Taste of Australia’s most loved pizza in Kolkata!

‘Eagle Boys Pizza’ has already made a good name in past one year in Kolkata since its inception in the city of joy. People by now are quite aware of the fact that this pizza making wizards are from Australia with headquarters in Queensland. It was founded nearly three decades ago in 1987. Then it started with a single pizza store in outback New South Wales by Tom Potter and today it is a over $8.3m organization. They really do serve amazing Italian-American cuisine, in particular pizzas and pastas. But yes, they are not the sole or biggest pizza making chain in Australia but they produce close to 12-13% pizzas consumed in the country and are truly loved over there. In India, they are fast spreading their wings mostly through franchises and they are giving some good competition to other big pizza delivery chains mainly because of their exemplary flavors and fantastic quality. In Kolkata, they are still not that big since they have got only one stand-alone outlet near Ruby Hospital area (at Sarada Pally) on the EM bypass. I visited this place couple weeks ago on invitation from the management to taste their offerings along with other Panchphoron food bloggers.

As already stated, it is a stand-alone ground floor store and has got quite a good amount of space with reasonably spaced out seating arrangements. The ambiance is nice and fairly warm with a purple glow to it. The place is well lit, neat and perfect to sit and munch your favorite slice of pizza. Walls are nicely covered with wallpapers having photographs of people having a great time over some pizza or snaps from its originating land; the place has got the pink and black theme all over that looks quite different from other pizza houses spread across the city.

Now, let’s check out the food which we sampled at this place. Here we go:

1) Spicy Supreme Garlic Bread – This is one of EB’s Stuffy Sides which we tried in the very beginning and we were floored by the immense flavor this simple dish had to offer! It was pretty innocent looking garlic bread topped with a cheesy layer, minced onions and chopped green chilies. The stuff tasted amazing and probably it is the best garlic bread that you can get sitting here in Kolkata.

2) Peri Peri Chicken Scroll – This was again one of signature EB’s Stuffy Sides that is a must try! It is basically garlic flavored bread scrolled with chicken pieces, mozzarella cheese, and having a spicy seasoning. It tastes heavenly with each bite and is surely highly recommended.

3) Chicken Penne Pasta (White Sauce) – This was the typical well tossed penne pasta in white cheesy sauce that had generous amount of chunky chicken and capsicum in it. It had a little less salt in it, but well you can always add salt to taste and sprinkle some oregano and chilly flakes on top.

4) Chicken Penne Pasta (Red Sauce) – This also had penne pasta in it, tossed with chicken pieces, capsicum and tomato sauce but it was tad too tangy for my taste buds, I would rather pass this on if offered next time. This was the only dish which I didn’t quite like.

5) Peri Peri Paneer Pizza – All the pizzas were amazing at this place, even the veg ones. Frankly speaking I never really care trying out the veg pizzas but here I did, and thank God that I did! This one was a 10” pizza and had paneer cubes, red paprika, onion, capsicum, sweet corn and sprinkled on top with spicy peri peri mix.

6) Aussie’s Favorite Veg Pizza – This was a 10” pizza and the best this place has to produce. It’ll be a crime if you don’t try this out. It had a heavy oozing layer of mozzarella cheese inside the bread which was amusing as well as brilliant; it was basically a layer of cheese sandwiched in between two thin pizza breads. The toppings were nice as well with bell peppers, red onion, golden corn, pineapple, and flavored with fresh garlic. Yum! It definitely is my favorite veg pizza as well!

7) Chicken Keema Pizza – Chicken keema 10” pizza obviously had loads of minced chicken, spiced with tomato sauce, jalapenos, red onion, crisp capsicum and a hot sauce drizzle on top. It was nice, tasty and tad spicy but I really enjoyed it as well for its generous toppings.

8) Garlic Prawn Pizza – This was the star non-veg pizza and was surely the best non-veg pizza which I tried lately. It had generous quantity of prawns, red onion, crisp capsicum, red paprika, garlic sprinkle and fresh lemon juice. It tasted insanely good with the fresh prawns in every bite! Must try!

9) Triple Chocolate Sweetzza (Dessert) – Sweetzza is surely the signature dessert that this place produces which you won’t find anywhere else. Grossly speaking, it is basically a Chocolate pizza with three layers of chocolate including the toppings of choco chips and chocolate sauce to give that sinful finish to it; it is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, no doubt about that.

10) Fountain Drinks – All these pizzas were then washed down with some coke, and that took me to a state of bliss which I wished to hold on to 🙂

So, to wrap this up I must say I was mighty pleased with this dine-in experience here at this place. Also their staffs were prompt, soft spoken and courteous. I hope they will open up more branches soon in the city, since it is hard to visit this place every time or to order from the farthest fringes of the city. Overall, I will rate this place 8.5 out of 10 which is surely fabulous and I don’t rate places so high unless I am really impressed. So, I hope you will very soon try these Aussie delights right here in your city and let me know how you liked them right here in the comments section. Happy munching!


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