‘Bombay Brasserie’ – all geared up with its brand new avatar & new food/drinks menu

For me, food is more than what it seems to be. The culture which is behind that food that helps us to trace back the origin of that dish constantly keeps intriguing me! So, if you know the social background or the culture lying behind a food, you can really go under the skin of a cuisine in no time. Cuisines are always particular to a region or to a place from where it originates, and that in turns traverses across the geographies. The local blend of cooking techniques, preferences, climatic conditions, regional spices, etc that creates a cuisine! And the restaurants that expertise in any particular cuisine are always my favorite ones, I really try to avoid those ‘jack of all trades’ multi cuisine restaurants on any given day. And that is the reason I absolutely love restaurants like Bombay Brasserie!


Recently Bombay Brasserie went through a makeover, where almost everything – starting from logo to food/beverages menu, got changed. And in fact it got better, according to me. It somehow exudes more warmth, class and quality after this recent makeover. Now with a brand new menu featuring some of the country’s best and most unique ingredients, and an all new cocktails menu, Bombay Brasserie is ready to take you on a new culinary journey across India.

Quirky presentation of that lovely concoction of Whiskey/Cola – Janta bar!

You can sample small plates or indulge in large ones, from an eclectic selection that marries the familiar with the unexpected, and serves up the very best of India’s ingredients to the armchair traveler.

Loved that prawn coconut curry and banana leaf rice

Bombay Brasserie has carried forward its culinary journey with outlets in Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai and now Kolkata will see the menu that promises to deliver experimental Indian cuisine that focuses on unique ingredients that are curated carefully after travelling to each corner of our country, like Aam Papad from Amritsar, Kudampuli from Kerala and Malwani masala from the Konkan belt, etc.

Aam Papad Paneer
Aam Papad Paneer

From the small plates menu, the Marathi Jhinga Mirch made with Thecha, Naga Ghost Pepper Wings, tangy wings dusted with Bhoot Jolokia or the flavorful Kashmiri Naan Kebab are a few favorites that are reinvented while retaining their authentic soul. I personally liked al the dishes which I tried at this place at their re-launch party. Absolutely loved the Kolkata style fish and chips, the tender Andhra Chicken, Chili Cheese kulchas, Prawn Thecha, etc.

Naga Ghost Chicken Wings
Naga Ghost Chicken Wings, with pauwa cocktails
Calcutta Club Fish Fry
Try the Calcutta Club Fish Fry with some beer

And I was absolutely impressed with the insane pauwa cocktails which you won’t get anywhere else in the city. It gives the rustic zing of the desi daru in a rather glorified way and comes to your table in those signature pauwas, or quarter bottles. These fancy bottles of shaarab come with Chakhna – crunchy and tasty pub grubs and flavored nuts. We liked the Jaipuri Gulabo which is a rose serbet based cocktail, Nagpuri Santra having a citrus punch along with other drinks like Go Goa Gone, Kollywood Pop, Pondy Rush, etc. Also apart from Pauwa cocktails, I liked the desi cocktails like Fauji Party Sepcial, Janta Bar which was a concoction of whiskey/cola and the Sothern Express, etc. Surely do try them out.

pauwa cocktails (2)
Pauwa cocktails!

So guys, if you are in Kolkata and in a mood to savor some great Indian food, then please be at the best possible destination and that is Bombay Brasserie at the Quest Mall. This place with its classy ambiance, prompt service and amazing food and beverages is sure to entice you to come back for more.

Rajputana Murg Soola
Rajputana Murg Soola

It will engage you in this dreamy gastronomical tour across the country, that’s exciting, fascinating and pleasant all at the same time. So why are you waiting, just go and stimulate your palate with a fresh perspective; rediscover India through a culinary journey at Bombay Brasserie.


P.S. The writer was invited to the re-launch media meet over food tasting for review purpose.

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