Cake Mixing & Thanksgiving buffet brunch at The Stadel!

Cake Mixing is one such occasion which comes annually and lasts for only few minutes, but the amount of fun and unadulterated joy that it brings along with it in this short span of time stays with us for the rest of the year. It ushers happiness which is truly synonymous to Christmas and this lovely winter season. The warmth that you will find in any of the traditional cake mixing ceremonies will undoubtedly fill your heart with love and warmth for the people around you! This is surely a true occasion that enables you to overcome the imaginary barriers around and to rejuvenate the social side of you! This occasion is one traditional note to break those barriers of the mundane life and to get lost in the moment that is filled with memories to the brim. And memories are curated by all those people who come together at this ceremony because, like we know, more the number of people involved in mixing the ingredients for the Christmas plum cake, the better and bountiful the year ahead is going to be. So whenever I get an invitation for Cake Mixing I make it a point not to miss it unless there is something really unavoidable. Because more the number of participants, the better it is in terms of happiness, positive vibes and laughter that enriches the aroma of the air around!

So, to welcome this amazing chill in the air and to embrace the upcoming Christmas, ‘The Stadel’ in association with arranged a cake mixing ceremony like all the previous years along with Thanksgiving Buffet Brunch that was truly fun, vibrant, colorful, warm and yes, memorable! I was too elated to create some lovely memories at this place just in front of Mirage, the poolside bar. The event had many well known faces apart from my team i.e. the Panchphoron food bloggers. The moment was studded with Vincenza Bufalo, Rita Bhimani, Abhishek Dutta, representatives from Hangla Hneshel magazine and others. The mixing was fun starting from the pouring of the alcohols to mixing of the ingredients.

Time for some posing at the cake mixing ceremony!! – P.C.: Rajdeep Bhattacharya

We were provided chef’s caps, aprons and gloves for the occasion. The ingredients were exceptionally fresh and included chopped orange peel green, chopped morobba, broken cashew, tutti frutti mix, raisins, dry cherry, dry fig, dry plum, dried apricot, black current, sultanans, prune, and dates.  It also included spices like cardamom powder, cinnamon powder, nutmeg powder, caramel color, ginger powder, and star anise powder. Next the bottles of iconic Old Monk rum, wine, brandy, etc were placed on the table all ready to be poured on that stretch of evenly spread out ingredients.

And when everything was perfect all the bloggers, chefs and management personals came in together and the liquors were poured and sprinkled all over the ingredients and the stirring and mixing of the stuffs started. The activity was pure fun, nothing less than that!

Post mixing session we went ahead for our next objective which was to try out the awesome looking buffet brunch for Thanksgiving! 🙂 And then to be very true the buffet spread was soul pleasing and had many varieties as well. It had starters like assorted crostinni, grilled cottage cheese with sun dried tomatoes and olives, baked maple buffalo wings, chicke kiev bites. The soups like chicken noodles soup, wild mushroom cream soup, etc were warm and apt for the occasion.


There were several salads as well and I loved the egg bell pepper caramelized onion salad. In the main course I liked the vegetable jhalfrezi, mutton biriyani, dum mahi hyderabadi and murg makhanwala. The puddings and cheese cake were just so right in the desserts; they wrapped up the lunch in proper style.

Overall the lovely poolside ambiance, eventful cake mixing ceremony and the Thanksgiving buffet brunch made my day! To be very true, Mirage the poolside bar never really disappoints you, it’s one of the best places to unwind and relax if you are in the Saltlake area. I wish the entire team at Stadel the very best and thanks a bunch for having me over at this event, it was such a pleasure!


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