Lavish Puja special Buffet spread at Alfresco, Lalit Great Eastern (Kolkata)

Durga Puja these days has become synonymous to having great food, pandal hopping and having a good time with friends, family and loved ones. It is one such occasion which a Bengali looks forward to, waits and plans for all through out the year. So, it is quite that we want the best to happen during these few days, especially when it comes to food. This is one occasion when the overdose of footfall ruins the quality of service and food even in most of the renowned restaurants, so surely you must be looking for some place which is not affected even by this mad rush. At least I am very concerned about this all the while, I surely want to have some great dining experience on such special days. So, here is one such place which can assure you premium service and great food quality even during these Puja days, they are none other than the iconic Lalit Great Eastern Hotel. In fact, they are all set to tickle your taste buds with some awesome Puja special menu. I was invited at their Durga Puja Menu launch along with other Panchphoron food bloggers at Alfresco, their restaurant, which introduced me to their lavish buffet spread that had loads of uniqueness and oomph to bring you to this grandiose hotel just opposite the Raj Bhavan. The amazing majestic structure of the property surely will impress you and pamper you beyond the extent you can imagine. The Alfresco at Lalit Great Eastern has out of the world pristine white interiors with diffused natural sunlight kissing down the guests and patrons while they are engrossed in enjoying the lavish buffet spread. This buffet will be there during the Durga Puja days starting from Shasthi, so there is really no reason to think twice before pampering your taste buds and giving them the treat they deserve! Also, not to forget during these days there will be live band playing at their premises, so that gives you an additional reason to visit this amazing place.

The buffet spread is literally huge and never ending, which is very overwhelming and gives you a plethora of options to choose from. I will pick my favorite dishes, discuss a line or two about them and will share with you the entire menu so that you can make the decision yourself and visit the place thereafter.

To start with my list of favorites, I must mention the Shapla Chingrir Ghonto, which generally you won’t get anywhere else in the city. Next came the Fulkopi-r Paturi, where the cauliflower was chopped into pieces and baked inside banana leaves just like you get the Bhetki paturi, the stuff may seem very ordinary but it tastes awesome with a strong whiff of mustard steering the overall aroma and taste. Also I loved the Grilled Basa in Thyme Sauce more than anything else maybe. The Basa fish was grilled to perfection and served with sautéed veggies, the fish was flaky and fresh and it really transports you to a state of ultimate gastronomical fulfillment. You may choose to pair it with some bread from the huge spread of various breads kept nearby. Also I liked the Tangra style noodles with Chili Chicken, it have some unadulterated joy of Kolkata style old school Chinese sitting far away from the China Town. I absolutely loved the Goalondo steamer er Mangsho-r jhol with that chunky piece of soft mutton in that lip smacking curry, and the Murshidabadi Chicken Biriyani went well with it. The desserts were nice as well with the special mention to that Mishti Doi and Kesari Rajbhog. Oh yes, it was just slipping my mind, I simply loved the soup which I had, it was called Thyme scented oven roasted chicken and leek veloute, don’t miss this.

Now here is the entire Buffet spread for your easy reference, hope you will be feeling the urge to visit the place while you the going through it :), here you go:

Puja Menu – 01

Welcome drink:

  • Gondhoraj ghol
  • Pora aamer shorbat


  • Kachumber salad
  • Mong dal aar kolar salad
  • Doi maakhi sosha aar narkoler salad
  • Chat pata foler salad
  • Baigun bhaja aar shimla lanka salad
  • Boondi raita
  • Gondhoraj lebur
  • Green chilli
  • Variety of chutney


Vegetable Manchow and Thyme scented oven roasted chicken and leek veloute


  • Mochar chop
  • Aamada aloor chop
  • Murgir piayazi
  • Bhekti Patisapta


  • Chorchori
  • Palang saag er borar ghonto
  • Begun lahsooni Sorse jhal
  • Til oaler bharta
  • Motor dal diye lau saag
  • American corn, mushroom mozzarella lasagna
  • Tangra Chilli chicken
  • Sapla chingrir ghonto
  • Parser aam kasundi
  • Bhekti dhokar Dalna
  • Goalondo steamer mangsho jhol
  • Murshidabadi Morog biryani


  • Saada bhaat
  • Kabuli chola khichurir
  • Mocha diye matar dal
  • Radhaballavi/Cholar dal.
  • Papad bhaja


  • Kesari rajbhog
  • Mishti doi
  • Baked boondi with rabdi
  • Chitrakut
  • Chhanar jilebi (hot)
  • Kalojam
  • Kalakand
  • Nolengurer baked yoghurt
  • Narkel narur millefeuille
  • Choice of ice cream


Puja Menu – 02

Welcome Drinks

  • Tetul er sharbat
  • Gandho lebur jal jeera


  • Kachumber salad
  • Bhaja borboti aar gajorer salad
  • Kola berano dal aar pora tometor
  • Chat pata ranga aloo aur piyaz bhaja salad
  • Sabrokam subji diye salad
  • Boondi raita
  • Gondhoraj lemon
  • Green chilli
  • Amrar chutney.
  • Plastic chutney


Chicken dumpling hot and sour soup and Roasted Corn chowder


  • Narkeler mochar chop
  • Dhone patar bora
  • Mangsher fuluri
  • Kadak murgir bhaja


  • Mukto mukhi shukto
  • Aloo potol posto rezela
  • Phool kophir paturi
  • Chenar Dhokar dalna
  • Chapar diye paanch misali tarkari
  • Grilled vegetable, sundried tomato and peso cream lasagna
  • Schezwan chicken.
  • Bilaiti beguner rui tok
  • Kakada jhal
  • Echor chingrir choler dal diye.
  • Tok murgi
  • Rajsahi gosht pulao


  • Saada bhaat
  • Pulao raj nandini
  • Dal raibahadur
  • Luchi/Cholar dal
  • Papad bhaja


  • Abar khabo
  • Mohonbhog
  • Chandrakala
  • Butter stuffed Lancha(hot)
  • Baked Rasogulla
  • Kesari malai cham cham
  • Kheer kadam
  • kesari bhog center Dark chocolate mousse
  • Paan and Gulkand bavarois
  • Choice of Ice cream

To sum things up, I was overwhelmed to visit this colonial era hotel and taste their specially crafted amazing delicacies. The history of the hotel goes back to 1840 (it was called the Auckland Hotel then) and it has undergone loads of renovations in recent times, and still today it is one of the biggest landmarks of the city.

– with Madhmita Bose (Manager, PR & Marcom)

This grand property is sure to mesmerize your senses, and more so because of that sumptuous buffet spread which I just wrote about. The service and hospitality is also unmatched and absolutely top notch. I am sure they are all equipped to handle the huge footfall during the Pujas. So, while you are still reading this, the inviting plate of Kakda-r Jhol or Rajshahi Gosht Polao is waiting eagerly for your tummy, please don’t disappoint them 🙂


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