Bloggers meet over blissful Sunday Brunch at Serafina, Kolkata!

Sundays are mostly filled with fun-filled activities, quality time with family and friends and yes, definitely delving deep into some gastronomical wonderland! For me, Sundays are incomplete if I am not spending it with some great food, a movie maybe and some quality time with my family. And yes, for a Bengali in general Sundays are bound to be filled in with loads of ‘lyad’! Wondering what the heck is that? I am so sorry to know that, but anyway, I will let you know. ‘Lyad’ is a crucial part of Bengali life (and I am no exception), without it Bengalis might even lose their identity! It’s the beautiful art of fighting a world war in your head while actually doing nothing! It’s an amazing time independent process to relax your body and mind! Interesting, isn’t it? 🙂 And a laid back, soul satisfying Sunday Brunch (with some wine, maybe!) is the fuel that a relaxed brain needs while fighting that hyperlapsed World War! Making any sense? Not much? Forget it, let’s concentrate on the fuel, I mean the Brunch I was talking about! 🙂 Lately I tried out the Big Apple Sunday Brunch at Serafina (Kolkata) and yes, you guessed it right, I was left spellbound. It was the best collection of food and beverages I have tried at one shot in a really long time. Trust me, I will rate this brunch nothing less than 10 out of 10. Yes you read it right, it scores full marks in my books and yes, if you have been reading my blog posts or reviews, you must be knowing that I have never ever given full marks to any restaurant whether it be in Kolkata, Delhi or abroad (at least not in last 3 years or so)! Hence, that surely speaks volume about Serafina in general, and this Sunday brunch I am going to discuss today.

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Before moving forward, I would like to sincerely thank First Idea PR and the Serafina (Kolkata) management for inviting me to taste and review their Sunday Brunch!

Serafina surely needs no introduction! With headquarter in New York it has a worldwide presence and the City of joy is surely privileged to have it at the Quest Mall. It churns out some of the best pizzas and pastas on this planet, which you can probably dream of having in your lifetime! Serafina guarantees fabulous food, premium service, supreme comfort and an overall exciting experience every time you visit.


This Sunday brunch at Serafina Kolkata serves some of the fantastic dishes (that too unlimited) and a glass of wine/ beer/ sangria/ mocktail at an unbelievable price of INR 999 plus taxes. I was so excited about it that I took responsibility to spread the word to all my friends, colleagues and family and convinced people to go and try this out.

Anyway the splendid ambiance of this place tells a thousand words and the outdoor seating is fabulous as well! It simply exudes warmth and class and you would love to be there with your family or loved ones. I would now like to quickly run you through the Big Apple Brunch items which I had tried. Though there is much more apart from the ones I have tried, but these items will give you a fair idea about the spread which should be helpful, I believe –

IMG_5511To start with, as already said, you will be getting one complimentary glass of wine/beer/sangria or mocktail. The white wine Sangria was absolutely fantastic and I was mighty impressed with it. Surely go for it. You will get an assorted bread basket which is prepared in-house and so they taste absolutely fresh and amazing.

TIP: Try the breads with a dip of balsamic vinegar, virgin olive oil, oregano and red chili flakes. The ingredients will be right there on your table, just prepare it yourself or request your server to get it prepared for you.

IMG_5487Soup of the day – We had opted for Cream of Chicken Soup, which was extremely soothing and a bit dense like it should be, the subtle flavors were bang on target! Enjoy it with some fresh bread sticks. We also tried the Bruschetta and Veg Crostini and both were nice and fresh. The Bruschetta was bursting with flavors with those diced ripe plum tomatoes and for that hint of garlic and fresh basil in there.

Then we tried the Crispy Fried Calamari with Marinara Sauce, and yes it was an absolute hit! A dish that needs no introduction, in fact before you introduce it you will find the stuff is all gone!

The Arrabiata Spiced Chicken was also nice and crispy, you will love munching these bite sized fried chicken while you are busy conversing!

Salad – We prepared our own customized salad with fresh lettuce, veggies and boiled egg to crown the gem! You can also make your own salad at the salad counter.

2You can order for Omelettes at the live counters – We had opted for Chicken and ham omelette and garlic / onion / mushroom omelette. Both were prepared in front of us and both were fantastic.

Next came in the Chicken Sliders with French Fries and I absolutely loved those mini burgers with that meaty chicken in there! Do not miss these bad boys!


I absolutely loved the Grilled Chicken with Veggies and Mashed Potato, the quality is really splendid and the quantity served is really good, so this should sufficiently fill you up.

Thin Crust Pizza – What I tried here was the best pizza I had tried in my lifetime! Please do try this white base pizza with calamari, shrimps and bacon, it was simply mind blowing. It looked so innocent, simple and pale but had the power to win any race on any given day! The Red base chicken pizza was good but the taste was eclipsed by the white base one.

Pasta – Again I found a gem here! Please do try the Spaghetti in White Sauce with chicken, shrimps and bacon. It is an absolute killer! It’ll be a crime if you don’t try this, it is heavenly, smooth as silk and something which words can’t describe! The Spaghetti Arrabiatta with chicken was again good but was eclipsed by the white sauce one.

Tiramisu – If you are at Serafina, do not leave before having their Tiramisu! It had an amazing coffee flavor and this Italian custard dessert absolutely nailed it. It was smooth, light and insanely good!

4 (2)

Lemongrass Creme Brûlée had a rich smooth custard base with a perfectly contrasting layer of hardened caramel on top, I absolutely loved it! I bet you can’t stop at one! You’ll need a second helping. And yes, also try out their Panacotta.


I absolutely loved each and every item I managed to have at this brunch. Believe me, the spread is huge! You can’t have it all! And the food is UNLIMITED, so that’s an additional plus which is very tempting indeed! Except the wine/beer/sangria/mocktail you can go on eating to your heart’s content here. And all these at an price of INR 999 plus taxes is simply incredible.

Final Verdict: For the first time, I will give full marks to a restaurant. Yes, I will rate this overall experience 10 out of 10. I am no one to deduct even 0.01 points after this heavenly experience! Everything was much above my expectations and I will surely come back and urge others to come and try out this blissful Apple brunch at Serafina!


P.S. The writer was invited for a food tasting session at Serafina (Kolkata).

(Special thanks to Oendrila for sharing some amazing clicks! You are a true rockstar behind the lens, girl! Stay blessed!)

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