Have you tried the amazing Chicken Mezze Platter at ‘Mezze’?

I just love trying out the small food joints spread across the city malls as they provide huge variety of food and beverages at such reasonable prices, which are mostly consumed by youngsters or by the aam aadmi, like me! I was longing to try out this food joint called Mezze at the Quest Mall Food court (Kolkata). It’s primarily a Lebanese food joint. Somehow, every time I have been at Quest mall for a movie or something, I have ended up eating at the other joints. Few days back, ultimately I got the opportunity to check out their signature dish – the Chicken Mezze platter when I was here as part of the food audit team, on a management/PR invitation.


The Mezze platter is quite common these days in Kolkata and you will get this at many restaurants in the city. It can be consumed before a heavy meal; but to me, it is a meal in its own right. It has small portions of several meze dishes which together comes together to complete that meal. Here the Chicken Mezze Platter is served with Pita bread and aerated beverages.

Chicken Mezze Platter

The pita bread was really so soft, mildly toasted and quite brilliant to be true. Besides these, the platter consists of:

a) Six medium sized pieces of grilled boneless chicken, which were flavorful and perfectly grilled.

b) Hummus – this mashed chickpeas spread was as usual and served as the perfect dip.

c) Baba Ghanoush – This is eggplant mashed and then mixed with seasoning; again you can use this as a dip for your pita bread and chicken.

d) Tabbouleh – Loved this salad (hope I can call this a kind of salad) which had bulgur, chopped onion and tomatoes, mint, etc with a dash of lemon juice.

Tabbouleh in the foreground

e) Labneh – This strained yogurt which was cream-like and was tad sour. Though I am not a great fan of yogurt in general, but I tasted this!

f) Muhammara – The spectrum of flavour in the Mezze platter gets an additional dimension with muhammara. This hot pepper dip with garlic, ground walnut, olive oil and lemon juice is always in demand when you are going for this signature platter.

g) Fattoush salad – And yes, I always adore fattoush as it’s the veggies salad drenched in a mild dressing. Soothing and pretty perfect, only I would request to keep providing fresh veggies in there.

After all these, just wash things down with some Coke! 🙂


So, that was the entire platter and yes, that’s pretty heavy for one person. All in all, I would rate this signature platter and the eatery 3.8 out of 5 based on my tasting experience. Hope they keep serving great food. As there is no other joint in the mall or in the vicinity serving decent Lebanese cuisine, they have a pretty good chance of getting constant attention and customers provided they serve their customers well. Hope I will be back pretty soon to try something else from their menu since I pretty much loved their signature dish and hope you’ll love it as well!


Mezze Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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