Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio – gift your child a better lifestyle!

Parents are always concerned about their child’s well being, about their studies, care, food intake, activities, companionship, etc. I being a parent myself very well realize the dire need of some elements in our society which are most basic for a child and for their well being. One such basic item is proper healthy food, and the other one is engaging activities that will help them attain a digital detoxification. Children these days are almost always glued to their (or their parent’s) smartphones, laptops or PlayStations; especially when they are not studying. And this digital detention is doing loads of damage to these budding young minds!  I am always very concerned about the food my child is having, or about the amount of physical activity that he is doing. So, if you are also worried like me you should definitely think about the option I am doing to discuss here.


These days even in our city of joy, you will get lovely detoxification centers for kids which are gaining popularity with every passing day. The place I’m talking about is called ‘Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio’ and this is one of a kind fitness destination that aims at the alarming obesity problems seen in the kids these days. Apart from kids’ fitness this place has got few items for well being of women. Here you will also get special zumba classes & Krav Maga (Self Defense) classes for kids. Places of this kind are really necessary these days because childhood obesity has shot up in India and reached an alarming proportion of around 22%. To address this very issue in the city, Ms. Hena Nafis, the celebrated nutritionist has opened her own brand called Nutrience – this Kid’s Fitness Studio in Saltlake. We are blessed to have Sarika and Shashank Agarwal as the mentors of this fitness studio, their dedication has surely started making the difference and making this place well known to parents who want a better lifestyle for their little ones.


Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio (NKFS) started operating in Saltlake Sector-3 (opposite the Bengal Tennis Association) from December 2012, mainly with the vision to help those children who are fighting obesity at this tender age. This is a well equipped gym and the youth fitness instruments are pretty unique as you won’t find these gym equipments in any other fitness studio or gym spread across the city. This gym-cum-nutrition centre for kids can be availed by children of age group six to thirteen plus years. NKFS helps children to stay fit, increase their height and control obesity. It makes them more energetic and generates positive thoughts and energies which are very much essential for studies and sports. And while I was here at this place I found the activities and exercises were well being mentored by gym trainers and kids were doing the same with loads of interest and excitement, as if they were having lots of fun to keep themselves fit! At NKFS, I found both children and their parents are comprehensively mentored with a holistic program towards a healthier lifestyle. Proper diets fulfilling all nutritional needs of the child are planned along with a fitness regimen to achieve an active healthy lifestyle peppered with loads of fun.

It has been found that more than 40% of children eat out at least once a week and 70% of the children eat fries more than once a week. Children nowadays do not lead a healthy lifestyle and that the parents are also well aware of. With technological advancement children mostly do not move out from their home and hence are not involved in any other physical activities as well. So through this venture NKFS wants to provide an alternative where children come, learn and are also involved in some physical activity. Here at this 1700 sq. ft. fitness studio you have several learning elements as well, like the fun chart which allows you to learn spellings or the one which helps you with mathematics. For ladies, this place is opening more and more classes for yoga and other activities and I really applaud this venture which would help us to sow the seeds of fitness in our kid’s body and mind at such a tender age.


I would also like my child to go and join this place to fight against all the unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyle that he is having at this point of time, but since he is not yet six years old so I guess I have to wait a bit to get him admitted to this place. Like me, I would also urge you to put your son or daughter into this kid’s fitness gym to enable then to build a better lifestyle, a better immunity and a positive mind!


While we bloggers were at this gym, we had the opportunity to converse with some of the parents who had their kids attending the fitness program. The parents were extremely pleased with the improvement they have seen in their children only in a period of few weeks. Their energy level, concentration and lifestyle have changed a lot which the parents could have only dreamt of. We met Pooja, the mother of a six years old kid, she said their family used to stay at Malaysia and when they came back to Kolkata they thought they won’t get any good gym for their son but NKFS changed their conception about the city! She said NKFS has infrastructure of true international standards and the trainers are also very friendly with the kids. But you need not worry if you are moving out of Kolkata somewhere else in the country. Because Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio has marked its national presence too by franchising it in Chennai and with some other outlets coming up, we can now be rest assured to give our children the best fitness solution even if we are settled somewhere outside Kolkata in the country.

So dear parents, don’t think twice or think for an alternative when it’s about your child’s health. Being a father myself, I am now really pleased to discover such an amazing place right there in my city where my son can get a healthy and better lifestyle and stay fit! Thanks First Idea PR for introducing me to this place. I hope this article has helped you all to gather some information and below I am providing the timings and address of NKFS so that you can go once and check out this amazing place, and decide if you want to choose a healthier life for your children. Thanks for reading this article, and hope this was helpful. Stay healthy, stay happy!



P.S. Here are the necessary details about Nutrience Kids Fitness Studio for your easy reference:

Address: IA 272, Sec – III, Salt Lake (Opposite Bengal Tennis Association)

Kolkata – 700097

Timings: Monday to Friday (3:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.)

Saturdays & Sundays – (9 a.m. to 12 p.m.)

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