Food Tasting session at Balaram Mullick – Summer-special Mango flavored sweets

When you are reviewing Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick Sweets, you know you are not writing about just another sweet shop with some run of the mill fare; though I have written about couple of outlets of Balaram Mullick in the past but this review will always be very special since here I was invited to their New Alipore outlet to taste the special Mango flavored sweets and savories which were being launched as a summer-special fare.
When I reached the place the first thing I did was to meet the owners and to express my age-old admiration and love for their sweets which have always been like a rebel breaking the rules and redefining the standards & laws of this business since ages. They have been serving lip-smacking sweet dishes for past few generations now. I remember how my grandfather used to love their sweets, and the love for Balaram Mullick’s sweets has been running in our genes for ages now. I am in general not very fond of sweets or milk-based products but Balaram Mullick’s sweets have always been an exception. I can gobble down their 4-5 sweets at one shot, but otherwise I stay away from sweet dishes in general.
Their sweets spell magic that comprises of the constant factors of transformation and innovation. The sweets have their distinct characteristic and a soul that is pure, honest and necessarily sweet 🙂 So even if you are not having a sweet tooth, it is definite that you can not ignore this brand and I believe that demands extreme expertise of the subject.
Anyway let us come back to the latest experience of mine which revolved ‘round some amazing food tasting along with other Panchphoron members. This shop is not that spread-out like some of their other outlets, and so the entrance is also not that elaborate either. But locating this shop should still not be an issue since it is located opposite to the New Alipore branch of SBI (State Bank of India). The shop is basically a long alley where customers line up with the long display of sweets running along this alley triggering steady flow of appetite and sweet cravings!
Now let us check out the sweet dishes which were launched and the ones which I had tried on this occasion. The summer special mango-based sweets which were on display were –
a) Mango Baked Rosogolla – Most of us know that baked rosogolla in general is one of the signature dishes of Balaram Mullick, and with the introduction of mango baked rosogolla you get the goodness and yumminess of baked rosogolla in your favorite mango flavor and aroma.
b) Mango talshash / jolbhora – I really liked these sweets which had mango flavored filling or rather jelly staffed inside the sandesh. Tasted awesome with all the lip-smacking goodness trapped inside!
c) Mango Truffle – The white colored sweet with choco chips on top looks gorgeous especially when presented with real mango leaves, tasted great as well.
d) Chocolate Bonbon – Piece of heaven for chocolate lovers, for the ones who love chocolate flavored sandesh. This looks awesome with that leafy structure and tastes great.
e) Fresh Mango Juice – Thick mango juice, the sight of this can make you go crazy on a hot summer day!
f) Mango Rajbhog – There is nothing more to tell about rajbhog and rosogolla if you are discussing about Kolkata sweets, these are sort of pre-requisites. And so, that mango flavor infused in the huge rajbhogs are a true treat and quite filling as well.
g) Mango Dahi – As we Bengalis call this dish ‘aam doi’, it is quite common these days in several sweet shops and eateries but it is hard to replace the flavor of Aam Doi available at this place. With the essence of real mango, the flavor is just elevated to a whole new level.
h) Gulab patti sandesh – The rosy aroma of this sandesh was enticing though I felt it was tad too dry for my liking. A bit more moisture can be trapped inside for that pleasing after-effect.
i) Mango Gelato – This is a high demand item and moves fast, had tasted this before so it tastes as good as it used to be.
Also there were several other mango-flavored sweets which I haven’t tasted ever before, like – Mango Lava, Fresh Mango, Mango Ghoti (Amrito Kumbho), Anondo Anarosh, Mango Jolshonkho, Mango dry fruit flower and the Patishapta.


Overall, the Bengali sweets or rather the vast range of ‘mishti’ always keeps me glued to this trusted brand name in this niche domain of modern Bengali sweets. And on top of that, the mango flavored sweets were just a treat to have. Thank you for these complimentary sweet dishes and for having me over. I am quite certain that people would love these mango flavored sweets like I did. Hope this place keeps on serving us amazing Bengali sweets for the coming centuries like it has been doing. Long live the legend!
Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick Sweets Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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