Book your date with some great comfort food at ‘Momo I Am’!

I am one mad fan of oriental cuisine, so much so, that I have myself learnt to prepare several Chinese, Thai and Tibetan dishes at my home to satiate my oriental cravings at odd hours of the day (or night)! And each day I try to improve myself in cooking those dishes, and also try to learn cooking more such new dishes to surprise my ravenous taste buds 🙂 But anyway, today I am here not to discuss about my cooking, that I can do in some other blog post! Today we are here to get familiarized with the new kid in town, or rather the new sibling in town of ‘Momo I Am’ which is already there in Lake Gardens for some time now and had gained immense popularity there over the years. This new outlet of Momo I Am has opened up very close to my place; it is near the Chinar Park crossing diagonally opposite the Koshe Kosha outlet over there. Since it is right there on the main road so it is very easy to locate and it has got a huge white name board, so it is really hard to miss it. The outlet has got a lovely picturesque setting and is moderately spacious as well, which is missing in its other outlet. So here the great flavors of Momo I Am are there along with some unmatched ambiance and surroundings which is really exciting. And this factor played a huge part when I received the invitation to taste the food at this outlet, I was really eager to visit this place for all its stunning new features that I had heard of.

The typical country-side wooden white colored fence made the property look even more elegant than I had thought of. I parked my car right outside the fence and walked in to be greeted by Pravakar, one of the owners of this place. As I walked in, I noticed the place also has got outdoor seating arrangements which again looked pretty laid back, quaint and impressive! The interiors have got the basic touch which the other Momo I Am outlet has got. There are graffiti all over the wall giving the place a vibrant and colorful feel to it. It looks like some cute little hilltop eatery with those wooden furniture which looks like they have been freshly crafted from some tree logs, that has got the natural aging marks on the barks. Overall the finish is pretty rustic and sets up the mood rightly for some steaming hot hilly food to go with it. Also not to forget, the perfect background music and lighting that the place has got, superb in every respect keeping in mind it is so new and just a casual dining spot.

Now without wasting any time, let us check out the items which were offered for this food tasting session by the management.

a). Mocktails – They served three cocktails all of which tasted pretty good and refreshing, the mocktails were served in rustic, old fashioned aluminum mugs and looked pretty original since you won’t get this in any other eatery in the city. Here are the various mocktails which I tasted:

  1. Jango – This was really refreshing since it had pineapple and orange juice in it shaken with a dash of fresh mint and lime.
  1. Brucelee – This had a nice and quirky flavor to it since it had a mix of pressed cucumber, cilantro roots, lime shaken with cranberry and a portion of orange juice.
  1. Phuket all – This had muddled basil leaves in it along with lemongrass and lime shaken with some portions of cranberry and pineapple juice, ah this was sublime!

b). Momo platter – It had a range of various dumplings in it, like the chicken mushroom cheese momo, chicken steamed momo, chilly basil momo, and vegetarian steamed momo. Out of these I loved the chilly basil chicken momo which was extremely flavorful and even the veg momo tasted awesome with the lovely oily thin skin and perfectly minced veggies in there, though I felt the quantity of the filling can be increased a bit in the veg momos which still had some pockets for air in there. All these momos tasted great with those two great dips and that smoky hot red chilli oil.

c). Stir fried chilly momo (chicken) – I generally stay away from stir fried or pan fried momos in India since they mostly mess things up, the gravy is never perfect and most of the times they are fiery hot and tasteless. But here I was presently surprised after I decided to take a bite. The dish had enough diced veggies in it like bell peppers, garlic, onions, spring onions leaves, etc and the flavor was subtle, tad spicy with flavors of soy and fish sauce. And yes it was so aromatic. The momos in there were perfectly prepared with generous minced fillings in them. The quantity served was also sufficient for two to savor.

d). Pork / Chicken bun momo – I loved both the pork and chicken variants here, though the pork ones were better for the sheer flavorful meat. Bun momos are different from normal momos. The difference lies in the skin. The topmost skin is somewhat bouncy like a bun and is not thin and skinny like we have in general. The stuffing is same though and overall it tastes similar, only that here you will get a pseudo feeling of biting into a soft bun which is not the real scenario as I have already said.

e). Momo I Am special crispy fried chicken – As the name says, this is one of their signature dishes. The small batter fried chicken pieces were oozing with flavors and were served with apt sauces to go with. The chicken was marinated with five spices that gave it all the lovely flavors, and the whole stuff was served on a bed of mashed potato which again tasted so good. Overall, I should say that this is one of their must try items.

f). Chilly basil pork – When I heard the name I thought it would be very spicy and all, but it actually wasn’t that way; it had a nice subtle taste to it and the pork meat was very well marinated and had little fat to it. The pork slices were tossed with onions, basil, green chilies, tomato, coriander and home made sauces.

g). Momo I am special pork chopsuey – This was one of the best items that we tried, it had good enough quantity in it and was served in a bowl topped with a sunny side up and loads of tossed exotic veggies, garnished with chopped spring onion leaves. Veggies included broccoli, zucchini, red bell peppers, onions and it had a mild broth. The chopsuey was pretty drenched in that broth and tasted amazing, comfort food at its best.

h). Seafood rice bowl – This was the last main course dish which was served. It had a bowl of clear sop along with it and a prawn chips. The other bowl contained steamed rice with fish fillet curry and the entire bowl was filled in with its gravy which was piping hot when served. Overall the dish tasted nice but somewhat got eclipsed after the lovely flavors of the pork Chopsuey that we tried earlier.

i). Coconut lime blueberry panna cotta – And here comes the dessert. Panna cotta is always one great option for people like me, who doesn’t like diary products or maybe for vegans. Also it is great for people loving coconut flavor or aroma in their desserts. It had the perfectly smooth texture and taste and the blueberry topping was good enough to take it to another level.

So, that concluded our tasting session and by now we were very full 🙂 The service was very prompt all through this while and the owner was extremely courteous and informative about the dishes and its ingredients. The overall experience was worth remembering, lately I have also heard that they are accepting cards which they weren’t initially, so that’s good news; anyway the prices are pretty reasonable, so the pocket pinch would no way hurt you. I would come back to this place and surely try out their home delivery service as well since I live nearby. I wish them all the best for their future endeavors and with this lovely outlet of Momo I Am, which somehow ended the dearth of good stand alone eateries in this part of the city. Will be back pretty soon guys!


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