Cocoa Bakery – Kolkata – Bakery Bahar for Bashant Panchami!

Cocoa bakery has already made its mark in the short span of about 2.5 years mainly because of its premium quality bakery products, cookies, cup cakes and amazing quick bites. The advertisement has primarily been the word of mouth which I believe is the best way to build the goodwill and customer base. It is not present in any buzzing food gully or somewhere like Park Street or Sector-5, the place is basically a residential area (New Alipur Block-A); but still this place draws loads of crowd, primarily because people tend to come back to this place for more. People who appreciate quality and love the classy ambiance this place has to offer are sure to visit time and again.
I was invited at this place for their event named ‘Bakery Bahar for Bashant Panchami’ along with other Panchphoron members. They had arranged a foodie meet to mark the introduction of bakery items in lovely gift boxes for presenting to your loved ones, family and friends during this Holi. It being such a popular festival in Kolkata this offering from Cocoa Bakery is definitely like an icing on the cake for the fun filled festivities of Holi. I was quite amazed to see their collection of gift items for this Holi that included cookies, cup cakes, macaroons, mousse, chocolates, assorted bakery items and more.
The price range varies from INR 400 to INR 1000 and it might go up based on the items you wanna pick and get packed in your gift box. Also there were amazing bakery items and chocolate cakes all lined up for the Easter. The brilliantly designed rabbit with the carrots cake is for Easter and is definitely one gem of a creation. The detailing in each of their bakery products really amazes you. I was even awestruck seeing their lovely Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse cup cakes! It really keeps you glued to their designs and customizations of each and every cake or cupcake that you see around this place. It is like an artist’s studio with masterpieces lying at every nook and corner.
The four tier wedding cake with fountain within (which is on display near the entrance) really makes you stand and stare in admiration and awe! They can probably make any design and customization under the sun on a piece of cake; the dedicated team which is working here is an amazing lot for sure.
We were introduced to each and every Holi special gift item present there by Sarita Lakhmani, the Proprietor of Cocoa Bakery. She took out time from her busy schedule and started chatting about this place, her larger than life cake designs and other fond memories related to Cocoa Bakery. It was an awesome feeling to get introduced to this amazing place while listening to all the stories and memories shared by Mrs Lakhmani.
Talking about the cake designs, I would like to emphasize on the remarkable taste and intense flavors these cakes and cookies have got. The Holi special macaroons were probably the most colorful macaroons I have seen in my entire life and it was crisp with a melt-in-your-mouth texture, it is a must try item for sure. The macaroon cookies were not at all flat or cracked, the batter was perfectly mixed and it had a mild moist interior and nicely ruffled circumference. Infact we agreed that it was definitely better than what many big fine-dine joints are offering across the city. The Holi special cookies and cakes have got fun toppings depicting color droplets and color balloons which is generally used while playing Holi, it also has color filled 3D buckets and pichkaris designed on the cakes. All these cookies, cakes and chocolates taste amazing, absolutely the way they look like.
Apart from this Holi special gift items, we also tasted few other items at this place. Since we were there at the lunch hours, we went on to taste their Veg Panne Pasta, Veg Quesadilla, Veg Exotic Fucassia along with some tangy salsa dip. The Veg Quesadilla had the perfect thin texture with fillings of sweet corn, minced onion, capsicum, etc. The Fucassia had all the exotic vegetable toppings like broccoli, bell peppers, olives, etc along with loads of cheese making it even more sinful! But then I loved the flavors of that simple veg penne pasta, I loved it so much that I kinda overate it! 🙂 In the end we tried some Opera Pastry, Tiramisu Pastry and Mix Fruit Pastry. Oh I just loved all the three pastries; they were heavenly to say the least!
The Opera pastry had nearly seven to eight thin layers in it which was very rich and made with crushed almonds and other mixtures. The Tiramisu pastry looked stunning with that droplet-like topping and it had a strong aroma of coffee and tasted like the bitter coffee with an amazing melt-in-your-mouth texture. Now we had the Mix fruit pasty which again looked pristine and spectacular! It was stuffed with freshly cut fruits, it not only had the fruit toppings but there were finely minced fruit bits in every layer of this pasty, really one classic work of a master baker!
Now talking briefly about the interiors and ambiance of this place. The place has got of the most elegant looking interior décor I have come across in this part of the city. The quaint European styled bakery cum café has got three distinct seating areas. Despite the fact that the entire place is not so big but the seating arrangements are done nicely and are comfortable enough. It can be a challenge if you are visiting this place in very large groups, so you should call in advance if you’ve got a big gang.
Overall the ambiance exudes warmth, class and sophistication, perfect for your date! And the courteous prompt service makes thing even more pleasant. And with all these Holi special gift items on offering you have now got more than one reason to give this place a visit! It is really one piece of heaven for the cake lovers and offers you some cozy little corner to enjoy the company of your loved ones over some amazing food and beverages.
A big thumbs up from my end!


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