‘Velvetiine’ brings in Freakshakes and Sundaes!

I have heard someone saying that – calories of freakshakes are directly proportional to the happiness quotient achieved on consuming them. Freakshake or an extreme milkshake is rather a phenomenon that first took place in Canberra (Australia) and it was a rage there. The good news for everyone with a sweet tooth or the ones who fantasize about desserts is – the freakshakes are now in Kolkata and at a very reasonable price! So without worrying much about your waistline dive deep into these sinful bad boys! I myself was not so much into freakshakes till the day I visited Velvetiine, who recently have launched freakshakes and Sundaes at all their outlets in Kolkata. They have painted the city of joy with sweet calorie-heavy over-the-top freakshakes that has got the richest ingredients in a very yummy looking package! Kids will also love these colorful giant milkshakes which come in different varieties, which I will next mention here in this review.

Vanilla freakshake

Here are the kinds of Freakshakes you can expect at any Velvetiine outlet:

Mocha Brownie shake – it had the perfect blend of brownie chunks, ice cream, coffee, milk and chocolate syrup that had an amazing visual appeal and tasted yummy as well.

Mushy Oreo Shake – This indeed was a heavily laden milkshake having crushed Oreo biscuits, ice cream and loads of chocolate syrup. Though I felt the shake could have been a tad sweeter to be perfect and bit more sinful maybe.

Oreo Shake

Chocolate Blast Overload – As the name says, this is heavenly for all chocolate lovers. It had loads of chocolate cakes, choco chips and smeared heavily with chocolate sauce. It’s really one instagram-worthy shake 🙂

Vanilla Shake – This sounds pretty innocent but tastes and looks amazing. It had mix of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, etc with a generous topping of colorful Gems.

Mango Shake and Vanilla Shake

Blueberry cheesecake deconstructed – This was a sinful mix of blueberry syrup, milk, ice cream, whipped cream and bits of blueberry cheesecake that ultimately tasted great!

Mango shake – This is perfect for a Bong especially in the summers. It had the perfect blend of ice cream with mango pulp, syrup, whipped cream and more, and topped with fresh cubes of mango!

These chilled dessert shakes work wonders during these sticky summer months, wish they were introduced couple of months ago this year! The visual appeal of these freakshakes makes you go for one and then as it is too heavy and big, you end up sharing it with your partner or friend, so that’s more mushy in the end 🙂


So these are all the varieties of freakshakes that you can choose from at Velvetiine. But do not think that you can put anything into these calorie-laden shakes. We need to be very careful about the flavors which will marry well and that flavor pairing is the key to making these freakshakes click.

Now let’s check out the Sundaes that have been recently introduced at Velvetiine. These are visually appealing ice cream desserts having dollops of ice cream and topped with fruits, syrup, peanuts, whipped cream, cherries, etc. That’s a perfect treat you deserve on a Sunday!

So, here are the varieties of Sundaes that you will get at Velvetiine – Death by chocolate, Cake a Mocha, Caramel Pull, Mound Cocoa, Mudpie Mania, Choco Chip Sundae, Black Forest Montecarlo, Chocolate shocker sundae, Baked Alaska Sundae, Mixed Fruit Parfait out of which I tasted some and liked a couple.

I guess the Mixed Fruit Parfait should be an instant hit with everyone for that lovely mix of fresh fruits, ice cream, custard, etc and I really liked it. The Death by Chocolate was also good and pretty sinful; it had mix of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, brownie, etc. The Caramel Pull can also be heavenly for caramel lovers though I loved the Choco Chip Sundae more for my love for chocolates; it had ice cream, chocolate cookies, choco chips and loads of chocolate sauce.



At Velvetiine, all these Freakshakes and Sundaes are made with pure ice cream and cake and are very different from normal milkshakes. So, this summer if you really want to chill with these latest entrants in the city dessert scene, then you surely need to be here at Velvetiine. I would surely be back for those visually appealing sinful freakshakes which really impressed me, especially because you won’t get them everywhere in the city. So, before the summer ends rush to your nearest Velvetiine outlet and grab your favorite variant of freakshake or sundae!


P.S. The writer was invited to the Velvetiine outlet to taste and review these products, thanks to Shraddha and Oendrila for the invite. And special thanks to Oendrila for couple of amazing pictures!

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