‘The Tea Trove’ – Bloggers Meet at the tea lover’s heaven!

This bloggers meet at Tea Trove, Acropolis Mall was long pending and that’s primarily because of me, since I had some personal issues going on in the meanwhile. I am very thankful to Shruti for bearing with me all these while, and of course thankful for this warm invitation. I had attended a tasting session at their Desapriya Park outlet two years back on a personal invitation when they launched their all-day breakfast! I loved that tasting session and hence was eagerly looking forward to this one at Acropolis Mall. Though I am aware that this outlet at Acropolis mall is a smaller one (where you won’t be getting the food items which they used to serve at their Desapriya Park outlet), but still I am a big fan of their tea, snacks, cookies, popsicles and cold brew tea in those pretty looking jars which you can carry back home! That’s like an extra freebie for me! It’s like keeping your glass bottle after having that milkshake at Keventers. I love these small little things, simple unadulterated joys of life!


Though I am not a teetotaler, but yes surely I am a tea-totaller (if you allow me to use this term, maybe I had heard it somewhere, not very sure though) who is very picky about his cup of tea! If it is the morning tea, it must be served at a particular temperature that soothes my nerves and must be having the perfect aroma and quantity of sugar in it. And yes, if milk is added (by mistake), I won’t be having that for sure. And The Tea Trove, being a dedicated hot spot for tea lovers, surely helps me nurture this snobby side of mine about my tea! Tea Trove has a century-old family run tea business which today ships tea all over the country and abroad. And at Tea trove, you can expect healthy yet innovative range of items on menu; especially their range of beverages prepared using tea is simply amazing and sets them apart from the other cafes in town.


The wide range of tea at Tea Trove truly impresses me – the fruit flavors, spiced up ones or the traditional Darjeeling or Assam tea, they have it all. As already mentioned, if you are an ardent tea-lover and prefer sipping Iced Tea rather than Coke while hanging out in a mall, then surely this is your piece of heaven. Also like I was saying, the good part is at Tea Trove you get this widest variety of tea, like they have got 70 of them; which you really won’t get at any other place in the country. And the plus point is these are all whole leaf teas, and the flavor infusion is all natural. There is no flavor added here which is artificial. The flavoring elements used for fruits, flowers or spices are all organic in nature, so that’s really good for your body.

Cold Brew Teas – Sweet Ginger and Wild Jasmine!

Here at Acropolis mall, the Tea Trove outlet is at 2nd floor. The stall is tad cramped up, but if too many people are not going inside the stall then it’s all good. You may go and sit inside, but maximum 2-3 people can sit comfortably and sip your favorite cuppa. All the varieties of tea leaves are displayed right there in front of you in jars, so you need not remember all the names, just go and pick your favorite. Apart from selling hot tea, iced tea, shakes, popsicles this place also offers the tea leaves which you can carry back home, so that’s an added advantage. Now coming to the stuffs we tasted at this place. Amongst the hot teas, I had tasted the classic black Darjeeling tea which was damn good, perfect aroma and smoothening effect which is so typical of this tea. There is an unmatched freshness in it which doesn’t leave any bitter aftertaste even if it is soaked for bit too long. Among the Cold Brew Teas, we tried the Wild Jasmine Iced tea, Blueberry Iced Tea, Moroccan Mint Iced Tea, Sweet Ginger Iced Tea. All these were prepared with water base which can be replaced by soda as well. The Sweet Ginger Iced tea was bit spicy for that ginger in it. It has a mix of green tea, spearmint, ginger and cinnamon. It reduces blood pressure and cures chronic cough. Coming to the Wild Jasmine flavor, it is a concoction of green tea, jasmine flower and hibiscus that tastes quite refreshing and has benefits like anti-diabetic and helps curing high blood pressure. Next we can move on to the Moroccan Mint flavor which I liked very much for that minty aftertaste and the drink had peppermint, spearmint, chamomile and green tea in it. The Blueberry iced tea was prepared with white tea having blueberry flavor in it, I like the fact the blueberry flavor which is pretty dominant was kept pretty subtle. Next I tried an Ice Tea prepared with Soda instead of water and it was the Apple Pie Soda Iced Tea, which had the exact uncanny flavor of apple pie in a fizzy drink, I had never tasted a liquid version of apple pie that tasted so amazing.

Shakes – Tiramisu, Oreo and Mango Macha!

Now coming to the shakes which we tried – here we had tried the Mango Macha shake, Tiramisu Shake, the much famed Oreo Shake and the Paan Shake. All these shakes had the perfect density and texture; it was neither too thick nor too watery. And for each and everyone the flavors (which are infused by organic elements) are bang on. My favorite would be the Tiramisu and the Oreo Shake which were chilled, rich and yummy! Next we went on to try the popsicles which are currently the biggest attractions of Tea Trove! We tried to play around a bit with those popsicles since they remain in that frozen state for a long time even in the normal temperature. We stacked them up and went on to click pictures to our heart’s content, and then to accentuate this feeling we went on to taste all these flavors which were offered.

These awesome Popsicles!

We tried the Nuetella Kitkat Popsicle, Triple Berry Popsicle, Virgin Mojito Popsicle and the new entrant Popcorn Popsicle! All these were beyond any praiseworthy adjectives. Each of them had the perfect flavor and they play very badly with your brain! Like the new Popcorn popsicle (which comes just for INR 40/-) will totally confuse you! It tastes absolutely like popcorn, but then your brain will get confused why am I having popcorns in this form? It’s fun, it’s flavorful and it’s an experience. Both the Triple Berry and Nuetella Kitkat ones were rich and creamy with actual Kitkat pieces inside that popsicle. The Virgin Mojito one is especially for the summers since it is icier, like it’s supposed to be. So it’s pretty watery when it starts melting. But the flavor is again perfect; you’ll again be confused why aren’t you drinking this virgin mojito from a glass! 🙂

FullSizeRender (2)
The newly introduced “Popcorn Popsicle”

Overall, I loved this entire tasting experience and the fact that what I am consuming is not synthetic or artificial. Tea Trove is really a den of teas, fresh from the garden having so many medical benefits. The servers who attend customers are very knowledgeable and you should not face any issue in selecting your favorite leaves. Hopefully this blog post helped a bit and let’s hopes these organic tea leaves help us stay away from medicines for chronic diseases and ailments. Along with that you can try out the shakes and popsicles to celebrate your good times!



P.S. Thanks Oendrila for some amazing clicks!

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