Cake mixing ceremony at Aauris, Kolkata!

Cake mixing ceremony always ushers unadulterated joy and all the happiness which is synonymous with Christmas. The warmth that you will find in any of the traditional cake mixing ceremonies will undoubtedly fill your heart with love and warmth for the people around you! This is surely a true occasion that enables you to overcome the imaginary barriers around and to rejuvenate the social side of you! Somehow I feel the occasion can truly be encapsulated in the quote by American essayist, Hamilton Wright Mabie who once said, “Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!” There can probably be nothing as beautiful as these words. It truly teaches us to find excuses to dump hatred and to spread love and respect that knows no bound. Coming back to the topic of Cake Mixing, this is one such traditional excuse where you can break all barriers to spread love and happiness! It is believed that more the number of people involved in mixing the ingredients for the Christmas plum cake, the better and bountiful the year ahead is going to be. So whenever I get an invitation for Cake Mixing I make it a point not to miss it unless there is something really unavoidable. Because more the number of participants, the better it is in terms of happiness, positive vibes and laughter that enriches the aroma of the air around! When the process of mixing is carried out happily in a true team spirit, it brings in a moment of wish fulfillment.

So, few days back when I received an invitation for one such cake mixing ceremony at Aauris hotel, I made it a point not to miss it. I had been to this classy property on Robinson Street, Kolkata couple of times prior to this on invitation and each time the experience was exemplary.

The classy property has a well spaced out bakery and cafe near the entrance on the ground floor that looks very sorted out and relaxed. We gathered at this café called ‘Scarlet’ where we found all the arrangements for the cake mixing were almost complete. There was a long stretch of table tops joined together which was all decked up to witness the mixing activity on top of them. We were provided chef’s caps and gloves for the occasion, though one provision of apron can also be added.

Next, came the most awaited moment when the ingredients all came in and they were spread out all over that long stretch of table tops, so that more and more people can come in, stand side by side and mix the ingredients together. The ingredients very exceptionally fresh and included chopped orange peel green, chopped morobba, broken cashew, tutti frutti mix, raisins, dry cherry, dry fig, dry plum, dried apricot, black current, sultanans, prune, and dates.  It also included spices like cardamom powder, cinnamon powder, nutmeg powder, caramel colour, ginger powder, and star anise powder. Next the bottles of rum, red wine, scotch, Cointreau, Kahlua, etc were placed on the table all ready to be poured on that stretch of evenly poured out ingredients. And when everything was perfect all the bloggers, chefs and management personals came in together and the liquors were poured and sprinkled all over the ingredients and the stirring and mixing of the stuffs started. The activity was pure fun, nothing less than that! The chefs and staffs were all interacting with the bloggers and the air was filled with unadulterated joy, something which I experienced after a long while. Thanks Aauris for presenting me this moment of joy! That was truly precious.

Post mixing session involved some photo shoots, interactions, gift hamper distribution to the bloggers and some snacking session that included tea/coffee and in-house prepared cakes. And believe me, that cake was a gem, it had a perfect aroma, not overtly sweet, very fluffy and exudes nothing but happiness!

I would again like to thank Aauris for having me over and for that awesome gift hamper basket that included cupcakes, muffins, plum cakes and more. According to me all the stuffs tasted were exceptionally fresh and good, and the mixing ceremony was perfectly conducted leaving almost very few scopes of improvements, one of which might be to avoid spilling or dripping of liquors by conducting the mixing in a place that has raised boundaries.

Overall I loved this mixing experience and it was one of the best experiences I had this year after attending several mixing ceremonies at several locations spread across the city. I would write about those mixing experiences as well in my next blog posts. So, that’s it from my side. Till then stay blessed, stay healthy and spread happiness 🙂


Scarlet - Aauris Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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