Top 4 food kiosks – in Quest Mall (Kolkata) food court!

Mall food courts are often a savior when you want to take a quick break in between those shopping sessions, maybe after a movie or to catch up with your group of friends. When you are on a move these food kiosks come very handy and can save your day, and your time of course. For youngsters (and poor people like me!) these are a boon for being reasonably priced.


And if you are in Kolkata, you must have visited Quest Mall and its amazing food court called ‘QCourt’. The spaced out seating arrangements with the classy, warm ambiance sets this food court apart from all other mall food courts in the city. Recently I was invited by the management/First Idea PR to be part of a food trail or food audit at this Quest mall food court. The entire idea of this food trail was pretty exciting in itself. And we covered all those amazing mall food kiosks other than the common branded ones like Au Bon Pain, KFC, etc.

So, here is my list of TOP 4 Food joints in the Quest Mall (Kolkata) food court:

(4) Desi Streat


‘Desi Streat’ is surely the paradise for chaat lovers in the city of joy! They present the chaats, tikkis and all other related street eats in the comfort of the mall food court in a hygienic environment. I tasted two of their signature dishes – Raj Kachori and Rava Onion Dosa. Yes, they serve some tasty South Indian food as well. 

Raj kachori

Truly speaking, I just loved the Raj Kachori as it had a huge kachori filled in with diced pieces of boiled potatoes, peas, sprouts and chopped onion, tomatoes and loads of cilantro, yogurt, sev, tangy tamarind chutneys and chaat masalas sprinkled on top. All in all, it was one of the finest chaats I have had in a long time sitting here in my city. And by the way, this Raj Kachori can easily be shared by three hungry souls. Coming to the Rava Onion Dosa, frankly speaking I have had better versions of this dish in the city though I must say what I got here at Desi Streat was filling and can easily be lived with. The Rava onion Dosa was served with bowls of sambar, white coconut and orange chutneys. The Dosa was tad too oily but it tasted pretty nice with the chutneys and sambar. Overall, I would suggest this place for their amazing chaats. The prices are reasonable and service is pretty prompt. Do give them a visit if you are at the Quest mall food court.

(3) Mezze


At Mezze (a Lebanese food kiosk) we tried the Mezze platter. A mezze platter is quite common these days in Kolkata and you will get this at many restaurants in the city. It can be consumed before a heavy meal; but to me, it is a meal in its own right. It has small portions of several meze dishes which together comes together to complete that meal. Here the Mezze platter is served with Pita bread and aerated beverages. The pita bread was really so soft, mildly toasted and quite brilliant to be true.

Chicken Mezze platter

Besides these, the platter consists of six medium sized pieces of grilled boneless chicken, which were flavorful and perfectly grilled. It had Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Tabbouleh, Labneh, Muhammara, and Fattoush salad. After all these, just wash things down with some Coke! So, that was the entire platter and yes, that’s pretty heavy for one person. All in all, I would rate this signature platter and the eatery 3.8 out of 5 based on my tasting experience.

(2) Masala Kitchen


‘Masala kitchen’ is probably the best option to have North Indian food at reasonable prices at Quest mall and it’s definitely the only North Indian food option available at the QCourt. I tried their signature dish which is Chola Bhatura, and trust me it’s truly impressive and was packed with flavours.

Chola Bhatura

The Bhatura was huge and enough for two people, though the stuff was bit crispy and less stretchy or a tad less tender. The chickpeas curry was tangy, spicy and flavourful and went so well with the Bhatura. Also onions dipped in vinegar and pickles were served along with this. So that was a pretty filling evening snacks. Price is pretty reasonable as well and service is warm and prompt. Surely worth a try!

(1) China South


Every mall food court has a Chinese food kiosk, there is nothing out of the box in that. Also these kiosks share a weird similarity in their quality and quantity standards. It’s hard to distinguish between them actually. Unless you come across some place which operates at a level that’s a notch higher. ‘China South’ at Quest Mall is one such food court eatery serving Oriental dishes that can blow your mind away!!

Steamed chicken momos

Their menu is not about Indian style Chinese cuisine, in fact it is totally different from that. Here you get a hint of typical South East Asian cuisine. On this visit, we played a bit safe though and ordered for Steamed Chicken momos and Chicken Pan Fried noodles. The chicken Momos were served in typical bamboo basket/steamer which is only found in proper restaurants in Kolkata and you won’t get this at any mall food court in the city. Along with that a spicy tomato sauce was served (not really a red hot garlicky momo dip I was looking for) and a coriander dip. The steamed momos were simply out of the world!! They were literally fantastic. They were extremely juicy and soft, with flavorful minced chicken, onion, coriander, garlic filling. I will come back to this place for these steamed momos. The chicken Pan Fried noodles was also very well prepared and had loads of diced exotic veggies in there like zucchini, broccoli, red and yellow bell peppers, etc. Overall a filling and comforting meal in the end that truly pleased our poor souls!

Chicken pan fried noodles

The service is pretty prompt out here and keeping the quality in mind, the prices are reasonable. I would rate this place 8.5 out of 10 and a big thumbs up from my side. After a long time I am impressed so much with a food court eatery, and that too in Kolkata! Surely the best place to eat at QCourt according to me!

Hope you liked reading the list, so visit them and let me know your views in the comments section below. Happy eating!


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