Taste some amazing Suta Kabab at Adam’s Kabab Shop

Have you heard of Suta or Sutli kababs? Have you seen an eatery serving only two dishes? Are you familiar with a 60 sq. ft. or so shop in your very own city of joy producing the best beef Suta kebabs in the country? If not, then you are surely in for a surprise! After reading this post it may seem to you that Calcutta has still more to offer and is just begging for some time and patience from your end. This city has thousands of folds of mystery trapped in it and one such culinary mystery is called ‘Suta kabab’.

This place is called Adam’s Kabab Shop and is located in the dingy alleys of Phears Lane, Chuna Gali, near Central Metro station; the place is pretty close to the popular Nakhoda Masjid. We were a group of food reviewers and food bloggers out for a Ramadan Walk at the Zakaria street where during this holy month of Ramadan you will find several temporary stalls selling various food items. The streets here are extremely congested, and the crowd keeps on increasing as it gets dark.

But I loved the fact that people do tend to adjust a lot which is quite necessary in such places. Now, as it is already evident these streets and most of the shops are very old and the shop we are going to discuss here i.e. Adam’s Kabab shop is also more than 100 years old! Very recently it has surfaced on social media (thanks to some passionate bloggers) and few people have come to know about this hole in the wall kinda place.

So the day we visited, after having tried the desi ghee mithais at Haji Allauddin’s sweet shop we walked a few steps to arrive at Adam’s. Both these shops are more than a century old and continue to mesmerize the tourists and passionate foodies who care only about the flavor and aroma of the food, not about the surroundings.

People obsessed with fine-dine restaurants, fashion freaks or ones addicted to the chic malls and foreign brands may choose to give this place a miss, this place is not for you. You need to forget about hygiene for a while if you are here in this locality, and Adam’s kabab shop is no exception. The place helps you get back to your roots, to stay raw, to stay real! When the humans walked for the first time on Earth they didn’t use Dettol Hand Sanitizer before their meals!! And as the name of the place goes it reminds us of the first human being on earth, Adam. In Islam, Adam is also believed to be the first prophet on earth. Adam’s role as the father of the human race is looked upon by Muslims with reverence and they also refer his wife, Eve as the “mother of mankind”. Muslims see Adam as the first Muslim. As the Quran states that all the prophets preached the same faith of submission to God.

When we were here we met the owner Md. Salauddin who was busy winding his magical threads on the kebabs before placing them on the barbeque pit. Now these were the so called Suta kababs I was talking about. These kababs are actually comprising of a smooth paste of beef meat and flavorful spices which are put around the thick long metal sheikh. The meat is so smooth and pounded to such an homogeneous texture that they tend to fall off from the sheikh, and this happens because basically the binding element is used in very less quantity which I believe is the daal.

Less binding element in the meat paste guarantees more softness and juiciness of the meat. So an external binding element is used instead and that is the super fine threads which are wrapped around the meat on the sheikh so that they don’t fall off. Then the sheekhs with the meat wrapped around and tied by the suta is put on the flaming barbeque pit.

When the stuff gets ready it is removed from the heat and the thread is removed, it is then served on paper plates with a slice of lime, onion and chopped green chilies. The crumbled meat mixed with onion and green chilies will melt in your mouth, and leave behind a kick of spiciness, bit tanginess for the lemon juice and loads of happiness for that explosion of flavors in your mouth. And by the way, these are the best Suta Kebabs you will find in the entire country. But yes, if you want to avoid beef then you should give it a miss since there are no other variants.

And yes, you will get each skewer served in a plate and priced at INR 25. The pieces of heaven are served here with chopped onions and green chilies. And to get your share you need to visit this hole in a wall shop that is still going strong. I wish them all the best and hopefully they can sustain this business for the coming generations. This unique art of winding thread on kebabs and putting them on barbeque pit is somewhat unique and produces great unmatched kababs in the end, will be back for more. Long live the legend!
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