Amazing tasting session at Chini Kum Lounge!

Often we feel the urge to hit a lounge cum bar after spending a good amount of time chatting with friends at a restaurant. It’s really rare to find an equally good lounge in the vicinity of an amazing restaurant. If you are still unaware of one such combination in our very own city of joy, that too in south Kolkata, then here is your answer to this. Chini Kum boasts of a multi-cuisine restaurant as well as a separate plush lounge cum bar that has set a standard for itself. I will review the restaurant separately but this time I will speak a bit about the amazing lounge cum bar that is just beside the Chini Kum multi-cuisine restaurant.

I was invited to this lovely spaced out place couple of weeks ago for a tasting session along with few other bloggers. Just before visiting this place we completed the food tasting session at their multi-cuisine restaurant which was an awesome experience in itself. So our expectations were set pretty high when we walked into this lounge area. And to be very true, my expectations were very well met and in the end, I was just overwhelmed by the skilful bartender and his magical creations! He is surely a mixology wizard, for sure. I was mighty impressed by the accuracy with which we had hit the right proportions in each of the drinks.
Now let’s delve deep into this review and cover all the major points which need some discussion. First let’s come to the location of this lounge. It is located just opposite Acropolis mall beside the Chini Kum restaurant. When you are coming in from Ruby, you need to take the immediate right from the Acropolis mall crossing and take the lane adjacent to Acropolis Mall, you can locate the Chini Kum restaurant and lounge, both on your left-hand side.
Let’s discuss briefly the ambiance and then we can move on to the drinks that we had tried. The place has an all-white feel to it and that will somewhat calm you down as soon as you walk in. The place close to the bar counter (which is at the farthest point from the entrance) has got changing lights and it keeps on oscillating at short intervals which sometimes may make you feel bit itchy about it 🙂 As I said, here you will get everything in white, the walls, the floor, the table tops, the couches, the cushioned chairs, everything is in white. But yes, they do look quite elegant. The crockery which is there already placed on the tables is pretty nice and classy like the coloured glass bottles, glasses, etc. The walls are shiny white with violet small square blocks on it, the shine is not very preferred though, would have looked nice if it had a matte finish to it. But yes, again everything was spotless and neat, so it looked amazing. Just one small advice – please do not stick paper printouts with messages on this lovely elegant walls, they do not look good.
Coming to the beverages that we tried out here at the live bar counter are –

a) Deep blue sea – This was one of the best mocktails that I tried at this place. Mainly because of the frothy ice-cream that it had in it. The drink had Blue Curacao, vanilla ice cream and sprite. Quite simple, isn’t it? And it tasted great. Worth a try!
b) Cinderella – This had a nice oranginsh hue to it at the base of the glass, the top half was transparent. The drink had a mix of orange and pineapple juice, some magical mix, a bit of grenadine syrup, and double soda. The favor of the overall mix was okayish according to me.
c) Virgin Island – This was the best mocktail that we tried at this place. It had a lovely sea green hue to it at the base of the glass and the top half was transparent. The components mixed were Litchi juice, Pineapple juice, Lime juice, Sugar syrup, Mint syrup, and double soda. Overall the taste was wonderful and refreshing. I would highly recommend this non-alcoholic drink.

a) Fire lady – Girls will surely love this drink for its nice presentation, color and flavor. It had a pinkish orange color to it and served in typical cocktail glasses. It had a mix of Orange juice, Smirnoff vodka, Strawberry syrup, magical mix with a bit of egg white in it. It had a medium kick to it and was overall sweet to taste. Worth a try!
b) Blue lagoon – Tough the name seemed to be pretty common and clichéd but the drink was far from a typical glass of blue lagoon, it had a nice kick and served in small portion with the essence of typical blue lagoon bit dominated by the spirit content in it. It had the mix of Blue Curacao, Lime juice, Sugar syrup, Smirnoff vodka topped with some soda. The overall taste can still be enhanced here, though I somewhat liked and appreciated the fact that it was served in a small glass which was easy to handle.
The service was courteous and the bartender (as already mentioned) was the key person here who did impress us with his mixing skills. Overall it’s a nice place to chill out defying the hustle and bustle of the city crowd. And it’s at a place which is so well connected and in fact not very far away from the Ruby crossing. So, next time when you plan for an unwind session do keep this place in mind just beside the Acropolis mall, you surely won’t regret!


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