Enjoy your favorite slice of Pizza at Chicago Pizza!

The tagline of Chicago Pizza reads – ‘big slices, really fast’, well it nearly sums up their niche forte which promises you to give the best chunky slice of pizza in a not-so-bulky box which you can gulp down while you are on the go or dead busy with other activities which are going on simultaneously. And with this skill, Chicago Pizza is spreading its wings in so many cities across the country. And in every city there are several Chicago Pizza outlets which are mostly franchises bringing to you the best of cheesy flavors at your doorsteps. Other big Pizza houses still do not have this big slice pizza concept, at least in our country. So, the pleasures of munching down your favorite slice of pizza when you are alone or on the move, is still offered by Chicago Pizza. And hopefully this will continue to be their strong point even in the coming days.

This outlet of Chicago pizza is pretty new and I hadn’t been here before. But I had seen this place several times while passing by in last couple of months. The place is there at Camac Street, opposite the Fort Knox building right across the street. The place is easy to locate because of its bright red name-board. The place can be judged from outside in terms of interiors, ambiance, seating capacity, etc. That’s because it is not very big or spacious. You can see the entire shop space, even before entering the place. Still the place has got several chairs and stools to sit and enjoy your food. The décor is neat, well lit and perfect for this place. When you walk past that glass door entrance, many a times you can see the chilled out, confident owner of this place called Mr. Saanjiiv who is always keen to make this a better place to sit and munch your pizza. This place also excels in home delivery and has got the entire infrastructure to support loads of home delivery orders. The pricing is very reasonable and is adjusted as per the Kolkata pricing standards. The menu has got loads of options apart from only pizza and there are also ‘Meals’ available which are perfect for office goers during lunch hours. Also here you can see your pizza being prepared from scratch in front of you, which is another plus point for this outlet.

Now, let’s discuss about the food which we tasted at this place during the food tasting session. The invitation was extended by the management to all the Panchphoron food bloggers and we were pleased to visit this new outlet of this well established brand. We did not try a plethora of items but we decided to try out the variety on this visit which was in fact the second visit for our group to this outlet. When a variety of items are tried it enables you to judge the place correctly and pretty quickly. So, here are the items that we tasted:

a) Baked French Fries – Well, I was pretty excited to try out my favorite French fries without all that sogginess! But after having a bite into this baked product I realized that I love French Fries for all those sogginess maybe, at least a bit of it is required! Here the French fries were nice but were very dry inside since they were baked, and of course devoid of any oil which is the good part. The outer crispiness was still okay in this product. The stuff can be best enjoyed with a spray of salt and oregano on it and after giving it a dip into tomato sauces kept there on the dining shelves nearby. But for the health conscious mass, this item is surely a must-have I should say.

b) Chicken Ham, Chicken Sausage, paprika pasta – The penne pasta in this dish was prepared just the way I like it. It was served in good quantity in a white colored nice looking bowl. But yes, a bit more attention on the presentation part can make things even interesting here. The preparation expectedly had loads of cheese in it with generous amounts of Chicken sausages, Chicken ham pieces, red bell peppers and my favorite ingredient, paprika! There was a sprinkle of red chilli flakes and that tasted bit spicy and awesome! Only I somehow felt, it would have been better if it was a bit less dry with more juices trapped in the entire dish. The gravy had mostly dried up when the dish was served which of course shouldn’t be the case, also the salt balance should be checked once before serving. Otherwise this preparation was right on track and this always tastes a bit subtle which I love unlike penne in tomato puree gravy.

c) Chocolate Shake – The chocolate shake was almost a life savior for us since we were pretty tired and thirsty when we reached this place, so the chilled glass of chocolate shake helped us cool down real fast. And yes, it tasted really good when we sipped it down. The consistency was nice and perfect, though I feel a simple drizzle of chocolate sauce on top could have made the thing even more irresistible and sinful.

d) Chicken Tikka Sandwich with onion and capsicum – I loved the sandwiches at this place, though I felt it was tad too nicely done making it crispier on the outside than my liking. But the stuffing inside was amazing, just perfect and simple yum! The generous amount of chicken tikka pieces, onion, bell peppers and cheese made it somewhat heavenly to have! The spiciness was perfect and the flavors were just right, almost no improvisations required here.

e) Paneer, onion and capsicum pizza – The pizza here is the selling point for sure. The pizza base had the perfect thickness which I loved. It was neither too thick or chewy, nor it was so thin that it feels like a papad. It was thin here but had a bit of soft bread layer to it that made it amazing. The slice pizza was perfect in size and was moderately filling when consumed. It had a nice amount of cheese layer on it with all-veg toppings like onions, bell peppers, paneer cubes, etc. Overall it tasted really good with a sprinkle of chilli flakes and oregano on top.

f) Barbecue chicken, corn and capsicum pizza – This was the non-veg variant tried and it was part of the ‘make your own pizza’ where you can select your bread, your toppings and then construct the pizza as per your preferences so that you have no one to blame later on 🙂 All the other general points mentioned above are also true here regarding pizzas. The stuff tasted even better with nice amount of Barbecue chicken pieces on it, along with bell peppers, and sweet corn. It had an amazing flavor which you are sure to cherish. The pizzas here are somewhat perfect in terms of thickness of bread and are way better than Dominos according to me, though I still somehow love Pizza Hut more for all its amazing recipes and flavors!

So that wraps up my food tasting experience here. I must say I have been brutally honest like always and I am sure management will work on the points mentioned above, and take a pat on their back for all the good points mentioned. There were no complaints whatsoever regarding the hospitality and service, additional brownie points for that 🙂 Hopefully Chicago pizza will keep growing as a brand and will cater to more and more in the future. And I hope this new Camac Street outlet which is already doing a great job will be spreading more joy by serving some great pizza, pasta and sandwiches in the coming days, I wish them all the luck. I will rate this place close to 3.7 out of 5 keeping all the points in mind. So, if you already haven’t tried out this outlet please do, or place a home delivery order with them if you are nearby, you will love their service and pizzas, I am sure. Happy munching!


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