Café Unplugged, Saltlake – nice place to unwind yourself

Café Unplugged is one great place to unwind yourself after a tiring day at work with some great hookah, lovely food, cool ambiance, attentive service and fun conversations with your friends. The place is newly opened in the techie alleys of Kolkata and so it is not very well known to many who do not frequent these places that much.
LOCATION —– Being a Sector-V dweller it is quite easy for me to locate this place but it can be pretty tough for many since the place has got very less publicity or big sign boards, advertising, etc. Here is the detailed direction – You need to reach the white RS Software building in Sector-V (Saltlake) from SDF building, take left from that crossing, walk a while and you will find a CCD, again take left and you will find Hotel Senses on your right hand side, walk a few meters and you will find Café Unplugged on your left hand side almost diagonally opposite Hotel Senses. You can also reach this place from College More crossing. You can park your car near Hotel Senses on the road itself.
AMBIANCE —– The place has got a enormous area which can actually be utilized in numerous ways by remodeling the interior décor. But anyway I loved the cool interiors the way it is.
The lighting, the mystically illuminated glass-top Hookah bar, the unique royal seats, huge spread-out sofa sets, etc everything is so good. The walls are mostly adorned with a mix of posters that overall gives an urbane feel to this place. Along with this you get some cool loud music that is really required for such hookah bars and that adds to the mood of this place. Overall the interior has been done with pretty much care, though I felt some finish could have been better, especially for some furnitures, but anyway since the place is so new we can give those a benefit of doubt. I just felt the Air conditioning has to be taken care of, the place is so big it actually requires central AC through vents, such split ACs are not always good enough to cool you down, infact when we stepped in we were feeling pretty hot when we requested to adjust the temperature of the AC accordingly. The place is pretty clean though I spotted one housefly nearby, overall hygiene is good but special care should be taken to maintain the cleanliness since it is one of the key factors to survive in this domain.
FOOD —– Apart from two hookahs we went in for several varieties of vegetarian food items. One hookah was the mix of Shahi Pan/Royal Pan/Pan Rasna and the other one was a mix of Mint and Gum. I quite liked both of them, but the Pan flavored one was a bit better. The coal changes were done on-time and pretty promptly on our request. Three persons can enjoy one hookah with a coal change. Now here are the food items which were ordered apart from the hookahs –
a) Falafel with Pita Bread: This was one of the best dishes tried at this place. The falafel was put inside the pita bread and served with a small bowl of hummus. The overall taste was wonderful and it was finished in no time. Nice presentation. Must try!
b) Crispy chilli babycorn: One common starter which was ordered just to check out if run on the mills dishes are being prepared properly at this place. The overall taste was really good, baby corn was tossed with capsicum and onion and garnished with with spring onions and sesame seeds, the dish had the right amount of crunch, taste and quantity.
c) Potato Leek Rosti: This was the third starter we had ordered, the potato-leek mixture was not cooked on moderate heat I presume, it could have been cooked a bit more I guess, tasted okayish according to me. Presentation was nice.
d) Hot and Sour veg soup: Again one run on the mills item, prepared keeping all the guidelines in mind, tasted good and was served hot. The quantities served in those bowls are quite good and can be filling for one person.
e) Veg Taliban Soup: Though I did not taste this soup my friend said it was pretty spicy and served hot, overall tasted nice.
f) Paneer Tikka Sandwich: The filling of panner in this sandwiches were quite good and tasted good and fresh, but it was way too much grilled and toasted making the breads a bit too much crunchy than my liking, but overall it tasted good. The quantity was good and nicely presented.
g) Chilly Garlic Noodles: The noodles were well prepared, spicy, tangy to some extent but I felt the quantity was tad too less, specially if you are sharing it with your friends.
h) Sweet lime soda: I was really impressed by the nice little beer pint (clear) bottles in which they were served. The taste was really good and refreshing, but I feel the drink could have been served a bit more chilled.
i) Brownie with Ice Cream: Two brownies served with one big chunk of vanilla ice cream and having chocolate sauce on top, tasted good as it should be. The icecream when served was too hard to cut we had to wait for long when it almost started to melt to start cutting or scooping it down.
SERVICE —– Only one thing here the food items were served with considerable amount of delays. Soups were served after serving most of the items and along with the main course dish. Other than that service was good and prompt. The persons serving there were polite and well behaved.
OVERALL —– Here are my granular ratings:
Food quantity: 3.6/5
Food quality: 3.7/5
Food presentation: 3.9/5
Ambiance: 4.2/5
Value for money: 3.8/5
Service: 3.7/5
Overall rating should have been 3.8 out of 5, but here in Zomato it needs to be rounded off to 4 out of 5. A nice place to visit with your friends, everything is almost right, only it remains bit deserted on weekday nights. You can pay a visit for sure and have a lovely time!


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