Uber delivering simple joys of life – #UberIceCream is back!

Middle of the month, usual workload at office, a rainy Friday with the weather forecast clearly showing a gloomy weekend and I was feeling so down in the dumps, more so because after this long hectic week I needed some spark or maybe some excitement to carry on for the rest of my Friday.
And voila!! Just when I was feeling so low I received an SMS from Uber that read today i.e. on 15 July from 11 AM to 3 PM you can get four delicious Magnum Ice cream bars delivered just for INR 300 at your doorsteps. I was so stuck in my office that I didn’t have the opportunity to go out and try some food. So somehow I finished the drab unpalatable lunch at the office canteen and picked up my phone and fired the Uber App to find some gastronomical respite!
I found there were four options showing ‘pool’, ‘uberGo’, ‘uberX’ and lastly the enticing option named ‘Ice Cream’. And this was the first time I was booking an uber to get some mouth watering desserts at my location! There were few cars hovering nearby and the approximate wait time showed roughly like seven minutes or so, which I readily accepted and tapped to order for a pack of four Magnum Ice creams for me, my order was accepted and I was assigned my savior for the day who was getting me that bag of heaven even in such an awful weather.
The man called me up and confirmed my address once and within five minutes or so he was there at my doorsteps in a white Swift Dzire wearing a smile on his face. The car had typical Uber icecream stickers on its side that showed the car has been assigned to deliver joy for these 4 hours today. The person was very soft spoken and courteous, he handed over to me the bag of ice creams and left in a jiffy.
I was left with those inviting Magnum Chocolate Truffle ice creams! I called up my friends and as they came in we were all buzzing with these afternoon desserts and the awesome #UberIceCream event! There is nothing compared to devour some intense chocolaty frozen bars to uplift the mood and yes, there is nothing compared to sharing! I was more than happy to see my friends enjoying the frozen treat 🙂
By the way, Magnum Chocolate Truffle is undoubtedly one of my favorite ice cream brands. Being a chocoholic this bar gives me enough reasons to satiate by chocolate cravings for a while. And this variant is one of the best Magnums that I have tried. It is not overtly sweet and has an intense chocolaty core with many layers of flavor density trapped inside. The smooth cold chocolate coating on top is amazing to crunch into. As far as I know Magnum Chocolate Truffle is available in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and India, so people elsewhere please be prepared to miss this gem of a handsome ice cream bar.
I know many who love ice cream and like chocolates, but separately; they can’t stand chocolate ice creams or bars since they basically dislike cold chocolates (though I am not in this category, I like chocolate in any form, shape or temperature!). But these people also love Magnum and especially Magnum Chocolate Truffle for its awesome thick, smooth, gooey, overwhelming chocolate ice cream inside and crunchy rich chocolate coating outside. If you are really serious about chocolate ice cream bars then you can not miss this bad boy, it’ll be a crime if you do!
When we finished all the four bars, we were all left super satisfied and tad rejuvenated as well, guess the rich chocolate was effective enough to induce secretion of some happy hormones which was somewhat badly needed. Loved screaming for the #UberIceCream Friday!
And yes, not to forget the Uber goodies that were provided in that chic and artsy paper bag that included several lovely colorful badges, loved the Uber logo badge, maybe I was hoping to get something like this! These badges will help me recollect the happy frozen memories later on maybe. Loads of thanks to Uber for spreading such unadulterated joy that is so important for all the adults! Helps us taste our childhood for a while, oh it tastes so chocolaty 🙂
P.S. A big thank you to my friends at ThinkQuisitive for making my day with some amazing UberIceCreams!



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