Arsalan and its new branches across the city – Rajarhat branch reviewed!

To a Bengali, simple joys of life surely do include devouring Bengali style biriyani, and if that is from Arsalan then it’s an absolute bliss. This branch of Arsalan I am talking about is located near Chinar Park crossing at Rajarhat. It is one of the newest branches of this renowned food chain in the city. And in this area the competition is quite steep with the likes of Arsalan, Aminia and Lazeez all located within few meters, in addition to that you have restaurants like Tamara, XII Zodiac, etc in the vicinity. This place is basically quite close to City Centre 2 mall as well and infact that is one better landmark for someone who is not familiar with this area.
Arsalan, in general is like a foodie’s paradise serving their signature Biriyanis, Kebabs, rolls, rezalas, etc. The location is indeed very good and is easy to spot since it is right there on the main road. The place has got its valet parking, so you need not worry about parking your car as well.
FOOD QUALITY / QUANTITY —- I have had lunch at this place thrice, except the first one the other two were take-aways though. Their home delivery service is very poor to say the least, the delivery boys are not logical enough and they do not accept orders below a certain amount which is close to INR 1000, isn’t that ridiculous? So we have already stopped going for home delivery from this place. I always go for their classic bengali style chicken or mutton biriyani along with some popular sides like Mutton Rezala or chicken reshmi butter masala. And wrap things up with some amazing Firni.
On the last occasion I went in for their special Mutton biriyani, it was really an awesome dish and one plate of special Mutton Biriyani easily serves two if you are having some side dishes and starters along with it. The special biriyani has got 3 tender mutton pieces, two big well-boiled & well-spiced potatoes and one boiled egg. It is surely one wholesome meal that delights your soul, satisfies your tastebuds and fills you up simultaneously. Some of the sides are bit oily though specially their chicken chaap,etc and I try to avoid them, but apart from few such sides this place is an absolute gem. I always go for their Biriyanis and not for their parathas, Chinese, etc; it’s my personal preference but then I feel maybe having Biriyani at this joint is the best thing that you can probably do, so try not to miss their biriyani, specially the Special Mutton Biriyani, it has got attractive aromas and is absolutely delicious. But yes, the ‘consistency’ factor is really low out here, the taste of biriyani was found to be not that great on one occasion, and so I had to taste their food thrice before writing this blog post!
AMBIANCE & SERVICE —- I have dined at their restaurant area, though the ambiance is nice but it is optimally spacious and has got a bit close seating arrangement, so I prefer to take-away from this place. Also I feel if you dine-in at this joint, the food served might be not that piping hot and service time can sometimes make you feel a bit edgy. So if you want to avoid this service part then again try to go for take-aways. Don’t try out their home delivery.
CONCLUSION — There is some good competition for Arsalan in this area, but yes the  people at Newtown were waiting for Arsalan to open up a branch in this area after Aminia opened their doors. So this situation should not lead to fall in quality and quantity of the food served, not sure why the service and home delivery is already going downhill.
It’s good to have demand and it should be maintained in that way so that the reputation of the brand ‘Arsalan’ is never hurt. It would be great if user reviews, criticisms and feedbacks are taken positively. Overall, the kebabs and Biriyanis available at this place is a must-have, so give it a try and hopefully you’ll have a nice experience.


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