Made in Oven – or was that Heaven?

Kolkata is blessed to have so many adorable bakeries spread across the city! And these days the home bakers have completely changed the scenario for good. They have added that extra sweetness to the ‘Sweetest part of India’! All these home bakers are extremely talented, passionate and bake with that extra bit of care and love. Recently I got introduced to one such amazing bakery called ‘Made in Oven’ which operates out of Bangur area. Though I haven’t been to this place but I had received one amazing hamper from them which stole my heart away! They have got yummy cupcakes, cookies, chocolates, cakes (including designer birthday cakes), breads, pastries, savories, etc.


Here are the items which I have tasted from this place till now –

a) Chocolate Walnut Brownie – Well, do you believe in love at first sight? I didn’t. But I was proved wrong by this Chocolate walnut brownie 🙂 The moment I saw it I just wanted to taste it! The brownie looked awesome with that fork impression on top made by white sugar dust. The stuff tasted heavenly since it was soft and bouncy with generous amount of crushed walnuts in it. A cup of black tea and this walnut brownie – the ultimate couple I can think of!

b) Lemon Tart – This one was amazing as well, very fresh and optimum lemony flavored with a perfect textured shortbread crust. Recommended for any lemon tart lover!

c) Caramel Pastry – The name says it all, and I bet you will simply love this one. I loved this because I wanted to taste something different after tasting several chocolaty products. The layered pastry was as usual very fluffy and the top caramel ganache was absolutely heavenly.

Caramel pastry, Black Forest Roll and Lemon tart!

d) Red Velvet Cake – The lovely triangular slice of layered red velvet was a joy to savor. It had the right balance of moisture in it and the texture was fluffy and I pretty much liked it.

e) Truffle Mocha Pastry – One awesome chocolate pastry with one layer of coffee cream! It had total six layers with three layers of cake sandwiched with cream in between. It leaves a gooey chocolaty aftertaste and is highly recommended for anyone in love with coffee and chocolate.

Red Velvet, Truffle Mocha pastry and Chocolate Walnut cake!

f) Chocolate Mud Cake – This one comes in a round tart shell filled with loads of chocolate ganache on top. Tastes amazing and I have got only one word to describe it – Sinful!

g) Mio Chef’s Special – This one is a triangular pastry which is truffle full chocolate. It again is extremely gooey, chocolaty and sinful. It has got a glazed chocolate ganache layer on top and looks pretty gorgeous!

h) Chocolate boat – Every time I’ll be back at Made in Oven I will definitely be ordering this. This small boat shaped tarts are loaded with chocolate ganache on top and had a melt in your mouth kinda texture! Just loved it!

Chocolate boat, Mio Chef’s special, Chocolate Mud cake!

i) Black Forest Roll Pastry – Black forest is a pretty common stuff for us, so is Swiss roll. But I had never tried a Swiss roll styled black forest! The stuff was extremely fresh, flavorful, soft and my son just loved it 🙂

j) Rumball – I generally try to avoid rumballs since they are way too sweet for my liking. So I was skeptical about the same here as well. But when I tasted a bit I found it was kinda melting in my mouth, it was dense but not overtly sweet. I was bowled over and mighty impressed! Kolkatans surely know what rumball is, but they are not aware how amazing it can be, unless they have tried it here at ‘Made in Oven’.


Only one point, I felt the packaging can be made a bit more robust for home delivery, etc since the base of the box was tad wet when I received it. I am sure they will work on this in near future! But keeping in mind their rock bottom pricing, I must say their products are worth every penny. And yes, they do not use preservatives and the products are always prepared fresh. Quality never ever gets compromised here, at any cost! I am sure everyone looks for one such bakery that they can completely trust, especially when they are buying stuffs for their kids!

Final verdict: Big thumbs up from my side! I would surely order from them and recommend them to others. I am sure you would love them as well.



P.S. The products discussed were sent to the writer for sampling and review purpose.

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