Food Tasting session at Pied Piper Cafe, Kolkata

Have you come across a cool Hookah café at Kasba that serves awesome food? And yes, the café is being termed cool because truly the ambiance is somewhat best in class. If the answer is no, then it’s time to visit the newly opened Pied Piper Café beside Acropolis mall and above the Cheeni Kum restaurant. This is a 40-seater uber cool café with board games and ethnic designed mirrors all around. It serves some of the best Italian and Mexican dishes and some amazing mocktails that will surely bring you back for more.

This place is basically a roof-top joint that has typical comfy low stool seating arrangements with printed covers and signature hanging light bulbs in horizontally cut Heineken bottles. This café is mostly decorated with all recycled items which have been put together with utmost care to look so good, chic and urbane. The place gets direct and reflected sunlight during the day which is sometimes preferred by many (actually I simply love it).
The place is basically L-shaped and at the further point of the L there is one private dining area for large groups where we were seated that day. You may get this area if you have prior reservation and you are visiting in a large group of 7 or 8 maybe. The place has got big glass windows that allow the natural light to come in and several quirky quotes all over the place. I hate comparing, but this is one café after Crossroad Café that I loved from the core of my heart. Because it has got everything perfectly in place. I even loved the paan flavored Hookah which I generally avoid. Now let us briefly check out the mocktails and the food items that we had tried during this Food tasting session (where I was invited along with other Panchphoron admin members).
a) Peach ice tea – I was literally amazed to taste such a flavorful Peach Ice Tea! The proportion of the ingredients and sweetness was just perfect. A dash of lemon made things even more interesting and gave that perfect tang to the Peachy sweetness. The stuff was overall very refreshing and of course served super-chilled to get full marks from my side. Must try!
b) Sex on the beach – This was the second mocktail which was nice but honestly it was somewhat eclipsed by the awesomeness of the Peach Ice Tea. It was served in a tall glass with two distinct layers, the reddish orange hue at the base and transparent fizz on the top! The drink had orange juice, double soda and grenadine syrup mixed in it, it of course tasted sweet and with the fizz of the soda it was pretty refreshing as well.
a) Veg lasagna – As we know, lasagna is a flat shaped pasta and here these lasagna sheets were simply amazing, they were very well baked and the layers were alternated with cheese, oregano, tomato, mushrooms, bell peppers, onion, garlic and sauces. The end result was having the perfect flavor with a subtle tang and was somewhat melting in the mouth. Must try!
b) Chicken fajitas and Mexican rice – This overall dish had a dark orange hue and was politically supporting the ruling party at center 🙂 It was garnished with cilantro leaves on the Mexican rice which is basically a fluffy rice dish. Here the red short-grain rice is prepared with aromatic chicken broth, tomato sauce, cumin and a bit of chopped onions. Overall the rice tasted nice and went well with the fajitas. Fajita is a Mexican preparation that belongs to the Tex-mex cuisine for which we so often hit Chilies Restaurant! The chicken was very well cooked along with bell peppers and onions, corn, tomato, cheese, cream, and salsa. Overall the ingredients tasted great together and the chicken tasted quite fresh!


c) Pepper corn chicken – Oh I loved these bouncy chicken cubes! They were stir fried with some typical pepper sauce but the real magic was surely there in the marination which made the meat so soft and bouncy. The pepper sauce gives the essence of freshly ground pepper which is pretty pleasant and very flavorful. It had red and green diced bell peppers in it along with chopped cilantro and dry herbs. The perfect combo of pepper sauce and herbs yet gain proves to be outstanding. Must try! 

d) Spaghetti aglio e olio – This dish was simply terrific and I am not exaggerating a bit. It is a traditional Italian pasta dish, originated in Napoli. The name of this dish actually means ‘spaghetti with garlic and oil’. And the dish here at Pied Piper was prepared in an orthodox fashion that impressed me to a great extent. It had the essence or sauteed pressed garlic and with some roughly cut dried red chili flakes. The oil that was extracted from the red chili and garlic mixed with the existing olive oil gave the perfect flavored oil for the spaghetti to get tossed. The final outcome was insanely good. I will surely be back to Pied Piper for this Spaghetti aglio e olio. It was served with grated parmesan cheese by the side, which is again bang on target since according to the traditional recipes of this dish the cheese should not be added to this spaghetti dish, it should be served separately. Full marks from my side. A Must try dish!
So, in the end I found all these dishes were flawless and they couldn’t have been any better. I will surely recommend this place to my friends and family. Just one thing – here the service is also great to be very specific, which is very rare in most of the places around the city. They are super courteous, polite and helpful. I would only like the servers to be a bit more informed about the dishes.

Final Verdict: I will rate this place 8.5 out of 10 keeping all the aspects in mind.

So, if you are around Ruby or Kasba area with your gang, then this is your place to be without any second thoughts. The place is young, quirky yet classy, lively and elegant. I am sure you will be loving it.

If you are visiting this place please tag ‘foodie dada’ in your posts (in respective social media platforms), I would surely like to know your personal feedback on this place. If you like the post. please share it with your friends and give it a thumbs up. Till then, happy eating and happy blogging!


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