Food tasting event at Brownie Bites!

Are you in love with chocolate? Are you one mad fan of brownies? Can’t you resist warm brownies with a dollop of ice cream? Also are you keen to have ‘eggless’ brownies? If answer to all these or some of these questions are yes, then you should surely make a point to try out the boss of brownies who is all set to rock the town. It’s not just any run of the mill brownie that you will get at the stores, it’s specially crafted eggless brownies which are prepared with best-in-class premium ingredients and personalized care. The place is called ‘Brownie Bites’ and they prefer to add another term ‘eggless’ with their name since it’s surely their USP to produce these lovely eggless brownies, which is quite a ground-breaking product as of today.

Before I move any further I hope everyone is aware of the term ‘brownie’ (as a dessert) and its characteristics. As we must be knowing, brownie is a square-shaped baked dessert which is somewhat an overlap of soft cookies and cakes. And if I am not mistaken, it dates back to the end of 19thcentury when it was first produced. Today brownies are widely found in our dessert platter and our taste buds are quite used to taste various types of brownies. But the interesting fact is, till a week back I knew egg is one of the key components of brownies along with flour, butter, cocoa power, sugar, chocolate, etc. So when I heard of ‘eggless brownies’ I was actually a bit skeptical. But oh boy, my doubts were all washed away in a jiffy by those amazingly soft intensely favored cubes of joy, when I tried them! 🙂 And I am really thankful to Vedika and Bownie Bites for giving me this chance to discover such an amazing product through this tasting session!

Before jumping into the items tasted, I would also like to mention that the packaging that Brownie Bites provide is absolutely impeccable. It’s not just a bland robust package like most of the bakeries have. Their packaging has a personal touch to it, which will surely touch your senses. The craftworks along with the white box of brownies are worth a mention. The branding needs to be improved though, which I can overlook since this place is pretty new. The name is written only on stickers which are pasted on the white box, a bit more professional branding will do the trick. Apart from the outer packaging the individual brownies were wrapped in plastic packets pretty tightly keeping it fresh for hours or couple of days.

Now without further delay, let’s check out the flavors which I had tried –
Dark Fudge – You will love these if you love a bite or two of dark chocolates! These are really rich, really chocolaty in true sense. And they might taste heavenly with some steaming cup of coffee or a dollop of coffee ice cream. It was surely not overtly sweet and had that perfect balance of flavors producing that perfectly baked gooey chocolate cube. Just one thing – I would have loved to get some sprinkle of powdered sugar on these brownies but anyway they were lovely!
Ferrero Rocher – As the name goes, this chocolate brownie had an actual Ferrero Rocher chocolate submerged in it half cut and placed upside down on top of the brownie. The sight itself was only very appetizing and I could not wait a moment to take a bite into it, as a result I missed clicking a picture of it without its plastic cover! Overall it was soft and chocolaty with a crunch to it. And it was a bit nutty for the Ferrero Rocher submerged into it. In short, it gifted me one moment of bliss!
Salted Caramel – Again as the name goes, here we use caramel along with other ingredients and we beat it in a mixer, and then we put a whisked mixture of cocoa, flour and salt on top of the chocolate mixture and beat it again. Anyway, without going any further into the method of baking, let me say that the proportion of the sea salt in there was perfect. Overall it looked very dark in color and tasted just great! I guess you should surely try this guy if you are placing an order with Brownie Bites.
Cream Cheese Fudge – Well, this was the odd man out in terms of appearance. It was creamy on top and had a chocolaty base. It tasted awesome when it was heated for a few seconds in microwave before consuming; in fact this is true for all the brownies. This type of brownie is pretty typical and is one of my favorite types of brownies. It has that unique combination of dense fudge like brownie and cream cheese filling on top. After you take one bite you can notice the tanginess of the cream cheese that complements the richness of the chocolate brownie. It’s an unique way to enjoy both brownie and cheesecake at the same time.

Walnut – As the name goes this chocolate fudge brownie was filled with bits and pieces of broken walnuts. The walnuts make all the difference here and it somewhat tasted a bit buttery to me which was anyway nice. This was the last brownie that I had in the box and I was quite depressed after it got over!

The brownies from ‘Brownie Bites’ are surely a joy to savor. It’s very much within the budget and the quantity dished out is quite on the higher side keeping in mind the price. As already said the quality is top notch and their home delivery service was also found to be good. Apart from these above flavors you can get other variants like Chocochip, Hazelnut, Oreo, Mint, and After 8. So they have got roughly ten flavors available which is not quite vast a spectrum to choose from, but the quality has eclipsed the lack of varieties available in their kitty. Hope they will bring in more flavors very soon and surely I’ll get to taste them since it will be hard to stay away from these amazing brownies for too long!

Overall I will rate these products quite high, nearly about 8.3 out of 10, since they seemed to me very honest besides being so flavorful. So, what are you waiting for? Try these amazing pieces of joy and feel the bliss. Hopefully you will get a chance to loosen up in between your tight work schedule just by tasting these cubes of glory! Happy eating!

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