Food Tasting at Kaos Gourmet Cookies (Kolkata)

There are tiring days, there are gloomy days, there are exciting days and then there are lazy days – but there are really few days which are satisfying, satisfying in true sense. But here is a trick for you people who wanna make a chosen slice of your day exceedingly satisfying! With the offerings from Kaos Gourmet Cookies there is hardly a moment that can be dull. You can pick your favorite cookies, or gooey brownies and spend some quality time with your chosen piece of culinary fantasies.
Last week I received a box of Kaos goodies at the Kolkata Bloggers’ Meet arranged by Thinkquisitive which marked a happy ending to our eventful evening, though I realized that ‘picture to abhi baaki hain’ with that promising box of goodies in my hand! 🙂 I knew that small box has loads to offer! Kaos was the sweetness partner at this event and I am glad and privileged to have received that box. I have never had the opportunity to try out the signature cookies at Kaos and I can tell you that I was missing a gem of a bakery all this while.
Apart from cookies, Kaos also offers – Brownies, Lavash, Bagels, Cheese spreads, Grissinis, crumbled cookies with Mousse, Truffle balls, etc. Their cookies come in three sizes – Big (4-5 inches in diameter), Small (3-4 inches in diameter)
 and Minis (2-3 inches in diameter). The Big cookies generally will cost you INR 100, the Small with cost you INR 50 and the Minis will cost you INR 30. Brownies are there in two sizes – Big (5 inches x 3 inches) and Small (2.5 inches x 3 inches).

Now coming back to my goodies bag, it was a lovely red paper box with cookies and brownies in it. So here are the items which were in there –

—-( COOKIES )—-

a) Brandy Salted caramel – It is an light brown crunchy cookie with generous amount of chocolate chips in there which that a molten texture and just causes explosions of joy in your mouth! Has an awesome pleasant aroma with a hint of saltiness in their which is just perfect to be honest. Must try!
b) Nutella Sea Salt – It is a dark chocolate cookie with dry bumpy exteriors and moist darker in the core. It has got intense Chocolaty flavors and generous amount of nuts in there, but I would say it was tad salty for my palate.
c) Red Velvet – The cookie has an amazing dry uneven exterior with a delightful reddish tinge to it with absolutely dark and soft interior. It is tad brittle which personally entices me for sure. The flavors are not too intense and will remind you of a red velvet cake, the chocolaty finish remains and dominates in the end. Worth a try!
d) Double Chocolate Chip – Relatively a bulkier looking cookie with dark blackish brown bumpy finish. It is extremely soft and frankly speaking you need not chew it, it melts in your mouth. The airy yet gooey interiors cast the magical spell once you put it in your mouth! The nutty portions complement the otherwise dark chocolaty portions. Worth a try!

e) Double Expresso Chocolate – This looks a bit different from others, it looks very dark but more composed and power packed. The exteriors are not rough or bumpy, it has a smooth uniform finish with similar dark and soft interiors. It has a very bitter dark coffee flavor and aroma, it is surely a small piece of heaven for the coffee lovers. Overall it was amazing. Must try!

f) Lemon White Chocolate – let’s finish discussing about these cookies with a variant which looks totally different from the others and tastes totally different. It’s the ‘odd man out’ cookie for me. By the way, according to me I was very impressed by its looks and yellowish brown glow. And yes, this is very soft; it breaks apart as you hold it in your hand. As soon as you put it in your mouth the gingery lemony aroma captivates you, it tastes amazing with those mild lemon based flavors; surely I will try it next time. Must try!
—-( BROWNIES )—-
Flourless Gooey Plain Brownie – Yes, the name itself has the word ‘gooey’! This is one real melt-in-your-mouth stuff and seriously you need not chew it. It is hard brown in color with dry exterior and equally deceiving dark and moist and ‘gooey’ inside. Heaven for dark chocolate brownie lovers. Worth a try!

So, this entire tasting experience was a chocolaty ride for me and was a pleasure to taste all these freshly made cookies and brownies which are prepared with extreme care. Would recommend this to each and everyone and if you are not trying it out then you are seriously missing something. Hope Kaos will grow exponentially in the coming years!


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