also to die for.

When I was there at this Quest Mall outlet, I tried two of their ‘classic’ Ice cream platters – ‘Party Hat’ and ‘The Häagen-Dazs Caramel Crunch’. And both were impressive in their own rights. Let us talk a bit about these two Classic ice cream platters to give you a rough idea what you should expect from this place and what not, of course apart from these two you get several other platters and ‘signature’ ice cream dishes that can blow your mind away and impress your date like never before 🙂

Party Hat

Coming to the Party Hat, it basically looks quite familiar but has a little twist in its appearance that justifies its name. It has one majestic scoop of raspberry ice cream in a decorated quirky inverted waffle cone, whose brim is loaded with almond nibs and chocolate sauce. This inverted cone is then presented on a plate and you get loads of fresh whipped cream circling the raspberry ice cream scoop.

Party Hat

And you get a final sprinkling touch of multi colored sprinkles all over which makes it even more colorful and inviting. The stuff (as expected) tastes amazing, tad tangy, super smooth and super satisfying. Surely do try this out. And yes, it’s priced at INR 375 plus taxes and I believe it can be shared between two!

The Caramel Crunch

And then the next classic ice cream platter came to me for tasting, called The Häagen-Dazs Caramel Crunch. After the tanginess of the Party Hat, this one had a rather subtle and mellowed-down flavor, but strangely enough I liked this one better, maybe for my love for caramel in general.  This one is served in a tall cylindrical glass loaded with all the goodness under the sun! It’s a sundae that you can’t stay away from. This is made with scoops of Vanilla ice cream, Caramel Biscuit and Cream, layered with crushed wafer cone, fresh whipped cream and generous amount of crunchy chocolate pearls. It is then topped with almond nibs and garnished with fancy looking white chocolate strips! If you order this, a sweet date with toffee and caramel is guaranteed! And oh boy! The ice cream in there has that signature super smooth texture which can make you go weak at the knees. This can again be shared between two persons and it is priced at INR 545 plus taxes.


So, to wrap things up this was nothing less than a dreamy tasting session for me and a big thank you to First Idea PR for the invitation. Surely, this place can leave you spellbound and mesmerized with all its lovely creations. This is one ice cream brand which I believe has been extremely progressive and evolving to be able to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers. They have always been striving hard to serve super-premium quality products to all their patrons across the globe! But only for this outlet I found that availability of all the flavors and signature dishes is an issue, which should be worked upon I believe so that customers are not disappointed when they are looking for something specific from the menu.

From this blog post, I hope you have received a fair idea about the brand and some of its extraordinary products. So I would honestly request you to pay a visit to this Quest Mall outlet of Häagen-Dazs and try out the classic and signature creations from there. These drool worthy ice creams are just perfect to create some amazing ‘sweet’ memories that’ll last for a lifetime!


P.S.   The writer was invited to Häagen-Dazs (Quest Mall) outlet for tasting and review purpose. The amazing pictures have been clicked and shared by Oendrila De.

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