Movie, Masti and Muchos – Here comes INOX Muchos and its thrilling story!

Watching a movie is the best stress buster for me, there is no doubt about that. And nowadays most of the times due to time constraints and convenience I visit the mall near my place, though I was a fan of single screen theatres even few years ago. And as a brand I love INOX Movies for the overall experience they offer, the theatres are cozy and comfortable, the acoustics is nice and the sound is real good. But the experience is still incomplete if there isn’t a bit of munching while watching your favorite flick. And Inox surely provides loads of such munching options but most of us complain about the steep price of the food items they provide at the theatre. Recently one of their wings Inox FMCG has introduced their amazing sub-brand INOX Muchos.


As a part of the INOX Group, INOX FMCG has the right lineage and yet they are a young and dynamic start-up who are ready to take on the challenges in the FMCG market. This wing is pretty new and has been launched only in January 2016 and under Inox FMCG the ‘Muchos’ is their sub brand under which they have a range of packaged snacks. The tagline of ‘Muchos’ is ‘movie in a pack’ and with each pack they really have a story to tell! Each flavor has a story allowing us to leverage it as a new topic of conversation. This helps us build a voice for INOX Muchos that is unlike any other product in the market right now. They have merged the two worlds of movies and snacking to create a wider flavor-driven narrative that is truly unique.


And according to me, the Muchos packaged snacks are really of premium quality with modern, classy and attractive packaging. These packaged snacks include several products like Ready to eat flavorful popcorns, Nachos with dip and Kettle cooked chips. And recently I was elated when I received a Diwali gift hamper from the Inox FMCG CEO’s office which was loaded with all the flavors of Inox Muchos (which are present in the market as of now). As a matter of fact, you can get all these snacks at your nearest stationary stores, at super marts like Spencers, at the food marts and obviously at the Inox multiplexes.

Now let me come to their offerings, here are the stuffs which you will get in the market at very reasonable prices!

Ready to eat popcorns – This is the first and the very basic product that Muchos has to offer which is very basic and almost synonymous to movie watching, yes that’s popcorn. But here their popcorns come with a certain twist, as expected! The stories these popcorns narrate are fascinating, sometime thrilling, and sometime sweet and mushy! 🙂 So, let’s check out the flavors which speak out for themselves – the Chipotle Chilli Mustard Shootout is the first kind of popcorn that has tomato powder, tamarind powder, lemon juice powder and spices in it which promises much but in the end I still expected it to be a bit spicier, it comes in a red and yellow packet and overall tastes nice. Next comes a sweeter variant called How Toffee Won Caramel, this one is a sheer genius at such a reasonable price. These are amazing caramelized popcorns with a thick layer of sweet sugar coating on the popcorns. I would say these are must-try and a true unique item! Find below its snap:


Then we get the Pineapple Green Chilli Affair which sounds like one of those clichéd Bollywood love stories where the sweet ‘pineapple’ uses her charm to rob rich men and the strict police officer ‘green chilli’ vows to get her and finally they fall in love! These are again like the previous kind of popcorn which I discussed and are an absolute must try for its amazing and interesting layers of flavors. The last type of popcorn is – Super Cheese VS Pepperman, which has some superhero story to narrate and seems to be quite thrilling! It is light to consume and has a lovely balance or cheesy flavor with a dash of pepper in every bite.


Nachos with dip – These are the second category of products that INOX Muchos has launched. And within this category they have three variants. The one I tried first is called Love Triangle that comes in a green and yellow packet. The nachos here are not that hard and are very light and crunchy and are well smeared with lip smacking onion garlic and cheese powder. The nachos packets have a separate compartment having the dip sachet. The dip was absolutely yummy and cheesy and had a light aroma of jalapenos in it. Just to let you know, they claim all these products are gluten and transfat free! Next we have two flavors left. The Night of the Piri Piri is bit lemony and spicy with a dash or oregano whereas the Salsa Mexicana is tangy and has a lovely flavor of tomato extract and bell pepper powder with that lovely dip.


Kettle cooked chips – These have two flavors named the Taste side story having cheddar and parmesan cheese, oregano and basil extracts. The other is Pirates of Kettle Island with rock sea salt. Didn’t receive these for tasting so can’t comment any further on these but I would like to taste them when possible.

Overall I liked all these flavors and products from Inox Muchos. Now it’s your turn to taste them. So, just open up your world to new tastes and make the experience of movie or live sports watching an even more fun event with a new story every time you open one of these packs. As they say – every flavor of Muchos has a story to tell!



P.S. – The INOX Muchos packs were sent by INOX FMCG for tasting and review purpose to Foodiedada.

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