JackFruit365™ : The amazing green jackfruit flour – let food be thy medicine!

With every passing day, what we are consuming is becoming a concerning subject to deal with. The ingredients that we are using to cook our daily meals can cause serious damage to our body in the long run. The momentary explosion of joy for our taste buds doesn’t always guarantee a nutrient-rich healthy meal. So it is not always eating good, it is about not eating the unhealthy ingredients as well. Last time when I was in Kerala I got an answer to all my queries and concerns. Here in Kerala, their natural and ayurvedic products will surely entice you and your body will also start loving them.

Munnar has loads of ayurvedic stores (picture taken during my last visit, Jan ’17)

Recently, I came across one such similar product, which also has its origin in Kerala and believes in the motto of ‘food be thy medicine’. It is called JackFruit365™ from the house of renowned spice exporters ‘Eastern Condiments’. This is basically Jackfruit flour which you can use in a measured quantity to prepare your daily meals which you otherwise used to prepare with regular white flour. The measurements and detailed direction for usage will be discussed later in this article. Before that, let us know a bit more about Eastern Condiments.

Jackfruit flour pack – front
Jackfruit flour pack – back

For the ones who are not aware, Eastern Condiments was founded in 1968 and today it is undoubtedly India’s No.1 spice exporter. Few months back when I was in Kerala I had heard loads about them and saw some of their products at the LuLu Mall, Kochi. They expertise in so many spice powders, pickles, masala blends, spice mixes, etc and all their products are of premium quality. For a food loving Bengali like me, their huge range of masalas can only make me go weak at the knees, like their Chettinad Chicken masala, Beef Ularthu masala, Malvani masala, Pepper Chicken masala, and so on. Also they have their range of ready-to-eat gravies and snacks. And out of their Sweet Mixes, I would surely like to try out the Payasam and Gulab Jamun mixes. They also have so many beverages and breakfast treats that you might want to try them all out at one shot!! Not sure if anyone sells instant Rasam in my city, surely you will get it here if you order from Eastern! For Kolkatans, their products are now available on Amazon and soon will be available in hypermarts and other major online stores.

The Eastern Condiments package that I had received

Coming back to JackFruit365™ – this is a low carb and high fibre product and is basically green jackfruit flour. It has lower carbohydrates and calories when compared to rice and roti, but has higher soluble fibre content than rice or roti. For daily use, replace 1/3rd of any recipe with this green jackfruit flour, e.g. Dosa, puttu, cookies, roti or even Bengali style luchi (which I prepared here with this flour), though for luchi I felt it is better to use this flour in lesser proportion for softness and fluffiness!

Two portions of white flour (left), one portion of jackfruit flour (right)

So to recap, you need to use 2/3rd portion of regular flour and 1/3rd portion of Jackfruit flour while making your desired food item like roti or luchi. And yes, this is pretty reasonably priced as well keeping the health benefits in mind. It has a brownish hue to it and tad dry even when you make dough. Taste-wise it is good enough and should not leave any strong aftertaste, it is pretty much neutral though I felt it has a mild typical aroma of its own.

Jackfruit flour

So, if we come to the benefits of green jackfruit flour – I must say it is good for diabetes patients and for weight loss. It is rich source of dietary fibre that ensures wellness. It has low carbohydrate content that helps to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and regulate the blood glucose levels.

I had prepared simple Bengali style luchi (deep-fried flatbread) with this green jackfruit flour where I used two parts of white flour and one part of jackfruit flour. Then I had added a bit water to it to make dough. Made small round roti like structures and then fried it in vegetable oil. These luchis were then savored with some sides like simple bhindi fry (as shown in this picture below) or any other thick curry.


Overall, I loved using this product and I would recommend it to my friends having diabetes or trying to lose some calories. It is pretty easy to cook with this flour and you can store this for one year. So now it’s the time to beat diabetes / obesity and embrace the king of fruits and jack of fibre – JackFruit365™.


Disclaimer: The JackFruit365™ was sent by Eastern Condiments for review.

2 thoughts on “JackFruit365™ : The amazing green jackfruit flour – let food be thy medicine!

  1. Thanks for the detailed info on the product. Surely does look good. Jackfruits have always earned a reputation of being a high calorie fattening fruit. However, thanks to my Keralite genes, I adore them when in season & hopefully will lay my hands on this product too. The luchi that you have created looks amazing.

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