‘Eat Good Food’ by Hena Nafis! – Amazingly healthy Sunday breakfast

Eating out is pretty common these days, our lifestyle has kinda embraced that habit. And with every passing day we are realizing there are several health issues cropping up with these habits which we know are not ‘so good’ but carry on to live with them until one day they strike hard. That’s the time we consult doctor or maybe get hospitalized if things are worse. And that is the time when we think about consulting a nutritionist or a dietician. Unscientific and untimely eating habits cause several health issues, also eating junks can surely add to this. The best option is not to overdo anything and to strike a balance in every field, and food is no exception. I know many people who are still looking for an eating joint that serves healthy food. There have been few new cafes in the town which serve or claim to serve healthy food, and I don’t want to go into any argument on that. Rather I would like to let you know I recently discovered another place in Kolkata that serves healthy yet tasty food. Here food is prepared keeping in mind your health conditions and what your body probably is looking for. The place is called ‘Eat Good Food’ (in an alley just diagonally opposite Quest Mall), yes the name is not very ornamental, but the goodness quotient surely is. This place has been opened up by renowned nutritionist, Dr. Hena Nafis, who while conversing with us told how badly she wanted to help the society, the people who are afraid of eating out because they will gain weight and again become obese in that process. She always wanted to give them a place where they can come and eat their hearts out without caring much about calorie or unwanted components in the food they are consuming. Here, the menu has been crafted from a nutritionist’s perspective; it never compromises with your health and fitness quotient to make a food tastier. In fact here the initial service time is tad longer; this is because they start preparing the food everyday from scratch, there is no half done food left anywhere which will be used on the following day.


Eat Good Food has got another branch in Saltlake Sector-3, but this (Ballygunge) branch of Eat Good Food has got a charismatic and mystic ambiance. The place is divided into several rooms (the various eating areas are called Sage, Dill, Basil, and Mint) and the rustic interiors are done very well with nice strategic lighting. We were seated in the room called Mint, and I was there on invitation from the management and First Idea PR, thanks a lot for having me over!

Now let us come to the food which I had there. We were there to taste the “Sunday Breakfast” at this place. We all started off with Egg Pizza and yes, it was amazing. It is basically pizza base made of eggs topped with feta, olives and mint. The Egg Muffins came next and again they were pretty good, which had baked eggs packed with protein and veggies topped with pumpkin seeds. We got two smoothie bowls next and both looked gorgeous – the Double Choco smoothie and the Strawberry with Amaranth Muesli, taste-wise I felt the strawberry one tasted tad better. We then got the Crisp Apple Cinnamon Oats, Chocolate and Banana Oats and Café Mocha Oats; and all of these felt ultra creamy though they did not have any cream in them; the oats were soaked overnight in milk and yogurt filled with pieces if fresh fruits and seeds in them. I am not a huge fan of oats, so I realized the stuff was awesome ingredient-wise, but it tasted just fine to me.

The sandwiches arrived next – The Hummus and grilled veggies sandwiches were pretty filling and flavorful, it had whole wheat ciabatta bread with loads of grilled veggies as fillings. The other sandwich was Roast Chicken Sandwich and it was very flavorful and soul satisfying. It had actually roasted chicken pieces in it and not any ready to go chicken patty!

The pancakes came up next, and both the variants were delicious! They were called Layered fruit with Maple syrup pancakes and Chocolate pancakes. These wholewheat high fibre pancakes are perfect for an energizing start to the day, they were soft and fresh. The chocolate pancake had that lovely drizzle of chocolate sauce on top which made it somewhat heavenly. On the other hand the layered fruit pancake looked awesome, a photographer’s delight! And when you take a bite with that strawberry slice you’ll feel every morning you should wake up to this. The baked potatoes were flavorful and satisfying – the Cottage Cheese Spinach baked potatoes and Roast Chicken baked potatoes. Both had a protein packed filling instead of all the fat that it has to offer.

The drinks to wash things down included Immunity Booster and Skin Tonic. These were detox juices, the Immunity Booster included ingredients like beetroot, orange, carrot, apple and honey; that’s really loads of ingredients to go into one drink. The Skin Tonic was pretty light in comparison. It had carrot, cucumber and tomato. Both the drinks were no doubt oozing with health and tasted just fine to have.

And after that satisfying breakfast!!

Overall, the experience was very relaxing. The soft and pleasant background music, the sunlight coming through that glass wall, the fruitful morning conversation with Dr.Hena Nafis, and of course that healthy guiltless food – everything was just perfect! If I am ever in that area during early morning hours, I will surely drop in for their lovely and healthy breakfast. Also would request you to try out their breakfast on weekends from 8AM to 11AM, if you haven’t yet tried then it will surely be a lovely experience for you. And if you really do, let me know how was the entire experience in this comment box below. Hope this review helped! Stay healthy, stay happy!


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